Monday, 8 July 2013

Vegan Childbirth (Merzbow)

'Who Killed Otis?'

'Bum Memory'

'Slag Beard George Clooney Earth Merzbow'

'Isis Merzbow 2015 /'

'Vegan Childbirth (Merzbow)'


'The Ja Ja Bird A Dog!'
We sat laughing at the Midgets of the NBA / plastic eyelids turn me on /  lemonade for my lover/ my teeth are coated in minimal skin /I handed my silver lizard to the nearest laughing baby boy / carefree blister /  sun-blasted bearded babies/NBA midgets / fat Greek men don’t make good astronauts/they’re considering preserving the rainbow/revenge of the Flintstones /that pure and simple teenage dream/you don’t see too many sensible cows these days / frightened of astronautics / we mixed up the letters of the alphabet to annoy the children / scarecrow’s beard / look at all that shit dripping down from the sky / did I ever tell you the story of the girl with the plastic eyelids / toads on my grandma’s carpet (oh no) / peacock in space / dickey bird on the moon / stroking a cat that I found on the garbage dump / abandoned species / that fidgeting corpse distracted me from my important work/ I think the teenagers were surprised to find that their science teacher had been replaced by a masked man whispering something about scrambled eggs / should I stop scrambling the minds of the children?I finally discovered who ate my pet dog / donkey pigeon sitting on a broken plastic stool / the bleeding ceiling /come down from there and message my ball bag /I slipped out of my £1.99 plimsolls and went back to bed / Tom Mills and Paul Bailey hate computers / dying sugar , thrilled at the sight of his own blood / yes, you do own your blood, but… / I’m just a simple creature with the body of a man and the head of a sparrow hawk / dead boys wearing their mother’s outfits / the wider the flares, the badder the funk / my new bird is deaf to the delights of ‘Top-Rankin’ Joseph and his Back Street Bruisers’(silly cow)/ damaged sandwich / chose a new bird for my estranged father / cans of duck eggs / even your foot prints stink! / underground nostrils / gonna sell my feet and lie in bed/fat Rasta (probably eating jerky beef) /did you know those dogs that died in the war? /  the perfumed world / stop crying, and come and kill this chicken..boy/compressed haircuts / that golden golden age of sexual freedom / my new bird is an enemy of the state; and she likes it that way / my 15th boyfriend has taken the name of  ‘John Jones’ /tiny little butterfly bone / Iranian smile + haircut / peace to all dead peoples / morning oils/ hand relief for donkey / I got into the snail shell and quickly came to the realisation that I was no longer in Huddersfield/ cats on the moon (Abba vs. the Sex Pistols) / I got my gums out at 6.15am /the surface of the moon is covered with aliens who look a bit like Michael Jackson just before he died / no AIDS on Mars/ it was a mistake to flash ‘the’ mob /mobile disco queen of the 45s  / a pig stuck in traffic / having a beard makes you less likely to get beaten up in Arab countries / gorilla half way to Wisbech / baby boy floating over the antique toy dinner garden party/return of the Vinegar Gypsy / Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band are wandering around Wisbech with a big back of rotten apples / too much sugar for you, vile child / 48 year old with a spider in her teeth / scary monsters wearing monkey boots/ liquid gums / liquid imprints / caught my Canadian sister smoking my uncle’s Dutch cigarettes / bunch of eggs in my sister’s sweaty palm / shaking hands with Christ / person!!/thwarted by Hercules /  I decided to sit in a chair by the window and play with myself/the rebirth of the Babba / the floating armpit / pit of arms ()/Oscar returned to the garden with each finger painted a different colour / cousin of the punk – kids on the  cushion/meaty hooker/ sun bathin’ in the bath/lost nostril /I would love to join a flash mob / mobile corpse/ swine flu baby / gentleman astronaut / come back to Russia and find my baby / empire of weeping men / birth of a humanoid/basement teeth / I am afraid to look at my own  teeth / electric skin / old people eating candy floss/ordinary cowboys /Tommy Cooper needs and even bigger van than that / Vladimir Putin Blues/ Vladimir Putin once told me that WWW.BIBLICALMEAT.BLOGSPOT.COM was the finest web-site he had ever been on (I will congratulate myself in a second) / / sometimes the brains ooze out all over the dining room floor /  now I travel alone with the space ape/we found the dustman having a pint of real ale with the duke / my scary teeth / he placed a winning lottery ticket in the corpses’ casket / we licked and spat on the burnt fingers of celeb chef 

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