Tuesday, 29 April 2014

European Zero - Manipulated Man

                                                                           'European Zero - Manipulated Man'

'Happy Month'


'Angry Nest'

'Bethlehem 3:60'

smoking Cuban grass with the dead cowboy’s son-in-law/ climbed aboard the budget air craft and chewed some gum to try and look a bit more cool/my Uncle Sam claimed to be the  scion of temporal society / kings with oatmeal stuck in their teeth/a question for you, sir:- ‘if aliens came to earth, why would they land in Milton Keynes?’ / the day after the aliens destroyed 90 per cent of Milton Keynes (we held a party is what we did)/ghost town by the sea/ blind people swimming in a dead lake/..and this is a photo of me with the body of the deceased dictator /catch my son,. You have shaped my life from now on / Rolling Stone paves duopoly// I folded my fingers and hoped for a better life for Pakistani ambassador to the UK/ lost dog memories / oh to be gay again / is Clive Thorburn really that evil? /I want to show you a picture of a plastic dog in found in the war zone / I placed my fingers on the strongman’s weak arms / the pavement was littered with corpses of murdered trolls and abandoned shopping bags / lunch time pussy / tickly unseen evil kilo fee less/ it feels like being dragged kicking and screaming downward through a manhole by slimy, rotting hands - but in a manner that's creepily pleasurable rather than genuinely life threatening./I murdered the lovely old lady and immediately regretted it/transcendent hiccup  /nanny Boo Boo and the pastry babies / Captain Billy and me hugging the throne (but not the queen) / the queen slowly took off every garment she was wearing and  allowed me and the babies from Creole to touch her most private parts /too busy with my small business to act queer  / put some petals on my plimsolls and pretended to be queer / pal readers reunited/ insurgent circus / dungeon undercoat / a fine skin of animal goo / furtive chimp (moon) /’let me touch the spaceship’ I pleased / palpitated wobble/juicy Medusa/ moonage vegetation/itemised beak / I love Sponge-boy / angle dust for the teens / wolf on the dancefloor / generic smile of people on a Tuscan dancefloor / -L Tut Tut / Trashcan Goddess//meaningless slab / standing beside the burnt-out carcass of Maggie Phillips / Operation Day Ghost / perfumed secret boyfriend (everyone can smell him) / our latest big idea is to send serial killers to the moon / pumped up ‘n’ perfumed (for the day release activities) /my new baby (the Horse Moon) / the horse spoke no words (what we could understand) /pan-pipe music in the dungeon / German out-house served by the future/my grandfather enjoyed the status of ‘The Japanese Jesus (Christ)’ / there are rumours floating around that Barry Manilow has a gay man’s haircut /  enjoying the latest contretemps between God and Devil / demon culture /  got my hair cut short during Moroccan winter / this record is rubbish.. it’s just the sound of gusting wind and rain falling onto a caravan roof / humanoid’s breakfast / disabled like a cat with no legs / /  my favourite bum-flower/ had a very dull lunch with the pharmaceutical chemist..all he talked about was drugs and what-not / girls who look like a gorilla with a bob-cut / Jesus at the piano / fat lady eating tofu on a boat in Basingstoke canal / fireside chaat / being Indian on a Monday morning/I’ve always wanted to be a fanny magnet / bad family magnets / the constipated Christ / vomit on a sultan’s new shoes/USA welcomed the new French fatties with open arms of drooping flesh /the thin gentleman sat in his paper mask, avoiding the curious glances of passing children and Asian tourists / my toes itch and I need a lesbian to scratch them for me (no sex involved) /  cucumber in the moon / cultivated the demon to look and act like me  / I am the human incarnation of El Diablo ‘imself/use my mum’s umbrella to shield the baby from the blazing sun  /little sheep have lost their way back to the whore house/contrary to the rumours that are currently flying around..i am not the son of the Boom King / Charles scratches his chin and whacks his penis against the display cabinet/ /I can confirm hat I am currently dating a Chinese underwear model, as we speak /you are mistaken dear boy, I am not a financial trader..i am a toilet trader/  I am married to a 42 year-old lady who sits at home all evening watching documentaries about queer playwrights.. please help! / sugar doesn’t make you fat, I do / Cambridge bridges of Cambridge/ devil in cement / life is meaningless if you take enough angel dust / snorting goblin rocks with the bagboy from Bangoo (nice)/the Ivorian Christ /  Lombardo biscuits (nice 3) / / I injured my hand by waving too vigorously at the visiting aliens / my hat fell off to reveal the head of a humanoid child / Senior pilgrim/there is no need to grow a beard if you are a humanoid / humanoid goon/ look thru the Billy Goat’s eye / champagne holocaust – this is why we don’t comb our hair like children anymore/ this is the way we taught you to tie up prisoners/she (or he) offers offers up gifts of ancient marmalade pots, broken clay pipes / I consider myself (proudly, I might add) one of the denizens of ‘London Trash Heap Culture’ / you deserve at least as much happiness as that tall boy who sweeps the filthy roads (grumbling fur) / my stomach is a place for puppy dogs to rest / I like to spend my holiday in friend’s flats which are littered with many interesting trinkets an or sex toys / ancient glare from outer space / her mother taught her not to stare at other men’s shoes /the evening turned weird for Norfolk jobsworth / naked in the sunshine again/ I  purposely inserted several thousand mistakes into my latest essay /  we served greasy dinners to the  performing donkeys/men with moustaches are usually homophobic/ashcan goblet / juice from your mother’s tits / giggling behind the curtains / social life of a Geisha (is not very good) / milk black spiders/ the psychic unburdening of the  heaviest and fattest problem he ever encountered came as wicked relief / middle finger yeah  /Groetus and Cubes (manically-discharged disco) / go away and come back with rainbows between your teeth fat white family (she lost most of her teeth in the factory) / cold hands of naked man left alone to sweat it out – perfectly discharged volley of abuse aimed at the threatening captain / / silly Welsh people with gaps between their eyes /  gorgeous Orville / twisted bleakness// murdered Wilfred and his dead old boyfriends /Steiner dirge – this seems perfectly logical when you subtract Sunday 6pm / hello Al /  a big heap of bricks and mortar covered the beautiful Rose Garden of my mind / with butter between my fingers, I approached the ageing dictator / man with big curly eyelashes is sleeping with my wife / who said Italy could play the match with a horse in goal? (the horse was the goalkeeper.. Gee Gee Buffon)/the dwarf (in a neat white suit) at the side of my bed / harnessing the future vegetable power / discharge yourself from the disco / New Romantic Powder Keg / sexless terror / turn off the BBC and start up your own ‘plastic gang ‘/blissfully unaware of the impending death of God / God is real, but neither am I / punks in Shrewsbury / I am unemployed, I am 7 years old, I am a dog / my 3 favourite female singers:- 1. Knife Baby 2. Little Girl Maudlin 3. Rose Edwards (the Portuguese dentist’s only daughter) / Australian super-chunk / Chinese chocolate bars /do they have peacocks in Texas? / forgotten nostrils / the igloo singers/ //Salmon chic /Yin Yong Sung / big chicks turn me on /   /big gay android / open your bible on page 45—what is the first word that springs into your face?