Monday, 8 July 2013

Wobble Bird

'Pleasure Ride (Barcelona)'

'Mild Braindrop (Barcelona)'

'King of Vittles (Barcelona)'

'Clawhammer Daze'

'Wobble Bird'

Getting nervous about my  first date with hangman’s daughter / posh-ended slob/automatic dog / ‘get your hands off my teeth’ cried the dentist / minced lips (in-between two pieces of dirty bread) / ‘Sexton Ming’ is probably the finest name in the history of humanity / dog’s boiled head/ legendary non-linear project ‘B’/careless teeth / I can still smell the canal water on your breath / easing myself into Ethiopian dungeon / it’s because I had an owl for lunch / summer time in the dirty gutter / long lost on a Friday (amongst the superior fish) / how do you feel about the world caving in on your head? / cave full of dreams/ those funny Irish teeth  /story book killers/Fridays teeth / I looked the bachelor directly in the eye/ghetto egg / foreign eyebrows/survival of he fattest (I even ate their shoes..) / turnip burp / uncomfortable aubergine / I never did tell you my real name (it’s ‘Barry’ by the way) / my new fangled friend; ‘the ocean ghost’  / public displays of ‘homo-eroticism’ were legalised in 1996 / carefree summer spent twiddling bits of corn and dancing in the street/angry young granddad /dipped my nostrils into the fragrant swamp/we loaded the boxes of dentures into the Ford Orion and then went off for a quick cup of tea / sidling up to an embarrassed child with a broken fishing rod / I blinked one more time and suddenly the apparition appeared before me (complete with rainbow trout fillets and baked tatties)/‘what would you do if I took your wife away?’ he asked me, in a deep Southern drawl / occidental voices in Hong Kong town centre / Russian gentlemen on the moon / bitter-tasting baby/bent honeymoon/ tubs of tomorrow / Tony teaches Trevor how to be a better gay / my gay overlord/after David (came Ian, possibly) / Hebrew sponge/Desmond’s beats / we only eat food in the week / we stole the witches’ face / sometimes the butter drips from the ceiling (at weekends)/ admiring (from afar) the cannibals sharp little teeth / safe house dreams (I dream of a safe house – SF) / gullible landlord / agreeable momus(?) / changing pants at 15.00/I’ve eaten the best it’s time to take a bite of gristle / the gristle was something to look forward to in my day/perfumed backside / I put on my sugar mask and headed off for Candy Land (actually, I didn’t!!) / week-long electronic shock / death at the BBC/ burden of dreams / Portuguese teeth / I just met my ex-wife for the first time / I fenced off my teeth (the new ones) / Gordon is the BBC Ghost / where is your girl? ‘she is in town getting her eyebrows waxed’ / my new boyfriend has pub landlord eyebrows / pet the corpse / wizard in the bath tub, getting his wand all wet /dangerous tooth / the view from my dungeon window:- a field of purple sprouting broccoli and a supermarket car park / punks in baggy vests / I sniffed my fingers and realised I was still a gynaecologist / the ginger, black + proud / my number 1 dream is to to skin a demon and extract his teeth / too fruity for Elgin / I wore my cape to my first day at school/more fun than an open casket funeral / oily teeth and stupid stupid girls / I took my baby away for the day, and I didn’t bring her back / I just spotted my father on trivial rock TV station (and now I am weepin’) /   / we took some purple sprouting broccoli to the mendicant (what he really wanted was some Special Brew) / IPA drinker at the fruit tree / stinking at Christmas / plastic Christian (I am a) / God’s gone green / my god is fairly similar to yours, but he is a bird / Special Brew breath / castles in the ocean (bull s***, my friend) / little memory of hell / I promise to love you in the dark / tight-fitting teeth / Dutch Wilkinson’s summer teeth / lied before breakfast / use my pickle axe / Pakistani Man is eating pills today / over-joyed Jap / I took a photograph of the drying humanoid and then accidentally smashed my camera / the summer is a diabolical time of year for dogs with massive thick coats - DD (not Pacman) / he was trying to convince his friends that it would be wonderful to live without a head / ACDC – pessimistic umpire  (cricket rocket) / man with a cardboard face / inside the future it is cold/apocalyptic grin / people who work in offices are idiots/ chicken limp/ we cleaned up the children’s Japanese faces before the Queen of Technology arrived / /George Rimmer and the dark-toothed historians / O’Leary on the moon/ face in the swamp / ‘don’t make a failure of the fence’ cried the little brittle man /'stop staring at the fence’ cried out the thin and ageing factotum / my bag of sparrow cheeks /  maybe it was an error to take my wife to see ‘Trash Humpers’ / I suppose the whole point of smoking is to make your fingers smell bad / cursed bread rolls/  big giant man-shut up whilst I eat my supper/a sweet gypsy aboard a cartoon spaceship (in My Head)/sheet metal feet/ sweet baby John and the traffic cats / kid behind the curtains / I just received a text asking me if I am planning to go ahead with my trip to the Cat Market 

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