Monday, 8 July 2013

Arab Nite

'Med Rar (Cambridge England'

'Matthew Egg Noodles (Bird)'

'Twsu Nofk BC-Jesus Fucking Christ'

'Kid's Perfumed Imagination'

'Alien Rainbow'

'Fuck Sainsburys'

'Coarse Coat'

'Carrot is not a Sexual Being'

'Yo La Tengo Sarah Jinks'

'Arab Nite'

girls of Worcester drying out damp treasure maps on a cold Tuesday night/we wrapped the small dead gerbil in an Iranian flag which we found in Bleeding Tom Mills’ back bedroom / /   I made a film of Charles Manson compulsively picking at a festering wound under his left eye / billions of naked girls are scrambling over the dying soldiers (my new mind)/wrecked planet blues / wrecked baby blues/pink faced ladies on the moon (selling washing up liquid to Martians.. hey shouldn’t you be on another planet?) / birth cry of newborn/they re christened her the Heat wave baby of ’93 /93 pessimistic views/pickled grin  /Alison lives with the clowns and the girls who never wash their feets / slave to the morning /Uncle Julian has gone away to the moon / back from the salt war /  I just witnessed a sweating baboon being loaded onto a truck / the surface of the moon is still covered with the carcasses of long-dead composers / forgot my name today/walking to Japan (it is just up the road, after all) / kids with blue clouds above their little heads  / my perfumed cricket bat / I dipped my tennis ball into the holy water / you need to take your mouth away from my wife’s nipple / I fried your features for breakfast/Finger Tip Jackson and the Hens of Mars / putrid moustache/ took my Popop Vuh cassette to play to the orphans (not to cheer them) / pink eclipse/the day they put a greasy dog on the moon / covered in infant fauna / ‘Plastic Bag;’’ are my bull in a car (car bull) / join hands with the dead humanoids (who look alive to me)/my new girlfriend isn’t fat, she just has a ‘big figure’ /chicken magenta / jubilee line eclipsed TP boys (sexy) /  visions of boy in the wheelbarrow / careful with this lard, Joyce/ Wee discovered the corpse with a ball of putty clenched tightly in his fist / the 45 year Oldman with a short hairstyle/treasure found in the shoe box which I was told to never open / moonage admonishment/pill skin pink egg hat/ sweet finger nails / daughter of the horse/chicken quiff / master pessimism in 6 easy days / sexual imprints/little tiny birds on the moon / Basement arsehole in New Dutch Square/bored of being dead / 1960s little men in fields with Swedish regressionists / encouraged my daughter to shack up with the Midnite Killer/dick head on the moon / the moon is full of dick head aliens / the sacrificial lamb tastes the best  /Puff Tar (puffing on tar) / death from the back pages /shacked up with Stewart Cliff (who is gay in the army) / I daubed the phrase ‘Stewart Cliff is Gay in the Army’ on Stewart Cliff’s girlfriend’s abandoned Volkswagen Golf /  I pursed my lisp in prep. For the arrival of the humanoid/- Jesus was a Futurist - / they poisoned his hair / Tom Mills the Laughing Gob has the intelligence of a bear cub / Jay Spearing has fallen in love with Tom Mills the Laughing Gob / the Laughing Gob of Tom Mills- please wet my appetite with your wonderful vegan vittles / hang the vegan (pardon??) / Stewart Cliff was still gay in the army / this is the option of the doomed Matricarch/1950 part end one tooth / I can’t kiss you right now love, I’m busy ordering sheep’s feet from an on-line butcher / snoozing with the mad man (in a beautiful padded cell in America) / one tooth for every new baby/hi my name is Chris and I enjoy combing my girlfriend’s hair and poisoning fish / hi, my name is Alison and I enjoy fighting other girls and eating Chewits/slime-covered bones and skulls with fake eyeballs / shove some salt into your girlfriend’s wound/ life between my toes / 8 bit soup (loose men of Basingstoke) / we entered the Hell Portal but ended up, not in Hell, but in Swaffham / Norfolk is an ugly little island / Baby Stooge (when i get you home I’m gonna put you over my lap) /as the teenager chewed my tit, I realised he had misunderstood my offer of a ‘Chewit’ / men who carry unidentified things in greasy shopping bags/ big strange daddy voodoo / human gloves /to me, Pacman was a pill-poppin’  idiot / saucy bones / spicy boner / joyful horse / when will Tiddler come back to us? / I tickled the old lady’s toes which made her giggle in the style of a much  younger lady/ I shot me a goblin and paraded him around the town centre on a busy Saturday night / the drunks and the skag heads were particular amused by my attempt to play the guitar with my feet/cancelled baby / is it too late to cancel the lamb shish order?/I recommend this new cassette to deaf people only / coated in sugar:- listen with your ears, child/the corridor was littered with smashed glass eyeballs and torn fragments of last weeks magazine / the basin was littered with the dying and or rotting bodies of the (deleted)/my grandma remained wedded in tradition until she took my young brother as a lodger (he introduced her to such modern concepts as ‘American wrestling’ and ‘fast foods’ / broken librarian teeth and smashed glass eyeballs/back in town with the Glory Boys / Glory Hole Boys / Django Reindhart Unchained /’Dad’s Teeth’ release roster Jan 2004:- ‘Epic Poop’ by Today we take Daniel; ‘Sniff my Foot’ by Siamese Adams and ‘Birth of a Dead Boy’ by Kid Business / snarling clowns// a message for the kids from the fabled ‘New World’/ Satan took a bullet for me / jazz tooth

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