Thursday, 4 July 2013

I trained the horse to fetch my shopping from the car / The Ramone of me / I sued all of my best chat-up lines on a girl who turned out to be a geezer / I hate that and I hate this-I especially dislike Paul Kael / we were handed mugs of boiling blood and a bag of fries / twisted features of the unwarranted narcissist / the muddled clouds in the new acid sky/we wrapped the dying corvine in my mum’s second-best cardigan / the future of sideburns (in Asia) / Christmas troll / click click – Irish gypsy has made some hash cakes for us to enjoy / mirror ball jazz - slashing up eyeballs (I think they belonged to some cows and sheeps)/turned on by the trembling tart / pick your nose on last bus home / the ten-minute mountain /we joined hands with the other humanoids before eating that weird green stuff (known as ‘cos lettuce’) / moon boots - £20 / a good platform for dead signer songwriters/daddy kingdom / the blind optician/the devil stuck reflective strips to his horns / village madness /Dracula in drag / I hate spending time on buses with drag queens and little tiny men dressed as mice etc. / the boy who fell in love with a box of soap / it tickled you on the fanny/ it is time to quit being polite to mass murders / congenial psychopaths on last train home /grotty chops / the day I taught Dracula to sing / Relationship with the devil (+ relationship with the damned) / 10 o’clock babies – village of the doomed / taking photographs of children with too many teeth / the rainbow bled onto the monochrome ceiling / I coated my hand in slime to enable it to slide into my glove more easily / I was brought up on the left/blank page baby – m. Pearl Bailey / we took the adder and nailed it to the kiddie’s bedroom wall / the Psychedelic Bluto / chubby eyes on a little Yank kid / humanoid stew / pathetic bits of meat on my granny’s plate / in the shadow of your talented girlfriend / Armenian magicians are strangling our beloved jailor Jack D, Jack F, Josef K / Sundays spent mirroring the activities of the humanoids

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