Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A picture what i took a photo of in Tate Modern (whilst kicking a fly with my Chelsea shoe)

'Kleep (Sussex Erectus)'

'70s Man in a Suit'

'The Cunt'

'Don Costa Coffee HMV etc'

'Sheet Magnet Tom Mills King's Lynn Neswood'

'A picture what i took a photo of in Tate Modern (whilst kicking a fly with my Chelsea shoe)'

'Gut Feelings Steve Hawking Shit at Market'

i stayed up all night to practice making perfect sense / my dead girlfriend had the bad lipstick-applying blues / God wears a petticoat / trying to pick out the ugly girls on the night-club dance floor (i have a 'thing' for ugly girls) /We stood with mouth agape, in awe of the pristine beauty of my girlfriend’s stick-on nipples (made of cardboard) / ginger people on Mars / bastard with a nice face /the strawberry jelly memories / peaceful teeth (mouth peace)/ bastard at the piano / quiz show teeth / Lithuanian girls sporting very expensive toe nails / ‘shut your mouth and window’ ordered the hideous termagant / quiz master’s teeth shining in the dark studio /playing with yourself in the dirt locker /  taught my mother to play piano with her feet/Eskimo hips / why are you scared of your  very own teeth? /I discovered the ostracised village idiot signing 'you are a tree’ to a tree / I fell in love with the man who invented the Sunburn Machine / Austrian infants litter the ballroom dance  floor / ‘you are my new  boyfriend and I hate you’ I cried at the passing Japanese tourist / standin’ on the shadow of an adult duck /mauve coconut / we found Bleeding Tom Mills hanging around a small street on the outskirts of Leicester with a tanner’s worth of take-away kebabs / you should take your  glasses off before being put to death/ whispering chicken (orchestral bones) / big red cheeks big of baby  Jesus / Japanese whaling rash / humming bird in my mind/we made a nice ice sculpture to commemorate the death of Igloo Tony / hand-me-down teeth / Billy Circus and the Fudge Packers of NYC (Fudge Packing District) / pink jizz or punk jizz / felatio rites (felatio rite of passage) / multi-pack baby / me and my baby down by the steamy locker room / I painted my teeth white to fit in with the other children (at this here new school) /woke up at 3am with a strong desire to paint my girlfriend’s teeth all different colours 

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