Monday, 28 April 2014

Eternal Birth

'Lover Man Cometh'

'Post Dinner'


                                                                     'Eternal Birth'

'X Killer Hippy'

'Parasite Blues'

'Kid Bean(s)'

'The Dump'

'Lick Meat (!)'

'Meeting People is Easy (in a Supermarket and whatever)'

Inside an evil cave/eternal birth / triumphant ‘click click click’ / eternal fart / the endless worm / wormhole psychology/shit monk / the birth of a trumpet-playing primate/ me and Steve from the butcher's daughter's knick-knack stall on Camden Market are  in the devil’s playground for 1 night only  / the devil’s front yard is not a place for young Chinese children to congregate/ ate my johnnycake on last train home / sweet whispering devils / Cuckoo Children of Scotland Yard (no, not that Scotland Yard)/he(me)sits around in his red pajamas, waiting for Christmas. /  do you or I enjoy palludial mallow? / I yawned when they showed me a photo of Gillian Anderson’s latest hair style / stylish bummers / broken whisper / the frog made a pretty face and we all dropped our tools and hugged each other / a carpenter only needs three hands /How many times have I seen a kitten yawning? Not enough times./ Robert is a stupid name for a horse / why do I feel like crying on a Wednesday? / I paid a man good money to watch me eat fruit / provoked into eating too much meat/I hugged a  monkey and this made me late for supper / I graduated in the darkness/ most Daily Mail readers think that Poland is empty / thanks to Vic, Gail and the Tundra Prince /  he was unable to talk as he had shot his mouth off earlier /oh shit I’m god!! / would you like me to remove my woolly gloves and rub some butter into your face? / do you need me to help you chop up the green grocer’s body?? / we stood in the graveyard waiting for the Russians to stop singing Korean war songs (which they had learned from a cassette given to them by Korean Paul in the good old days (the 1980s)) /the Dutch crust / the secret crust / / upper lip furniture/  I can neither confirm or deny that my good lady wife was whistling a Korean war song when we first met  / there was a curious noise emanating from the body bag..the body appeared to be ‘crooning’ / Jesus’ eyes (are too far apart) / intractable children hanging around outside fairly cheap hotels / ass-lick city/ When I was up before the Beak a number of years ago, my solicitor said to His Worship, “My client is obviously a decent sort of chap..just take a look at his shoes"

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