Monday, 8 July 2013

Code 5014 the Future

'Trio NC Smiles Miss Posh Peterborough United FC'

'Arboreal + Fuji Daddy'

'Antique Poof'

'Banned by Patrick Banford Lincs'

'Malt Tickler'

'Poof and a Puppet'

'Maybe Norman'

'Code 5014 the Future'

I haven’t currently got any gay friends/ the day they stopped talking to the abandoned horse dirty toes dipped in sugar/we spent Tuesday chucking mud pies at the invisible kids / I took off my hat and nodded farewell to the beldam  / the day my boyfriend announced that he would like to become a of these days / take your time when choosing a new beau / Moscow is exactly the same as Doncaster (smiling adult giant standing in sweet anticipation at fast food counter) / I am no a giant, just a bloody tall person / walking around the town with my plastic bag filled with vitamin D / those lovely rubescent-cheeked babies / erotic technology/ valueless dogs (devalued dogs) / gravestone was splattered with duck milk / personable Satan / growing tired of staring at pictures of water / beautiful pea factory blues /the shattering of Phillip’s glass countenance / pessimistic cobweb /  the soup song gave us courage / repeat after me ‘inical siblings should not be shot’ / bum on the tracks / I wanted to see you bleed, but I had to go make pizza bread / who is that bloke that keeps walking around your house with no shoes on? / naked funambulist / lonely dribble / I started campaigning for the release of the octopuses back into the sea / I was taken aback by my brother’s sister-in-law’s girlfriends extreme beauty (underwater umbrella) / I arrived at my new home to find that 80 per cent of my fellow residents strongly resembled chimpanzees (where they, in fact, chimpanzees?) / a direct hit on my confidence at 3.17am (I am not like you, bitch) /  / there are one or two swans on the moon (I told my gullible 3 year old daughter) / Billy Man (vegetables tainted by radiation:- radiation leek ) / Ethiopian glow / 3 weeks till bone season (little Charlie finds a dead bird in the street) / bones littered the graveyard carpet / half-day rioters / fashionable corpse / ban the mind-reader/ my sister taped over my Flaming Lips cassette with a recording of the Barney the Purple Dinosaur Fun-Time Radio Show / blind echo / a mouthful of poison/I started dancing like a frantic gypsy / The Unknown Mortal Orchestra /let’s take off our vests and get silly tonight (people people etc.) / White Slade Biblical Meat Picnic 

'A Quite Blurry Photo of Will Self in Norwich UK'

'Don't Panic, Just Steal Da Chicken'

'Imagine a Small Orange Peanut Floating Above a German Shepherd's Face'

'Tonight We As Biblical Meat'

'White Flesh and Bangkok Future'

'If Every Ball of Silver Was a Miracle'

'Care-Worn Teef'

'Pastry 1'

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