Monday, 8 July 2013

Bleeding Tom Mills AKA The Laughing Gob has eaten all the left-over gum-drops (which we were saving to take with us to Africa to hand out to the kids) / dirty fingers on a super model (brown jazz) / cats on the fence, eating leftover buffet victuals which we chucked out of the back window / I walk around the town centre with a plastic effigy of a peacock in my left hand (sometimes in my right hand) / stubborn lunch menu / babies are so nice and warm when they are first born..why do they become so cold so quickly?? / I put my face on your moon /I’m a unit and I wear a Japanese rubber person’s home-made mask. / king of fidgeting bastards / jazz enthusiast on the moon /there were not enough beards in The Clash / stubborn androids/ little pink toe nails / the new generation of dead people / slept between a gorilla an d a dying scarecrow (named Clive)/the day he stopped licking his lips at the sight of candy/ lunatic’s posture / I have never been to Ethiopia slash Mars/ locked in a TV studio with a bunch of people dressed as Santa Claus / I persuaded my mum to record me and Jackie tapping the radiator with animal bones in the cobweb-filled attic / umbrella joy –teeth for children / the day your hand stopped working/big city wiggler / my cousin has the basic cardboard head / men who live inside small metal boxes on another planet /time it took to undress a peach / alien’s breath / paddling in the acid river / door mouse face (my new girlfriend) / fat slippers/ Ethiopian dreams / pigs in the theatre /Bespoke moustache / Oblong Jones/ slipping on wasted corpses / Daniel Chambers refused the lethal injection but accepted the offer of a cigarette and a handful of ‘Revels’ / smoking cigarettes whilst combing a newborn chimps tangled and matted fur / I refused to give permission for my daughter to get her belly button tattooed/ that legendary smiling corpse off the TV/girlfriends are on the moon / little tiny dogs being presented with trophies made of cardboard (awarded to them for being ‘the smallest dogs’ / / the waxwork lover/with crushed metal hands / playing the piano with one eye on the passing Japanese tourist //modern people in the swamp/teeth on a baby / centrally-located piglet / everyone here is a gnomic statue/ funeral pallor / the dog that ate absolutely nothing/how fortunate to be called ‘Mick Rock’ /white Wednesday / not everyone in this village thinks you are heterosexual/ challenged to a duel by the white-faced giant / tiny Emerson / angry young maps / my father never did reveal the contents of his brief case (I suspect it contained some baby octopus meat and a few random files / octopus stew (octopus glue?) / long-forgotten film actors from the ‘first war’ / hid the pork in the foliage (pork foliage) / Christmas blisters/killed by a man in a teddy bear costume/powdered echo / keep my head in a cardboard box (in the fridge) / Trojan verse /massively overweight men sitting on the sofa eating pizza and ice cream/crawling through the mud clasping a sack of tinned vittles / sexual insider / /making love with a second-hand spaceman/ makig love with the second man on the moon (something to tell those grand kids) / the White Witch highly recommended gargling spaff / DJ Felix Frock and the hand-me-down legends of hip hop / Dear Fritz..thank you for translating my German uncle’s suicide note / my pervasive teeth / milky muppets / king of getting silly in the evening / man with huge foot but little tiny teeny toes/ the man who never grew a moustache/arsehole from the future / Jesus will never love you like I do / ‘health food faggot’ is my 75th favourite song of all time / combustible Joe / arsehole with a yo yo/ Bolivian incision/ gargling spaff/ only no one knows your name/ don’t you just hate it when you wake up to find a spaceman standing at the end of your bed / the spaceman slowly undressed himself whilst I cooked up some liver ++ onions which the spaceman had never tried before) / emerging suns/ ferris wheel blues /inside the elevator / hands are yellow skin is white / hit inside / rolling tongues/ Barry ape/ beneficent eagles/ doggy opera/ gingham skin /only nasty /happy earthling/ antique tits / babes in filthy shirts / whispering magic tonsils / I erroneously filed my ‘Kleenex’ cassette next to my ‘King of the Night Before’ cassette

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