Monday, 8 July 2013

Straight Century

'Pagan Youthful Pagan (Teeth)'

'Reminiscent of Day-old Claw'

/'E A (if yo)'

'Sweetest Whisper (Sock P00f)'

'Beauty in Defeat'

'Damman Tom Mills Kings Lynn'

'Straight Century Nick Cave Koko Club London'


I taped over my sister’s ‘Moulin Rouge’ video with six episodes of ‘Peter Cushing’s Mysterious House of Free-Jazz’ / we filled those cavities with half-chewed gum-drops / Elvis, Shane and me sitting together in a big bean bag with bean juice smeared ‘round our chops /  old people cursing makes me smile /there are several teenagers wearing carnival masks standing behind my mother’s living room curtains..what should I do about this/ / I covered my face with the plastic hand of the freshly-made robot /  bad language being sued in children’s homes makes me smile / taped over my ‘The Vermin Poets’ cassette with a recording of Desmond Lynam singing the Brazilian national anthem / curdled love/oxygen is for pussies / fat 40-smething dropping cigarette ash onto some cold meats / the villager who didn’t realise the did not live in the big city / mixed lizards- bag of 20 - £3.99 / two smiling thin humanoid-like boys are standing at the bottom of my back yard / ET was  a man / 10th Birthday hooker / pusillanimous boys on the last train home/motorised teeth / Alpha doggy turned us on/stump puppet / khaki shorts will never go out of fashion in S Africa / took off my beige jumper and carried on walking down the street / Big snarling Alsatian turned us on (or should that be, ‘turned on us’) / felt tip-coated teeth/I wish I came from a broken home / I fixed my hair and chatted up the tuna fish girl / Lesbians, gays and bystanders/Lee Harvey Oswald is my hero  /I took my time when choosing a new chapeau for the races /  / Talentless birds from the local orchestra/why do people always keep[ their cassettes in old shoe boxes/ I keep my cassette records in abandoned brogues / Scottish toe nails / I do not trust men with tattooed gums to look after my children / no man ever kissed my woman like you did, father/under 21 over age / modern lorry driver/ my sister is foolish / thunder crutch / my sister is dating a man who looks older than her ex beau / ‘Exposed Bone’ are my 87th favourite group / the day I took the trash to the king/my sister keeps a small box of panda eggs under her bunk-bed / sometimes we join hands and shout at the freaks / inside the furniture / my new girlfriend has the following attributes:- nice tits, big nipples, er.. / Ruby Ibrox you’re coming to town, ensure you comb your man’s hair / podgy girls and thin little kids / I spent ten or so mins inside the head of a pork butcher / in my mind I am a velvet cloak-wearing spaceman!! / bushmoney ? khaki shorts and a big funny hat with fruit on it/Dorothy displayed her stained teeth to the neighbourhood ‘boys’ / converted to Heathenism (Paganism)/walkin’ ‘round the fairground in my best buffalo shoes / my boyfriend just grew  a jazz moustache / puddles of  spent blood / I hide behind the machine and waited for momma to stop doing her ‘thing’ with the tall cowboy (at least, I think he was a cowboy) /’dog jaw woman’ was easily the best looking woman in the building/ poo poo time/ the table was covered in biscuit crumbs and yellowing photos of lepers / I left the leper colony after hearing that King Blankworth was coming to town / dipped my fingers into my daughter’s drug bag / smoking good things with the guy from the DIY store/chiding sports personalities from a safe distance/ I lost my mind in between 1988-1994 / yo-yo bones/ 10 reason why I never take my hat off in the morning (before breakfast) / I stole my dad’s wedding ring and gave it to my next boyfriend/we have been here before (or was it just somewhere quite like it?) / permanent drag (and swollen eyelashes) / cups of hot tea and small little cakes made from human flesh / your dad’s ok, but you are not / I live in this here spooky old dream house / compress a smile before having dinner / letting off some steam the wrestling match/she wouldn’t even let me go to war / disgusted at lack of clean cups in your house/the sound of breaking biscuits made us peckish / eat your food before sexual activity / muck nugget , / but momma, spice is my life/medium sized pig fanny… Dutch Fanny Pig/pint of egg juice (men with sunburnt teeth) / his teeth were not accustomed to this finer-quality meat / I brought my little dog to work with me /’Men in My House’ is the title of the new Shark Robinson LP..i think / call me by my ‘Bobo’ name/ foreign gents drinking egg juice and reading upside-down newspapers / took off my purple jumper and showed my girlfriend my latest tattoo (which depicts the last supper) 

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