/I paid £2 to see the world famous Talking Baby (TB) / TB sheets – my favourite song in the year 1901 / Vauxhall Novas are still very popular in the Korean republic /  strolling around North Korea with my fingers taped up / / spaceship in the garden / / I consider myself to be a passionate supporter of wooden effigies of Christ and Co / the purple toothed liar  (excessive consumption of blackberries can lead to propensity to lie ) / childish eyes / chicken sock / burning your clothes before breakfast  /badminton tax / the carpet was covered in metal shavings and dead man’s eyebrows /homeless people in furniture shops / King Barry’s last words were.. 'Furniture' is a great name for a pop band/I enjoy looking at photos of ladies on beaches before I go to sleep / during my fifteenth year of detention I found a way of convincing myself  I was on a tropical beach /  foreigners on the moon / 9.45am – Hannah becomes beautiful / he had a good run as president. Now it is time for him to step down and let Baby-Face take over /evil Jesus / busy Hogan –life is dirt (life in dirt) / Jonathan Watkins, product number 4217 (since when did they start giving androids human names?) / caterpillar skin / engaged in hand-to-hand combat with a wolf’s son-in-law / rose-coloured ball bags /ageing men wearing cowboy hats, unaware of how silly they look / my perm makes me instantly unfashionable in this part of the world / / summer time with girls who sued to be on the television/teeth whisker/just admit it..you love me more than other people / tending to be nosey when sleeping in other houses/wearing platform boots to the head master’s funeral / glam rock pussy holidays /drank a couple of pints of stout whilst ignoring my new bride / I thumbed a lift and then got beaten up by a Korean karate man / I whipped out my old chap to show the curious spaceman / is space really a suitable place for humans to visit? / / murdered crabs / beckoning the mendicant to come over and take a look at the new panda / day release for prisoners of Akbar (!) / day of reckoning for Peter ‘n’ Joe / rocks are never glamorous / I would never consider Asian Tony to be worthy of wearing my space boots / ambition to be gay / my Dutch lover / my husband’s teeth are slightly too white/heterosexual plastic people / sluts in the flood/bag of dogs/ day baby / cave of babies/ electric prince wizard/fossils are not toys, Andreas / French people are very good at hitch-hiking/home we go (to Africa)..holding hands with other people’s girlfriends / a ginger prince floating through the midnight sky/ I traded my apple for a massive woman’s dead leg/I sat around trading friendly blows to the arm with my fellow tie travellers (who were actually just tramps from down the road) / the sound of wisdom / sipping nettle tea whilst dreaming of travelling to  the outer-reaches of space/ kid gorilla / I am the King of Furniture / grinning at other men’s furniture / cheap peacock/ brittle bones of newborn fish / is 10p  fair price for an owl? / jam in my sister’s beard / I was kicked out of the Nation of Islam for wearing a baseball hat inscribed with the words ‘I Heart Beer’ (the heart was a drawing of a heart as opposed to the word heart) /hospital stationary / let’s form a gang and take over Dirt City / cricket blister / lend me your feet young  philanthropist – she got caught trying to  suck the toes of God / / division  of hell (yes, hell) – shiny shoes on a tramp  / wore my best shiny shoes on trip to hell / Solomon said…'gimme more beans, baby’ / / second-hand bitch wisdom / bad luck in chicken coop (who invented ‘the fox?’ /good luck cuckoo egg  (I stumble onto some luck and get a job as a high school teacher who also does a little plumbing on the side)/three post-punk hand jobs I regret delivering (Kleenex cassette moratorium) / King Kong and You  /why do you insist on wearing your father’s moustache? / I find it hard to believe I made such a furore when substituting the word ‘arse’ for ‘backside’ when reciting Cliff Reeve’s latest poem / twat in a  hat / Irish-Americans are taking fingers of flesh out of other people’s pockets / Day of Stripe (sequel!) – oh what dirty little boys we are (in this here insipid village) / the only kids who could make out what I was saying were the kids from the neighbouring village (who we had assumed were deaf, dumb and indeed blind) /forest of secret girls / I kissed your middle finger and enjoyed the taste of lime, salt and sugar // his nap[-sack contained half a dozen cigarettes and a packet of eggs / she moves like she owns the dastardly place/ eggs in America / skin-fit city //the Chinese fish-boy presented himself in a pack of ice with a name tag attached to his forehead / from here on in he will be known as ‘Chinese Peter’ /  Chinese incision/it’s hard to carry out tree surgery when high on LSD / this is good acid and even better pussy /went out for ice cream and beer with the psychologist’s daughter/tea time for death row inmate/why won’t you let the boy with the sun tan have a go on the drums? /went out for a smoke, came back with five hairy arms  / I shoved the toy-boy over the edge of the cliff  on the day before Christmas day /I’ve worked this sordid whore house for over 3 weeks and I think now its time to move on / bunker of onions / - a charming robot / Goon squad snacking when they should be on  parade - pineapples ‘n’ cream /  I am eating lunch with three very attractive Christian cage fighters / the battered countenance of Sly Jones /  boiled in morning//the cat walked from Shelbyville / whatever you say about Iceman Norman, he does have a beautiful way with words (gomer poetry/half an Elvis for you/Chinese pessimism / liar’s teeth/. the most startling part of the film was when ___’s manager casually observes that he ‘had a nose-job at the age of 12’ / shocked by lack of wisdom shown by supposed oracle(he just kept repeating ‘Google it baby, Google it’) / ‘my, that is a handsome duffel bag’ remarked the 8-0 year-old Elvis impersonator / 200 year-old Elvis impersonator folding chairs on Manhattan boulevard//I heard a rumour that Jesus Christ would not let his feet be seen by anyone (and hence, he wears shoes.. not sandals) /the surprisingly honeyed tones of the local pork butcher/  I am very happy that my mother has chosen to marry the pork butcher//I am sitting on chairs with  men who have bits of coke falling from their ruined nostrils / I turned off the Popol Vuh cassette and slowly made love to the 47 year-old whore /I stared into the open sewer whilst holding hands with the Dirt Cowboy / Jodhpur-wearing bastard/ toilet training a bush baby / cuckoo language / I got the cornflakes with hair on tonight (I am upset abut this) / effervescent whores in my new car /towel off the beast / tale of the perverted soldier /I have  a ‘thing’ for Japanese cowboys  /distraught Beetle /  German president in 1830s Asia (Liz Smith, Johnny Beneath, Percy O’Low, Laurel Halo and a young Japanese man wearing what appears to be a cardboard hat ) /I have ambitions to open the first whore house in space/ Ken and me- puffing on good Turkish shit/Dutch men in cardboard prisons/ 19. Milton Keynes shopping centre/ / I let the whore take my shoes, my spare cash and a 10-pack of Hoffmeister beer / a collection of Japanese animals on display in my neighbour’s bedroom / I churned the milk whilst dreaming of a better life for Japanese orphans/she was born to be alive /Adventure Island queers / queer living in my bedsit  /Kim chews some toffee before bedtime / bedtime 4 astronaut /  you know Gerard Depardieu is cool because he doesn’t wear any shoes / forklift truck driver is dating my wife / show me the way to the kingdom /
'Winter 200'

