Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Birth of the Button

'Black Thumb Blues - PJ Harvey 5'

'Things We Found In The Sky - David Lynch 1'

'Celibate Beatle'

'Surprise Not In Cling Film!'

How many of you  would have that said about them in a Court of Law?/I asked John Yellow to let me read his library books. He acquiesced, on the agreement that I look after them as if they were my own books / gentlemen who twiddled with their ballbag on the last tube home / I never met a Russian dog I didn’t like (pump juice addiction will only lead to misery and upset- in that order) / flakes of the moon (in a jar) /Gordon’s chord/ Pixie Allotment / I took off my slippers, grew a beard and ambulated around the land for a time / five favourite smiling donkeys;_ /  41. stylish dead people I would like to meet  / filthy butter (yes no) / I feel a small recognition (maybe a clap or a small trophy made from some kind of rare wood) for your achievements would be quite apposite/I  gave the slut a round of applause after a thoroughly satisfying blow-job / ..this is where I keep the little pieces of flesh which have fallen from the goat /  the sick mind of Public Joe/2. trees that look like their owners/ Scottish people can’t talk properly..but they do make very good pies / 5 reasons why I walked out of the cinema:- / ‘seedy organ is playing in the background.. me, I’m sitting on a cold steel chair. I have pants on. Suddenly Paul McCartney’s body double walks past..i jump up from my steel chair and grab him by his arm. ‘gerroff me’ he cries. I punch his mop-topped face and he falls to the floor like a bag of shit /  how many times have you read the bible today, Felix? / pony me are / I crushed your dreams between my thumb and forefinger/cover yourself in sweet pickle in the afternoon / artificial family trees / 
'Birth of the Button'

cantankerous androids/ horse dreams snake pipe dolly glow piss trog / sixty echoing chambers/1. too many dead people / 2. too much gaols/  3. fox trinkets for sale..come get ‘em boys and girls /  4. fat boiled pussy/ 5.what  flavour do your  dog be? / people who should be remembered for eternity..1. Gordon Burns 2. Phyllis Fogg 3. Frank Sidebottom 4. Hattie Jacques.. I will recline with the hookah and see what others emerge from the opiate fog / the gorilla who insisted on wearing a waistcoat (and little else) to lunch / isn’t Melody Justice a brilliant name? / Benedict and I sitting on streets corners singing twattish war songs to the vultures(yes you are included, Julie Giles or whatever the hell your name is) /  / the teens crowded around the zombies, taking flash photographs (which was forbidden) /tenth best jazz LP ever…’Broken Biscuits’ by Sab Hoodoo and his Tigers of Jazz/he slipped off his dirty suit jacket and played a bit more trad-jazz for the lesbians / me and my new crew cut (are joining the Bullbock Army) / 8 films which Jim Jarmusch never made..1. Occupy my Face 2. The Man who wished he was a dog 3. Fragrance makes me sick 4. Jelly Deals 5. Big men looking at my wife 6. Canteen in the castle 7. Five ugly kids 8. Packaged Meats 9. The Hanging Circus / . /fat people in the canteen, inspecting other diner’s plates / I inspected your finger nails and then wrapped the baby in some kind of cheap tin foil /  I wasted too much money on daughters of princes / I was mistakenly under the impression that we were nominating ‘Kerl of the Decade’  /sugar implants are ‘out’ / probably a bit too beautiful for Bangkok / the other person’s army/1. circus performer’s armpits / the nicest moustache I ever saw / 
'GH 90-30'

'Digital Fist'

higher rats of the council / Lucy stopped taking speed and began reading the Old Testament (in chocolate shoes) / tourist’s teeth /’No Flasher Photography’.. Please do not take any photographs of the flasher (it only encourages him) / I was handed a pair of military-issued wrap-around sunglasses. I put these on and I felt ‘cool’ / Duckworth and I / gorgeous women being bussed out of the war zone / crying into my sister’s milk jug / 2. Mussolini’s mechanical horse/  the day we rode out with three girls who all shared the name ‘Deborah’ / I need to remind you from time to time that brutality can be beautiful  /the day I draped my legs across your chest and stomach / Thespian’s lisp / coming to terms with the death of Blind Hope / the Battenberg Christ / Henley Wallace and the forgotten bones of Eden / Adam suddenly realised that his barrel was one apple short. He took an orange and painted it green. Unfortunately, Eve tried to take a bite of the fake apple and all hell broke loose.. / can jazz heal light shrapnel  wounds? / we found Donkey Kong in his bedroom, slaving over textbooks / Christ and a man who should have died about 25 years ago / patchwork of evil / can bones sing? / rucksack contents 15th December:- Picasso’s bones (incomplete); tennis racket with several holes in it; a big slice of cured pork (which I shall give to my sister) / purple toes of tramp/curiously pungent odour of the Pit Master / Brad’s master is a dog/ a long list of my increasingly evanescent girlfriends / porky bachelor /

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