Wednesday, 10 July 2013

THE CRIMSON BULLETIN VOLUME X /I woke up alone, again. My bed smelt warm. My breath tasted sticky. I tried to move my leg as it was aching badly. My leg refused to budge. ‘move leg, move’ I repeated in my head. My leg eventually moved of its own volition which made me jump. I nearly fell out of the bed, but managed to stay put my clasping hold of the banister. I felt like I had been in my bed for much longer than just one night. Maybe I had, how is one supposed to know? I felt like I need to drink some water, but that would mean leaving my bed. I mandicated on a piece of loose gum..this created a tiny bit of spittle which felt nice for a couple of seconds. I then spat out the piece of gum, onto the floor. If my mother saw me doing that she would be pretty angry, I tell you

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