 call me a cab, I’m going to find Moses/circus mouth / Affluent Richards was am  icon to the poor / you  and Nancy and the  hat-check baby / little Chet promises the earth to his various girlfriends / the queer in  me – will you give me a  job panicking on street corners? /massive aggressive dogs make me think of my ex-girlfriend (Shelly Pashtu, 43) /mildew shoes / middle of the road shoe/circus teeth / we spent over 11 hours listening to the entire recorded output of ‘Bianca Kalama’ /African people in cardigans / German men wearing their mother’s cardigans/   / living with children of  nuclear babies/she slipped out of her anorak and tied my hands behind my back with parcel string / she cut the parcel string whilst humming a mid-90s pop chart hit which I first heard in the hospital waiting room whilst my sister was giving birth to her second child / watching made-for-television films with the sound turned down / my favourite memory of a dead pop star /brace son my fangs/ Germanic bones on the carpet/ the dead pop stars were cutting each other’s tongues out for fun /  / King Hendrix and the blue boys/I concealed 90 per cent of the details of how I invented space time travel etc / cauliflower rapist / the man who snorted pig’s dust/rabbit rapper on the carpet with blue masking tape attached to each of its paws/ we paused for thought around the 37 minute mark of killing spree/newborn baby with a massive headache /I can neither confirm or deny that m bones are coated in mildew /the pan-euro moustache experiment/ pantophagist in the midst/ I used the garden party as an ideal opportunity to display my latest experimental moustache / bearded lunatics (aren’t they all?)/who invented the telephone exchange?/ the beldam won ‘most sexy octogenarian’ for the 12th year running (how is this possible??) /society gets a fresh pair of eyeballs / will we learn to be nicer than our forefathers /young boys sitting around in jeans calling each other  names like  ‘Patricia’ (boys are fun)/ two young Swedish men sitting inside a small skiff dreaming of moving to Oslo and marrying some very fat (but pretty) girls / honest goblin  /ticklish African men/ticklish chimp / do birds have beards?/ eyes-outside-a-Chariots-private-booth/ I learned to make my face resemble my girlfriend’s sister’s  pussy lips / the murky building-site atmosphere of my office did not prevent me from behaving as if I was on vacation on a Caribbean island (Monica Salt memory pattern X)  /my sister has invented a  new type of jelly / beef and soil/voodoo revolution / German women throwing small bones into the cooking pot / / Monica shoves some fingers into her brother’s anus /gravity bag /my plastic girlfriend / on yer bike, psychedelic solider / why can’t bees cry?/madness at the petrol pumps  / John Landis greases his fingers and ‘dives in’ / Tommy will not be able to perform oral surgery on the flimflam as he has an inflated brain/I got a pocketful of birds ./ I run around the race track with a bag of onions in my hand / the engineer could have been a sex model / abused flume /
'Unknown + Modern'

