Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Cerebral Trump

'Hong Kong Tonky'

'Attic Baby'

'Cerebral Trump'

'The Mind Escaped'


'Internal Relief Orchestra'

'F (Portrait 1)'

my grandfather was addicted to these little raspberry pills that disappeared circa. 1965 / the former boss of ‘the Holy world of Thrills’ /  we sent most of the Welsh people to live on the moon / buffalo screw-job/You Tupac, me Jane / hey Tupac (wanna go throw some dice and then shoot up some people at random?) / bird eggs on a Dutchman’s dinner plate / Hamburger Smith is NOT a punk poet, OK / ruined shoes and diseased teeth / recruiting the following people for my team:-a left-handed black man, a dwarf with big muscles and a lady who once met Ghandi / the 444 CMS (reset rot) / erotic relics / foolish lord / I collected together all of the broken dolls and placed them in a large plastic bucket which had ‘broken dolls’ written on it in black marker /   Michael Jackson didn’t have a tail  /aubergine pie for every child in extended education / a man with a German accent is following me around my living room / a man carrying an aubergine is sitting in a chair and is staring at a poster showing a man holding an aubergine with the caption ‘eat more aubergines’ / / kissing a man who doesn’t wax his moustaches is like eating an egg without salt / momma always told me not to touch the hot coals with bare paw / devil’s nimbus / (what is on) the fisherman’s plate? / I got lucky at Devil Ridge / devil sits in upholstered armchair, grinning in a malevolent fashion (as one would expect)/Queen Itch /treasured rotten teeth / young girl’s body language/ what exactly is a sport car?/ I’m too busy to join the army…sir  /the ever-pulsating brain of the humanoid baby  /cocky and toxic (we prodded the fish eggs with a HB pencil)  / Robert Johnson and the devil holding hands in the rain / I woke up in Flower Town with the abstract artist’s daughter/ /  do Jewish people eat peanut butter?  /can eagles fly when laden with many heavy eggs etc.? / ‘kia ora!’ she cried after stepping off the slave ship for the first time /  I stood stock-still in the Turbine Hall and came to the realisation that nobody was watching me / we fly over Dutch towns in our home-made helicopter / it ain’t no fairy story without the presence of a young girl in a pretty dress eating a black apple for breakfast / diary of the not-quite-cerebral professors/ I have always had the ability to conjure up images of Sharon Tate in a party mask / clump hiss – devil’s delight! / Junior was proud to inform people that he was the world’s first test tube baby / toiling away for a measly supper of cardboard pieces and salt /  emu on the heath /  don’t want to upset the man who just gave me candy / who cares if your hands are made of wood? / sex test 2000 /   tubeway gorillas /  under brown skies we rest and  play and have sex with one another’s parents (blood) / cosy energy / the British frown / the man who thought his wife was someone else’s hat / Oz Gulch (Oliver throws a rock at the moon) / I like to stand on boxes and peer over  people’s fences (at night) / Alan and the Night Dust /my fair lady of the Rolling Stone / I am dating a man who cannot eat pancakes without making a lot of excitable grunting noises (he really loves pancakes) /Parker and  the brand-new doomsday machine / cordon blue warzone (pretty war baby)/ this  is going to get gritty before it gets pretty /   a beautiful girl stuck on the moon/ bleeping goddess/ bear with me / knickers down on   Eel Pie Island / we live on or around the Isle of Dogs, we shave regularly /  a cowboy should never be late for breakfast /  the baddy in me -  going loco down in Ongo .. go ogling women on a Friday morning / fell in love with Asamoah / the commencement of war curtailed the  lovemaking/sisters on the edge / secret circus /  meeting up with attractive tall guys in Lagos disco / enemy of the Sunflower Kids / we give better head even than them notorious Californian gals/theatrical gases / Rowan Atkinson was sowing buttons onto his sister’s favourite soft toy / lay-by baby / the Turkish prince and the man who thought God was his sister/ butter up the witches/crippled whisper / ten pence for a blow job? You gotta be joking / it is uncommon to find a vicar’s son partaking in an orgy / ashcan baby (ashcan Jesus) / Superman was a freak/Sebastian came to stay beside the fire/two spiders sitting around chatting about Mars (the planet) / how many golf balls did you collect on Mars/do birds actually have brains? /Eunice Moody is stuck on a madcap farm where funny little occurrences keep on ..occurring! / spastic weal /he opened up a small pouch of polecat bones and distributed them to the slobbering dawgs / Colonel Rochford and my sister’s nephew are coming for supper/drifting skin /I ordered the butcher to avert his eyes from my freakishly beautiful daughter / batter the ram /  a man with stars floating just a few inches above his head/ the whore insisted I wash behind my ears before getting down to business / crystallised Billy Bear / my sister has a date with the latest Jewish pin-up / African treasure chest washed up on local beach / man who died in another man’s house / I lived in a boat with a small dog foot chained around my waist/I like to be insulted by women I once adored / jubilant otter (with a tiny ribbon in his hair) / listening to ‘Thin White Rope’ whilst driving from Alsatian Village to Ten Point Fear Land (land of fear) / damaged train tracks make me happy/ the sensational golden floating honey bear / I prowled the Paris underground with a