Thursday, 4 July 2013

Doomed teeth / peter out peter out / leper, penguin or grand mofo / the mojo units (will you give me authority to take care of your dead mother’s affairs?) / perfumed trolls / sneaking into bed with the sexy informant / I snipped off a locket of the film star’s moustache / stimulated by the thought of a buttery tomorrow / simulated hex / who put rocks in my bed? / bumhole mushrooms / back pocket love letter/ tossed off by a mermaid / I was a whispering dandy / /bumholes of history / left my dickey boots round the backside of the mooning child / does your ass hole have any historical significance? / each hole was stuffed full of used tissue paper and wet sand / Ol’ Red Eye is back in town / shrimps on in the doll house/we landed on a planet populated by little felt tip-headed people (i.e. people with felt tip-shaped caputs) / I am in love with a fastigate-headed middle-aged lady (her head tapers to a point and resembles and Egyptian pyramid) / callous donkeys/I miss them dreary Sundays in the filthy caboose / bell-end blues/ timeless dynamite / spooky cowboy 1. android cowboy 2. wan cowboy / cowgirl in the grave / please come meet my barrel-chested son / the acid rain which dripped onto the day trippers (including children + dogs) / safari orgy / dead duck resting on the surface of the moon / my best friend’s dog just spilt some of his new milk all over my Virgin Prunes cassette collection / stop taking the piss out of me and you / miked-up babies / baby in make-up/ foreign goblin / the older I get the more I hate / catalogue of horror / gay p[people love to go to the moon / hyper allergic frog / the queen of absolutely nothing / bastard on the moon / baby wants to date the drill sergeant / slipped my hand into a slime-filled rubber glove / she took off her rubber gloves and carefully laid them next to the rubescent bachelor’s swollen face / we found a nest of baby rats underneath the soiled great coat / antique salary / never forget donkey cluck/ it was a mistake to wear your donkey trousers to the wedding / squirrel man at the master piece theatre/the contents of my uncle Robert’s refrigerator:- horse ‘s penis, jar of pickled eyeballs and a big fish head/noodling dog –space rock dawg / sometimes the effort to get out of bed doesn’t really seem quite worth it (Hitchcock’s fist) / life of a pipe worm

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