  flimflam anal/ we took several back and white photographs of the sun-blinded ape / Snap yr cookies / Aunt May and the evil spoon / gorilla browsing around the shops and accidentally destroying all the merchandise (spoken in a Brooklyn accent in 1989) / 1989 – killer and I -  Nana the frog  is the  ace in the swamp / ape at college/ junk shop teeth (just in case I forgot to wave goodbye to you last night) / bray of the  Spanish hoss / hospitalised  pilgrim from Wigan UK / I chewed the roof / a man with tiny ears is  chatting up my daughter /I have always preferred living in a cultural vacuum / sham palace / land of massive giant infant midgets / the devil is the fellow 4 me / /devil disguised as a 5 year-old boy / I chew pitch gum – I do / yes , I can confirm it was me who shot off your sister’s beak / bleak-faced demons / I hankered for a go on my sister’s new machine gun / ancient putty / has-been with a mullet  hair cut (frankly, you're an emu)/everyone looks prettier when bathed in the deep glow from outer-space/ carrot-top baby/’that’s a nice hat’ ‘it isn’t a hat, it’s my hair’ / flower shop corpses / getting intimate with the hired help / we hired you to walk around looking handsome, not to shoot our sworn enemies / I made my baby feel uncomfortable by wearing her dead mother’s dresses and hairpieces / pastiche on a  dog / is it too early to put my Dracula costume on  / tightly-packed fudge / travelling back to Gorilla Kingdom/posthumous cassette release from America’s 15th greatest ever rapper / Helminth province / sinister-looking angels in my mind/ Sad Sac and the Minstrel Kid eyeing up the Egyptian girls who are sunning themselves through the night / echo of doom / flower shop death squad//1. a crisp packet floating around on the moon /we hired you to make enemies, not to have sex with the servants / special day out with lost children and over-weight tourists / wealthy children on the moon / I-follow me, I’m gay B:- keep me in your pocket, I am special / ten things that I saw this morning (all of which disturbed me greatly)- 1. a monkey with a man’s face 2. some Japanese business men dressed as babies 3. a wedding cake decorated with human flesh 4. a bag of human limbs left on a train 5. a crisp packet with a human skull inside it 6. a really thin man beating up a very muscular man 7. men called Kevin sitting in a pub called ‘The Kevin Inn’ 9. some left-over meat being eaten by a pack of zombies 10. a pork pie hat floating approx. 3 inches above a cockney’s head / shivering gorilla (shaved) / Does Rupert even know how to get to the circus? / I reached over for a cigarette and accidentally knocked over  my boyfriend’s ashes / highway of a in swamp / pleasurable rebirth / Buttered Malcolm / bastard under bright lights / seeing tits made him feel good  /turds like me / after my tenth bottle of Thunderbird I started to think that all of my friends were gay and I was the only straight man in Bathurst /  the Ethel revenge / 1. Zoe Lund has ski-jump teeth / dancing under the ice / Lisa Knut and the whispering kitten /
'Mince 2'

