Thursday, 4 July 2013

I tickled the monkey until it came (home) / stupid little kingdom / I took my Sparklehorse cassette from the mendicant’s dirty sweaty palm / graveyard bananas / fruit trees in the graveyard / I combed my hair before entering the bordello (with over 5 Euros in my spend as I pleased) / sculpturing small effigies of your favourite celebrities from the jelly you get from meat / I laid down for a minute on the biscuit factory floor/ Roger opened his big mouth and showed us the teeth which had been given to him by the toothy fairy / Fred Mercury and other toothy fairies / I am a big fan of the ancient art of knuckle dusting/Gary now only eats herby potatoes and little mashed up bones / a new lease of crying life / modern cobwebs / shell fish in my bath tub / (the queer sergeant) / most men love to see a girl using a hand pump / we manually removed their hats and took off for TX city / hallucination of a 10-foot clown playing the fiddle (cause by calenture; not acid) /cat orgy (file under ‘x’) / baby baddy / I entered the parlour to find a small baby octopus sitting in my favourite chair (the bugger was wearing my best felt hat and drinking English tea from my best china cup) / octopus soup (for the bastard son of Henry McAdam) / childish hang over/ copacetic dogs on show for the sensible ladies in hats / I gave my father-in-law a lovely green felt chapeau which made him look even more handsome / / oh my god, can I see your teeth? / yellow Jesus / the day we ran out of tainted meat (which we used to feed the babies) / calenture jazz / Perfumed worm / used worm / Monday too soon (welcome to my damp quarters) / the liquid beard of Joey Finnegan / Caribbean crushed men / lobotomy memoirs / bring me some circular ghosts/honky in the army / the day my foot smelt./my uncle was known as ‘The King of Dog Crumbs’ / flightless Dutch birds / Dee and me went to see the dead dolphin / and then I started smacking myself on the knee and crying out ‘yee-haw’ / daddies in the tableau/K:- take a bite of your Sally Lunn and then come back down and arm wrestle me some more

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