Monday, 8 July 2013

yes, I am the world’s smallest puppet (and I go by the name of ‘Timothy Topov’) / luxurious hand gestures / I combed my hair forward to make me fit in with the crowd/ I awoke to find a crowd of teenagers standing outside my bedroom window with coloured pens and sketch pads/what do you think about when you put your head on the floor? / men with moustaches are chatting up my daughter/agency of the damned / starfish lament/I am dating Satan’s there anything I should do differently? / fat men with little tiny feet have trouble balancing./what bastard put egg shells in my shoes? /self-harming in the back garden / the 29th floor became the 30th floor/ the day I realised my head was bigger than yours/how could anyone relax at a wrestling match? / they even armed the little curly-haired blue-eyed children/I presume that you would like to ample the good shit now / I suddenly found myself amongst men who wear their hair in the way my late wife did when she was inn her 20s / Utopian suffering (Utopia was a let-down) / Hades social club blues/caramel sun bath / I know who you are –you are on the TV/welcome to the theatre of the absurd, you slimy little thing/I experienced my second midlife crisis on the moon / we spent most of Saturday night trying to guess the sex of the chicken / big men with tiny fingers/vulgar inventory / changing sides at 12.01am/the difference between you and I is that I don’t look like I’ve been shat out / virgin couple’s ex nihilo baby/ I apologise for spilling your guts all over the kitchen floor / fresh corpse/disturbed frog / legendary dead frogs of Big Pond / Uncle Duncan always sniffs out the pussy / chubby pussy / cruciform baby / smelly dreams / legendary men stroking each others protruding chins / chain chain chain of food / guilty smiles of the dead/the highlight of the trip was when that chimp ate a hard boiled egg straight out of my hand / I couldn’t avert my glaze from my baby sitter’s eyebrows / fingerprints all over the bedroom ceiling / I changed my name to Christopher Disney because I love Donald Duck / finger sin the stew (it hasn’t cooled down yet) / I have slowly become addicted to the Mexican Wrestling Channel / Walt Disney was a tosser, apparently (he was mean to mice and dogs) / I wonder if Walt Disney owned a mouse trap? / my daughter produced a beautiful drawing titled ‘The Penultimate Supper’ / slapper at the breakfast table (with lipstick all over her face) / wouldn’t it be weird if your surname was Disney? / travelling dog salesman / Tom is a good name for any male animal /butcher’s tits / giant turtle floating past my bedroom window (winking at my sister as he goes past)/ dog in the future / turned on by some arbitrary goddess / it’s a stones throw from the beach, unless you happen to throw like a pansy / my dad the pansy (sighs-IHU) / a proper man does not stay in all night playing on his computer games / my body feels so furry tonite, mother // don’t trust the eunuch / my bottle of love smashed on the concrete floor of the local butcher shop/week-long mong / minger in the night club / made love at Ground Zero / college apple pie- bussing in terrorists to help set up the fair /exorcsmith – jacket copy

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