 I ticked the chin of the ageing scientist. He seemed to quite enjoy it / I took my adult bride out to see the moon babies. She was unimpressed. Does this mean she is not the woman of my dream after all? / my father openly lambasted my decision to come out, but secretly I think he was a very proud father / the gay sunshine (lazy backwash) / pregnant again? Boy you eat too many apples/ youthful Jesus/ Baby Youth (baby youth) / the smell of Dutch sitting rooms reminds me of my ex-girlfriend’s amusing younger sister / the elegant skin rash / fatal hare sperm / Adopted dog / hypothetical blues / my favourite tooth / photos of girls wearing very clean lab coats  the Chinese blues / doctored dog / we drugged Dracula (and took photos of him and sol them to a national newspaper for a good deal of cash)  / my ambitions (5):- to marry the Test Card Girl ; to clean my teeth more often (even the back ones); to try harder to be nice to other animals; to make a curry every once in a while; to get laid next time I go to Sunday School / oblong Osborne / listening to obscure jazz operas in my dad’s old pyjamas/  wore my dad’s old pyjamas to my very first date with my future (past?) wife / human jewels/  girlfriend on the moon / is it my bath time yet? No? ok, I will put my pants ‘n’ shoes back on then’  /careful with that pasty, it’s poisoned /  Taiwanese tear drops / Lenny Bruce was not a cade /
'Kiss Me Again (David Bowie 1)'

