Friday, 12 July 2013

Beetamax Hand Relief

'Have..(i can't be fucked to write the whole title out, i'm tired after an all-night arse fuckin')'

'Celebrities in the Swamp'

'Beetamax Hand Relief'

'You Didn't Expect Me to Like 'Dance' Music'

'Porgy Georgian (Bastard Bastard Bastard Bastard Bastard)'

'Butter Gut Tom Mills Outcast'

 Was it the way i looked at your wife that encouraged you to chop my face off?/Big Fucking Purple Head/ I refused to allow the Crimson Poof to use my voice on his sophomore LP/ took out my limp dick an encouraged Yokohama Ono to 'do somefink wiv it'/ endowing elephants are a rare thing, but not as rare as a cheerfully Jones song/ yes you am a perfumed troll/ fidgeting with a pussy at the tender at of fourth.. Bryn Probert was, contrary to Internet gossip, never an auxiliary member of the Bonzo Doo Dah Dog Band.. Chris Me is a shag puppy Was it the Big Fucking 

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