Monday, 8 July 2013

Vincent Annabell and the Clucky Chickens

my brother refused to answer questions with any answer other than ‘that’s why my pork chop is burnt’ / sometimes my teeth feel like they have a life of their own / ate my way through the obstacle and then had dinner with Rothko’s bearded brother / I hate computerised men / I drove my teeth away / we filled the van with peppercorns and false watches/N’Zogbia’s rift with his parents will one day be healed (I am confident of this) / jungle bunny is a slag/this is one of my favourite songs about a girl with no limbs / liaising with the devil / God is not an American, Chuck / we were given a pound of sausage to celebrate the commencement of ‘carnivore week’ / rats from the deep sea / life within the space council  / we could smell the perfumed teeth from behind the curtains / Boxing people up on a Friday afternoon/time spent staring into the eyes of tiny animals /there must be a reason for every colour / me, my dad and my uncle’s ex-boyfriend tried to invent a new colour (but we couldn’ we went out for tacos instead) /  I gotta blow myself today/swollen melody (swollen malady) /Chinese hand job / little scarecrow junior/sandbag baby / ossified little tiny monkey-esque beings litter the pavements / newly-discovered porn actors / I unwrapped the bandages from Frank Lampard and threw him into the river / river bed beauties/resurgent corpse / living with owl babies/cinematic smile of my new girlfriend /my sister has  just fell in love with  the best lookin' corpse yet/took ‘one year the milkweed’ down from the wall and replaced it with a sketch by my 15 year old boyfriend / necromancer on unemployment benefit / I studied teethed riving / chicken pistol / rode a black goat / why does everyone from the future have curled hair?/join hands with other dead children/drew the \Gambian curtains (what my momma brought back) and went to sleep for a time / teeth of the sea sculpture / a basket of eggs does not make a picnic, mother / my mother, the acid casualty / this is the box  where we keep the farmyard thumbs / my obsession with soft toys is getting out of hand  / my obsession with The Candy Floss Kids is over /f****, I’m God! / was it immoral to steal the astronaut’s packed lunch? / Auguste was always my favourite part of the circus /  I exchanged my ‘Conqueror Worm’ LP for a massive bag of toffees (for the journey) / I forgot my packed lunch for the trip to Mars /how can you work with all that charm (LIU- Barry Black and the Nigrescent Wildfowlers) / keep stacking up those blues, Buddy / I have just been asked directions to the nearest butcher shop y a vegan teenager /I tire of Anglo-Saxon pipe music/   (small children in China) /  stole a pig’s ear ring for good fortune / memories of blanket-wrapped baby / industrial coma / Sweden, they watch ‘Emmerdale Farm’ backwards / threw a dubbed ‘Accrington Stanley’ cassette LP out of the train window with a note attached to it which read (‘’) / river bed spastics / the day we caught our wives in bed alone/the liver is the cock’s comb/ abstraction at the BBC (1946-47) / spoon in the road / the day we bought our own children back/peaceful in Hades/sometimes I change colour in my dream/summer drool/ Australian voodoo /nothing happened with the road flower / Midge Ure’s account has been temporarily frozen/ why did you make them turnips turn purple? / ‘acid’ preface (acid scout) /The Moon became a prison planet for the seditious chimpanzees / this is not a French perfume I am wearing-it is my natural smell / a natural aptitude for being a bastard / Molly Jones is still not dead, guys/Drunk Shampoo are my 5th favourite band from Harrogate N Yorkshire / "What would you do," asks deep Southern soul man Mr 'C' (not to be confused with Mr C of The Shamen), "If you found a man in your bed? Would you let him go free or would you shoot him instead?" /watching ‘Star Wars Episode V’ whilst waiting for my hang-over to kick-in / kicked into the future by a blind Japanese rugby player / yes I am tired as I was up all night compiling psychobilly compilation cassettes for my friends and lovers (and ex-lovers etc.) / blank hole where my lover’s heart should be (I want you to stop cooking me those vegan breakfasts) /  boiled sweets for lunch / half a pipe a day/Big Babba never did relinquish his tenacious grip on me /lizard biscuit- dungeon breath /‘Les Fauves’ are my 18th favourite French psychobilly rock group of all time / graveyard smasher /  I met my new wife in back of Ford Cortina / Mustang baby/graveyard age / we hold hands with other deformed children/ the eyebrow thief / men without trousers or pants/Cassius shooting clay pigeons / Cassius Putty and me / duchess’ breath / Dutch breath/Dutch re-birth / inside the future/Dot Cotton’s balls / heard a rumour that David Ike was king/I spent 1986 making a film about gay people who live in tents/ ‘where is my heart’ I heard u cry – I took my little ball of putty out to dinner./ me and my fellow hoes waiting for the late bus / turnips over Amsterdam / took off my shoes and fell over like a dead dog/ Billy was kicked out of art school because of his predication for drawing giraffes over all his artworks / pieces of Berlin Wall being distributed to confused-looking children(now now)  /Babba refused to relinquish control of the make-shift army /elephant control techniques /  Tom Mills is walking around King’s Lynn town centre distributing ‘The Vermin Poets’ cassettes (with sleeves designed by Christopher Gilbert_) / beige hang-over / Tom Mills of King’s Lynn is no longer a dirty bachelor (I hate shopping for grub for my pet owl) / triangle of dogs / 

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