Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Punk's new teeth

'Punk's New Teeth'

'New Home (3)'

'My Glory Years'

'The Simian is the New Style'

'Tom's New Moon'

'The Beast (la la la)'

my pickled imagination /he is not the kind of dentist I want hanging around my children’s teeth / ..eating various fruits with the dentist’s boyfriend (not too many though!) /  he is not the kind of priest I want hanging around my children’s dormitory / underground teeth /. Mother under the carpet (with father) / permanent peanut / I am not Stuart Calton’s brother and I have never swam naked with French illegal immigrants / me and the man who used to play Hercule Poirot on TV are standing at the back of the room with our arms folded / my Dutch eye is twitching as we speak/new smears on my mattress / mattes bandit/I put on my white coat and ambulate around the forgotten corners of England / the freak on the toilet is humming a tune I wrote during my interment in Bangladesh in the 1990s (boatful of fruit cake)/I traded my Butterfly Walnuts for a bag of humanoid remains (alien remains fetch a fair bob on the old E Bay these days) / kids in spacesuits/ I ensure I am in the other room when the German people lose their temper/ I have sugar on my toenails / New Romantic Butterfly Dust / I took * by the hand and held her to my cheek;’ Chamber/funeral of the anarchist/ I crushed the years between my thumb and deformed forefinger/New Romantic men wear clip-on ties and write  incredibly amateurish poetry on the back of their wan hands / wagon wagon trip to Mars/  I erupted into fits of giggles upon being told about the astronauts who arrived on Mars to find that they had forgotten to pack  their spare underpants / my penis is long and slippery like a wet loaf / Korean Tony left the holdall of tennis player’s bones on the back seat of my used sports car/  I dream in monochrome, I am an Egyptian priest / hurt master and doomed rockets/ spaceship in my back yard/Colin has gone swappin’ again (June:- Best Swap..a King Kong Mattress for a Peacock’s eye set in stone / the peacock death breath / I just took ownership of the bones of the long-forgotten House Master / 

'We are beauty (I Want to Make Love to Whitney Houston (Q) Real Bad))'

'PJ Harvey + Fag'

House flies in my girlfriend’s porridge/sinister when wet / eating bog porridge whilst trying to force Jackie to stay home/I think girls look silly in space suits/ Ape man in my garden/how does one lose a hippo? Hippo glue/Johnny Santa is sitting around in his front room, waiting for Xmas to come along again / the perfumed tramp who looks like my boyfriend/when will someone invent peanut shampoo? / the peanut cat that I somehow found inside my shag pile carpet / Julie Garland looks lovely in her monkey carpet suit / I never did give you back that dido you leant me / libellous dictionary / girls in pant suits are invading my home/colonial flip- flops/ boring walk home (with no feet on my legs)/shaking really ugly birds out of my sister’s Christmas tree/ ‘American Giles’ was a massive flop/we coated the plate in plenty of rooster butter..as recommended by the Kind King / Ethiopian chutney/sniff the back of my fingers..they smell like your wife’s cooking / pregnant again (in Ethiopia)/you’re my ideal horse/ kennel full of love /Gulf war whore / no one is imperfect/hand-me-down dido / the man who thought he was a been ‘n’ mushroom stroganoff/   there’s a man works in the whore house who swears he is my father / the Butch Dust (which we scooped up in Birmingham city centre) / I was a teenage butterfly (-D) / invidious triangle /  bag of daggers (peacocks wearing bowler hats whilst drinking tomato soup with their mouths shut) / pink gristle museum / knackered pumpkin/ my friend, the enemy of the public/IS:- hiya, Japanese sister / triumphant triangle / I hired a big man to carry my kids around / Half-German children throwing bones into the sea / police chat (a polite chat with a corpse) /fuzzy little people on the moon / I gummy fear./ tried on a goat’s boots but the goat quickly asked for them back  /I’m not in the habit of asking queers to go to lunch with me / I took off my corduroy trousers and laughed out loud for approx. 15 mins (shaved piper) / backhair on a female supermodel / monkey sitting at the organ, not sure what keys to press/ I shaved my feet before going down to breakfast / idiot revue 20-74 /

'Haneke's Eye (A+ Void)'

'Fantastic Something - PJ Harvey 2'

