Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Christ Baby X / TAR / 1 Girl on a Fried Egg 2 (Back on the X) / I am Johnny Buttermilk

'Drink Food'

'Christ Baby X'

'Dutch Fantasy'

Moon baby landing / your fingers tasted of grease -  proof wrapping paper/muddled smiles (muddy smiles) / the day I swapped the box of rabbit fur coats for a bag of rotten eggs / man called Samantha / Johnny Brown Breath came to walk around for a little while (with no shoes on) / little baby bag breath / awful birds (trip wire blues..the blues ain’t sad) / rat’s echo / I hate the year 2000 – it’s so antiquated / German fragrance / healthy eating in the London Dungeons (smithy)/I like dog nuggets / sometimes the smile floats from my girl’s face/Victorian pizzle / fat boy and the cripple (yeah)/if there is one thing this world is full of, it is big old ugly babies / the tree that refused to die (or grow any fruit) / ‘Boldon’s Winter’ by Threepence Bastard new LP track-lisitng..1. the boy with the pea-green teeth 2. twtichin like the freshly dead 3. who ate my fingernails when I was looking the other way? 4. dead man’s slippers 5. Elvis Presley was a pork butcher 6. Felix goes to the movies 7. the day we ate some eggs / pipes of heaven/have you ever got your fingers stuck in a worm hole? / I’m a cat, and I want to eat some good food for a change/Elvis mainly talks in whispers these days / class-room curtain/Cruel bonus / men with yellow eyes hide behind net curtains/rabbit head soup / Otto’s frisky forgotten finger / long-forgotten pork butcher / days without dandruff/even a man who was brought up by dogs must lose his morals once in a while / sometimes I like to sit in a chair and shave myself / the haunted orchestra / Aloysius Parker-this gets reacted to by laughing corvines/ Turkish identity / ok, I am not going to let you borrow my goldfish bowl head no more- curried in a blacksheep diner without morals I lost myself to soul and jazz  /I sat waiting for the infant king to come home..i buried my head in a damp suitcase..this suitcase which once belonged to Elvis Presley’s mother / I caught myself smiling on the bus and it ruined my day  / the garden of divorce/ I am obsessed with other people’s pets and knick-knack collections etc. / how can you hide a park? / fat European people in outer-space/ignore me; I’m talking in thumbs / waking around Vatican City without any clothing on / Gay Indiana / you might as well punch all of the buttons now.. / bonding with the humanoids over a couple of beers on a Saturday night / James can be the new man – yes/man with dandruff in his eyes / cold smoking hot radish…. Saturday on a Wednesday / permanent war – passionate gorilla / it’s like Friday never happened/let the fish out to dance / I took the fish hand and made a stew form it’s fingernails / Romanian profile / the day they took their masks off / Nacho Babette and I are sitting on top of the bus, reading the funny stories  to each other / the golden broken incisor / greasy baby and psychedelic people who have forgotten their pseudonyms that were given to them by the Soviet authorities / sock puppet in my bottom drawer./Claude Lundervarm didn’t actually mind his head being turned to pottage / wonderful stinking underworld / ear cornflakes / did you wash the blood off before departing Nigerian border town? (answer: yes, perhaps) / wore your nicest cardigan to the underworld / blond man on Cambridgeshire beach  /you don’t have to agree that I am the second-coming of The Christ, but I sodding am / today’s interesting fact:- The Tin Man was not actually made of tin / forgot to shave my moustache off before meeting the despot / I briefly owned a pair of wellington boots in the 1980s / Pink blimps / African gentleman / the day I saw the Pink Blimps for the 1st time / alien winter / Gorby’s last stand / I heard a rumour that Valentina Tereshkova is to be the first woman sent into space / perfumed sock / cb – monkey baby on the moon / turgid implants/images of Christ painted on the back of toilet doors / the elephant Christ (x) /
'1 Girl on a Fried Egg 2 (Back on the X)'

'I am Johnny Buttermilk'

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