Monday, 8 July 2013

Ancient T T Weener

'Teeth in the Ocean - Rachel Boycott'

'Post Silph Yrs'

'Ancient T T Weener'

'Barry Hogan -Youthful Birth'

'13 - Mystery Dinner'

'Strawberry Thumb'

'Teenage Addiction'

'Mr Young Mr Davenport'
lipless chicken/ limbless orchestra/ frozen in the future..or something like it//I am being constantly amused by the funny bastards of Dusseldorf / men called Melanie are eyeing up my golf trousers/the bilious sparrow / come back to me, sweet killer// 15 daily doses (happy-faced dogs) /we handed Jonah Capricorn the cassette recorder and told him to record everything he heard on that particular day / jello rap/ wild-faced dogs /greasy valve – greasy value / my sad life as a salad-eating cowboy (or girl) / sunshine makes me sweat tonight / the day (and night) I messed up the head of King Vidor / fantastic smells from space/ Bleeding Tom Mills has a penchant for sniffin’ pussy / extra room for fat bastards/ drugged addict /  fantastic smells of the near dead/things I found on the river bed.. dog bound in plastic, wooden mattress, can of bones (sealed) / seal bone island/slimy shadow / ..I awoke to realise that the machines had got to me / purple-faced spectrum / 1. the fifth humour / you remind me of my sexy best friend/ The Shadows all look like my uncle Williams/an entire orchestra of people without thumbs / no room to stick up my baby / the geezer from Toe Rag made white lab coats fashionable again (oh what?) / Bleeding Tom Mills has finally got a job worthy of him-  factory worker for legendary food producers ‘Emu Goblin Foods’ of Lithuania / my uncle carried corpses in the back of his ice cream van / my auntie was born in a bingo hall / I wish I had written ‘bingo master’s break-out’/hairless breath deleted orchard / classical musicians who were born with three fingers one ach hand / Botham’s revenge / we handed the children wax crayons to enable them to decorate the corpse’s face / heard a rumour that the Style Council cassettes were smashed on purpose / it must be horrid to spend all day attempting to sniff your own corpse / maybe it was a mistake to slice my own fingers off with a rusty rapier/ I don’t believe in the ideal, I eat the apple with the peel / piss biscuit / reading out from the back of the blind alley/ I had the following statement tattooed on my left buttock..of all the men who ever lived, I am the one who did this’ / Victorian spit / jealous of the ape man and his easy way with the ladies /werewolf in sandals / the day I ate an egg and regretted it immediately after /  I got a part-time job distributing peanuts to blind people/ pissed future/blind astronaut / dead astronaut somehow still staring at the moon / dogs with crayons / the queen of self-addressed teenagers / time to pack away your few possessions and go and wobble on the corner / seismic chins (gypsy) / butcher’s trophies / Martian baby on solid ground baby Martian /the boy who was addicted to putting pegs on his flesh / darling, I need a hand with this Croatian baby/  one man’s plague 

'Yeah Sheepskin Domino Blissful Morning'

'Anything in the Summer'

'Cock of Columbus'

'Friends and Demons'

'Just a K..'

'Thoughtful Grease'

'Puff Grease'

'The Code is the Egg (Solpsistic Yrs)'

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