 /celebrating the birth of my second child in Bangkok whore house / fiendish + slumberous / Bugboy is back in the bracket? / / the centre of my face/Korean armpits/  I am the daughter of the second man who ever walked on Mars/resigned to the fact I will never join the Elite Band of Street Hunters/ youthful Koreans being shown around posh art galleries  /only blind people can work in onion fields / where is my mummy’s cauldron? / Invisible Kingdom / ..when all you need is the love of a Yorkshire Pudding / The ossified Man (named Phil) / burnt hands of Christ/wet telephone , cherry for my sister, bony palms, mistaken identity, gorilla in a Ham Suit, fists of the East /we lay down and think of Christ adventuring across the world(Christ’s emprise) / featureless punks / I am not a bastard, /Rickshaw whore /  inside a glove is a small crab with a Hitler moustache ./  cancer kurtains/ don’t  worry the Albatross King with your petty complaints about the state of the nation / desperate liaise (liaison with Ol’ Scratch) / Birmingham babies-   baby bullet/ afro yob /  greasy poetry / truck stop in my mother’s front yard / eating Boot Cake on hot Syrian September night / me, the Korean bookie and some people who believe tuna should be eaten with a fork / various broken dogs (zero) / filthy hands of the refuse collector/I recall, with bitterness, the day they made Johnny Liverspot the manager of the local canteen / trying to be more Germanisitic / the picaresque adventures of the men from the hole / inside the hole (with some other vagabonds) / walking around Montevideo with a small monkey in a pair of green corduroy dungarees, a small man with a moustache who laughs exactly like a 3 year-old girl, an obese blond lady who is carrying a jug of milk and my new girlfriend Petula  / carry bag man came to show me his latest contents / I love to work in office as it allows me to drink cold water (my home planet does not have cold water to drink) / I am butter baby, I am the chef..you are the meat that I am preparing to cook/I spent over 10 hours preparing the ingredients for the astronaut’s buffet / silenced by Mike Davis from Kent/nothing made Hess the Dog happier than a jug of water at the side of his kennel / Hess the Dog –Bangkok snack / a jar of water was given to me by the friendly merman / sometimes it is not necessary to complement Melinda on her good looks / Desdemona refuses to marry me, but she has agreed to accompany me to the hanging /my sister was  taken away by the man who invented chocolate bars /  1. I have never got to touch a spaceman’s crispy lips / sometimes I realise that I am too old to listen to disco music (tulip list) /he made no effort to stop his father from killing all those nice American tourists / bored of tourism / real people on boats.. now I am free my mind is a sponge –or is it an apple growing freely on a tree.. Clifford Still and I up all night dancing on the plastic street (in the) / rats who resemble dead kings / diseased cupboard (10:07 Bleeding Tom Mills sniffing, calculating how much disposable income he has to spend on his Florentine mistress. Picking his snout.. talking to a goblin on the train. Tom cannot drive a car..he doesn’t know how to. Tom is not my boyfriend, he is not my brother, he is not my boss. / kangaroo germs / local egg/ reconciled shipmates/God is the composer / Richard eating crack cakes on the moon/1999:- ring of demons / filth coated century/French dogs on the moon/ my best friend Simon Daniels carries a small pouch full of butterfly bones which is attached to a piece of string which he wears around his wrist (left)/cold war art kids (I played a cassette recoding of the gigolo who has a very nice voice) / drunk on goose liquor / cold war dogs/ culturally-ignorant post-war dogs / listening to post-war rock with Gus Caesar and that guy who used to sell toy bugles to tramps /
   'Son House 1'
damp sandwich / this angry little century of ours./keeping your head down in war zones/ have you got the power to free all of your enemies/the man who live don salt alone  /alone in a bunker with some rag queens and ageing chimps/people sitting in doctor’s waiting rooms flicking through out-of-date porno magazines / the biblical whip / there are various ways one can try to influence a woman to fall in love with him. One of these ways is to parade yourself around your object of desire’s garden. You should, ideally, be wearing nothing more than a sack cloth to hide your genitals and arse hole, and be carrying some kind of love trinket (such as a pig’s heart on a piece of string) / Elliot’s twat / my grandmother lied that she had got tickets to go see the hanging of Fred Astaire / gentleman’s rather fat bottom lip / distended eyes on Satanist preacher / job-lot of Korean bugle sheet music / sheet music for the bugle / Standard '19' / Mr Bitch  / man in small shoes / who ate that rat? / Lounge Malo / the weakest radiation / smells like an 80s amusement arcade / new romantic toothache / Roland Rat’s addicted to crack (yes, aren’t we all?) / Elizabethan shopping list (echo glue) / tore out page 45 of the New Testament and pinned it to my son’s dormitory wall / Stewart the Sewer Donkey..i repeat.. sewer donkey / floating implants/the sugar mile / the day we twisted one another’s nipples for a few hours/1. people who wear black shoes are not allowed to board my boat / e took the bowl of sugar away from the chimp and replaced it with yesterday’s newspapers / really tall children on the moon / Chris Gilbert and Bleeding Tom Mils are eating eggs in Swaffham / yes it is the little bald guy from the rival party/ rival primates/war cakes are not too tasty / public sprout/UK slave / aren’t people idiots/80s Tar Baby sitting on my new Dutch girlfriend’s lap / pocket book monkey/ things that the little master told us today:- ‘yes, Bleeding Tom Mills is the sugar Prince 9Bleeding Tom hates computers but he loves sugar) / Norfolk love/my impressively butch wife / he was born in 1961 and he describes himself as a  ‘damaged booklet’ / Scottish people in tight-fitting jumpers / cloak and spagger/Question 1: is there a cap on how many dragons one can own in China? / gorilla in a spa / I have very little interest in watching TV with the sound turned on / voluminous gaping puss/thin people on the moon / ya ya ya –now  I am a cuckoo/five people I met on my first trip to USA:- Mercedes Jackpot, Crackpot Charlie, Governor Nice, Shirley Bastard and Penelope Scrooge-Tits / yes, I am a baby in a barrel floating on the Dead Sea/Secret Kids from the bottom of biscuit barrel / people who live on the moon suffer from what is commonly referred to as ‘purple teeth’ / ancient bucket (I was desperate, sir) / Cambridge pub guide hot Asian butterfly/jerking behind the curtain / the Brass Supper Curtain (WTH)/magic loops (magic hoops) / dirty fingered dream./who would have guessed that candy grows wild at the bottom of the graveyard / all giraffes will be released by late  supper / everything I do, see, think and feel is a direct consequence of that play I saw when I was eleven years old / Dutch imagination / the river bed was littered with fragments of smashed cola bottles and small naked people / they wrapped me in cloth and threw me into the peculid sea/ clouds of dust flew up from the sky and obscured the passing priest (and his entourage) / allowed to wallow in guts etc./he removed the top of his head to reveal the same old thing (what we didn’t tell the younger children was that the men who claimed to be their ‘masters’ were actually just actors / well, well, well..he kept repeating in a sussurant voice / shampoo wolf / Lady GaGa’s secret finger-tips / we shoved the baby into the peddle bin / Welsh people are meaningless / i just made love to a lady who smelt like a fox / forgot to whistle when the sexy girl walked past my butcher shop (Welsh people are like meringues..soft on the inside, hard on the outside) / the man who found slime to be rather attractive/ I love my girlfriend but her bedroom window looks onto a graveyard (what a shame) / shit depends on whether I fall under the £100 bracket (Soviet Onion) / pickled in paradise/Buckle dust / the day we wept for that old lady who didn’t realise she was the queen of the New world/1. Adam Gandhi wears a t-shirt which he found in a dust cart during his vacation in Cleveland, Ohio / part of zero/mammals of Mars / price of zero/contrary to popular myth, the baby Christ was not swaddled in a nice warm clean blanket, but in oily rags borrowed from the petrol station / model wife (happy dog) / cats in the graveyard (dog flower) / modern thrift store cassette exchange/Christmas lunch consisted of a damp sandwich and some cockle eggs / Barry an’ me  (Me-Me?) under the Bearing Sea/send your boys to the railway and come and hug me for a time (and we will drink good wine and kiss each other on the mouth)/Friday pencil egg couple of weeks ‘till I go home to see Sammy (Sammy is a curate’s egg and then some) / I turned up at the boxing match dressed as a frog and, subsequently, scared away all the gypsy kids/ people I love are sitting on a  train eating waffles (and listening to Goose Music on portable stereo)/took my new 18 year-old bride to the New Romantic waffle house / women in medically-approved shopping masks are walking around Japanese shopping centre / Eyeball Giles and a guy who tells people his real name is not Jeremy Watson but Hammer Janus/  Kid Glove convince me that Kid George was his long-lost boyfriend (I know this to be untrue as  I have seen video evidence thus) /  Opera Pigeon / Swan Duckworth is not my best friend anymore/Emerson Copper / miracle in Hell / libellous eyebrows / hectic wreck/this steak needs a  little more Arab Sauce / Arab jackal (we fondly recalled the rein of Arab Jacky over a few pints of good stout / horse’s petrol / kids are idiots (am I allowed to think this?) 

'F D Men'

'If Pigs Took Acid'

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