Thursday, 4 July 2013

take down the ugly painting of some Siamese kittens being petted by a hideously deformed circus entertainer (a funambulist who had fallen and smashed his face into the floor) / bearded android / dogs that float above their kennels / mapping Hades / male clowns made up to look like female clowns / good-lookin’ people who kill / going around the town with the wind babies/son of a bitch story (SOB story) / sexual sponges / my spunk is so clean / Tom cat on the moon/my mum told me to shut off my jungle noises cassette at around 2.55am / jungle bunny baby swollen hope/sweet chop / I’ve always a had a strong penchant for strange people from the North descending on the capital with only a drum machine for company. /The Idiot Ballroom /Spastic Groucho/monkey in trunks/ / trunk monkey / dead caramel/days out of mind/sweet little baby floating above the surface of the moon / man with a white eyeball floating about 3 inches above the kitchen table/anal pulse / Pere Ubu’s deer stuck in pithy traffic/walking on the moon with your spacesuit trousers around your ankles // ankle jockey / Charlie Arms taught me to admire the cats / frozen in cat world/ginger kids in hot weather / bored of the blister/ goose crack / emollient fists/dead insects in my dinner /zero budget to create joy./ we didn’t love u because we never cared. /if we aim for the moon we might just get up the stairs / I touched myself on the sofa/my uncle was kicked out of the Marc Thor Band in 1988-89 / circular genitals/ howling hex / I walked out of the crumbling dwelling and decided to go and buy myself a ticket to see the latest pop craze / I delighted in brushing my teeth after ten years of filthy-toothed captivity / ‘son, are your papers in order’ / I filled my mouth with rolled up pieces of yesterdays newspapers and some freshly sugared sweet corn / I wanted to meet you father but I couldn’t as he lives far in the future / futuristic cripple / my new girl the leviathan / sugar-coated fungus-covered toe nails / I’m not into modern tits / have u ever had sex in the back of a burger van? / buggered in the backroom / massive revival / John North far in future/luxury reduction/ I walked into the forest to find a dead bird reading poetry to an abandoned sofa/ murk-filled early times/ let’s torture some deodorant salesmen/ Corky’s debt to his father / little people stuck in the quag/plastic bastard / the opening of the internet was a waste of time/bent uncle / pissed on the sidewalk/memorable wank / I gathered up a ball of spittle in my gob and spat it at the passing Japanese tourist / why are my hands frigid? / my father was a fine interlocutaor..shame all he had to say was mindless bile. / churning the bile /wanking from memory / my father regretted not being a part of the Hong Kong scene/Billy Dolly new punk tape (titled ‘we are the slaves, and we love to be flogged’) / I deeply regret not being part of the ‘Egyptian Horse’ scene / I wanked myself off into a small wooden box, and buried the box on Mars / three pieces of knowledge that no man should possess (1. how to stitch curtains 2. how to wear lipstick correctly 3. how to give a man a proper hug) / / twitching lady behind home-made curtains/Chubby shoulders (Chubby Broccoli) / we caught the astronaut wanking over a photo of some sort of humanoid/ the boy with invisible finger nails / I perched on the edge of the double bed, waiting for ‘Judge Yourself’ to start / /Vimto for Clinton / I chucked most of my ‘Frozen Wastelands of Despair’ cassettes in the nearest trash dump / morose walnut / nurse in the abattoir/Vatican shadow / Mark Lord/the diamond Jew / STD Spot (spout) (sprout) / how old are you in E Years? / I fell down and lost sight of the precious spoon which I had been wearing in my hat/upon landing in Glasgow Scotland, the stripper took off her clothes and gobbled down three or four hard-boiled eggs / we spotted the MP greedily gobbling down several hard-boiled eggs / African jail bait / moralising in 20th cent. Detention centre / I alighted the broken-down train to find a big pile of dead bodies melting in the post meridian sun /I walked into my cottage to find that all of my Portishead LPs were floating around /I piled the hard-boiled eggs up by the side of the back door / we painted our toes and teeth in preparation for the arrival of the overweight queen /

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