used copy of ‘Tantric Teardrops’ under my hat / fear of losing your toes and feet in Antarctic conditions/sour midnight  /the fat lady put down her capuchin and stood erect awaiting the arrival of Prince Leopold and his twin sister/ international swollen fist moratorium / igloo-dwelling insider/jail house chutney / get your slim fingers out of my fat pie /don’t let an old beach hag spoil your vacation / mesmerised by the slightly beady eyes of the Gods of Mars/ I sold the witch doctor  a bag of kangaroo fingers (how embarrassing) /my brother’s house smells like a Danish supermarket / my sister’s flat smells like a Swedish supermarket deli counter/the gummy borders / the return of the Dust Demon / crispbeard / the devil was pink/I am the demon of your mind’s eye (butter mouth) / champion clutches his trophy  on last bus home  /back seat was coated in poo and fag ash / men with horn-rimmed spectacles and big frock coats are threatening sister with their  balloon guns/ /wolf on the forecourt / butter up baby / gay in the afternoon / flowers of Russia (glowing corpse) / heterosexual back four / men called Barry at the opera / Dongle’s hair kit / Supernatural cat said ’you’re messing up my day with your noisy racket and over-the-top graphics’ / kid shaved twice a day / he opened up his sports holdall to reveal two pairs of  sweaty underpants and a collection of broken doll parts (who shaved my beard off during the night?) / I asked you if I could take your sister to the xxx theatre (as I think she is a goddess)/timeless imagination:- greased Polack?/gay people on the sports field / Chuck Berry smoking draw with my sister/ Honestly, I didn’t think you would actually go to space/weird wolf (Sweatbox Wolf) / Phantom Willy and Miss Hensley haunted the auditorium  / a couple of years ago I was the King of the Princes (Gay Division) / broccoli breath / I shined my boots after stomping the humanoid to death / I alighted the UFO, pulled my pants up (I had lost weight on my trip to Mars) and stroked my new chin beard (which had grown on the way home from Mars) / I picked my nostrils and uncovered the birth place of Terry Pirogue (Sioux and you) / RAF Marham babies/built like a butterfly / acorn resentment therapy / unbuckle your shoes and come and live with me, the whore/devil’s back-pack / on fire for you / champion horse (ring of flowers on your head..i made love before going to bed) / I bit down on the spoon, clenched my fist and smiled at the moon in your face /devil on the curb (clutching a butterfly carcass in his hairy paws) / sugar on my ballbag/flicking thru grot mags on last shuttle bus home / description of a shy=eyed Japanese boy/filthy fingers of Street Dog / Masmo Booha comes to say hi (and brings the daughters some Chinese rice noodles which smell nice)/ I took out the girl for dinner. I made love to her before the desert came / I smashed my fist against the broken wall and I laughed I the face of hell itself// Smith the man who came to stay, he brought enough clothes for about a day. He didn’t like y brother he smacked his face. I ain't gonna go back to that crazy place. / I live with teenagers who snort crack. I don’t eat meat, I live in the sea. I swim with dolphins I got a nice haircut. I’m you- who are me? / I smoke some good tobacco with the museum curator and the crippled farm boy / Carrie’s retort (Tan War victim # 1098) / Chuck, Dave, Niall and Smithy floating into heaven with cups of tea and biscuits/Smith the Octopus (AKA Smith the Astronaut) / lesbians in the graveyard / insect lament / with god by my side I will sweep up the ashes of our forefathers/ Tudor magpole / some people fly by my window at 4.43am / drifting of to sleep with the dream demon / waist size of a Muslim cleric/I am spending Christmas with people who never learned to tie their shoe laces properly /king of the ozone/OS – secret teeth / watching repeats of ‘At the mercy of the demon triangle’ whilst eating the last of the cold meats / a misguided attempt at proving to my mother-in-law that I am not inherently evil / ginger-haired soul stars/Christ grew a beard to look more like his pals / I removed the rubber Johnny and lit up a nice fat cigar (which my dad brought back from Cuba)/Kurt Vulgar and the Demon Pricks (is a wonderful name for a punk group) / I got drunk and urinated onto my wife’s mother’s face (Lionel Blair wants to know if she approved of this)/we slathered butter onto his testicles and left him for the sweet demons / Sweaty demons invaded my bed this morning / I urinated on Christ’s exposed big toe / the sweet smell of gypsy urine permeated the playground// I walked out of the bagnio to find my wife patiently waiting for me with a small dog in her arms (which was wearing a dog jumper made from what appeared to be a baize-like material) / the devil got my nuts in a twist/the majority of my inmates make me feel nervous, but deep down I am also in love with them (both sexually and romantically) / I fell in love with a man on TV who was trying to sell me fish hooks for a bargain price/does my foot have a soul? / James Brown, Sid Justice and that guy who cooks onions whilst wearing a string vest re coming to my party (I think) / I wish my wife was still a lesbian / I get bored of reading poetry to dying fascists / the gypsy made my eyebrows feel much nicer /concentrate your mind on the flimsy-faced Dutchman (Vain owl V) / Barn owl 5 – poisoned cottage /  -  I wish I didn’t have to take my wife to the circus to see her estranged son (the one-armed freak)…oh how I wish I didn’t

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