Thursday, 4 July 2013

I woke up to find myself in the Village of Dead Cabaret Acts / cabaret star’s false front teeth./congenital birth reflections / men with eyes missing from their faces/The blinking biscuit /I awoke early, to find the face of Jesus on the sole of my foot / proctal love-in/spooky Friday / goat rider / I combed my hair in preparation for the date with Julia/the island was covered in deodorised rats (perfectly fine) / deathly loud/ the theatre was populated by dreaming babies / do babies dream (I cannot answer this question)? / I took off my rubber mask to reveal my face. the lunatic was counting match sticks on the kitchen table. My face scared the lunatic, made him drop all his matches on the floor. / You look like a bird, I once knew in Shrewsbury / I taste your fingers. They taste like runny honey / It wasn’t so funny to imagine my mother wearing my father’s clothes./ my best friend’s son works for central London undertaker / me and that stylish gorilla in central London café/selfish wheelbarrow / I hate my wife and then she does something sweet../children weep when thinking some more about them brittle birds / King standing, Newark/Augustus opened his eyes to see his lover for the first time / tonight we eat mainly fried vittles/

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