 fish in a coma (demented Sunday) / Chinese tackle /Balaclava , Blondie, and Cat / I took the adult rock star by the hand and lead him away from the bulging eyes of baby alien / coconut channel / a big bag of powdered fish / I would like to introduce you to my bearded son / jello museum (was a salt museum) / dietary fibre is so over-rated / washboard teeth / coming out in 1660’s Russia / human glue / dogs of Leeds/ addicted to Leeds// a crisp packet floating around in space/I decided not to marry my girlfriend as she refused to have ‘Ya Ya Dey Smell’ as our wedding song / crashed for the second time this SS Day (bored of morons)/Baptist in the jungle / Congo massive/I wore my loud velvet pants to the birth of my sister’s second child / my uncle’s at the store, stealing Wigan chips/we killed the Sun Baby and prayed for more rain (I am an Egyptian prince.. am i..really??) /I would like to introduce you to my cryogenically-frozen girlfriend / moustache in your soup bowl /Are you scared to get happy? / stick a fork in the pig and prey for gladness/Wolf Kid:- ‘whose idea was it to twin leather trousers with anoraks? John Docherty (the Itchy Priest):- ‘oh it was mine, all mine baby’ / All Poppy wants is a sting in the ass to remind her she is alive / I am the King of Dreams / anorak shadow / Jacky could not elucidate his words properly as he had a mouthful of mud / bakery bat human / I’m ready for battle (you can tell this by the fact I am wearing my red wig) / my name is Charles and I breathe on zombies/an intelligent man does not sit around all night playing computer games / life of a deformed dog / Satchmo and I sitting in a big bath with foam up to our eyebrows (Satchmo has the prettiest eyebrows I ever saw)  /I bought a small poodle puppy from Satchmo. It died three days later / Bleeding Tom’s beard feels like a French woman’s pubic mound / heart Stuart/ back-step beauty / charging myself for coconut supper / take me down to Pickle World / a big bag of cauliflower bones/the good, the bad and the muddled (or addled?) / Lovely Stuart whistling at the dead clowns / magic pepper pot/Christmas day smoking pot on the moon/ king of love/people in paradise with bad haircuts / we found Young Adam throwing board game pieces into the river / Sally Alison is my favourite male British poet from the 18th century / Horse poison / gay man with straight-person’s haircut / walked outside with my girl Mary, went for choc ice and sex / had a flower girl come up to me tell me my shoe laces  were untied / horse pension / exploding clowns / babyish new girl /blind people on the moon / zooming through Lincolnshire/ Everything I touch turns to dirt / false name ‘Jazz Demon’ / .he had more thumbs than fingers / irresponsible losers / too much information is bad for you / skinny T Rex demons/Altruistic puppet master / Allan paints my gums a different colour / He removed his overcoat to reveal a spindly frame covered in coveralls / petulant janitor / Someone left a human foot on my foot pedal  /
'Some Kind o' Paradise - PJ Harvey 3'

 dumb biscuit/ / those awful flags reminded us of home town /we lifted up the mouldy towel to reveal a human foot with a gold chain wrapped  around it /birth of a man on Mars (2) / I sit in my bedroom and contemplate the future of  digital technology  /Ian Granville has taken a holiday from his bedroom to the house next door / UK Dracula/ I don’t care if George Clooney is your dad, I want to see your passport / Crimean Sunday (with buffet, slideshow and car boot sale)  / making money from my nephew’s deformed leg / I put the world’s fattest  baby on a pedestal and allowed the Chinese delegation to take photos of him /Christmas tissue / digital wolf whistle / Chinese wolf whistle / gorgeous canescent supermodel / whose idea was it to swap Alice for a bag of cement mixture and a bloody handkerchief once owned by Lord Lucan / brainy baby (from China of course) / storm in an eggcup / why do Canadian women  have such awful haircuts?/I like my muffins how I like my women..greasy /  will you  find me in the swamp? / I rattle my bones on the new Jandek LP /  I am playing a cowboy in a motion picture which was abandoned after 4 days of shooting / seriously out seriously blasphemous / God came between you and me / why would a blind person have a beard?  (the genius of homeless mathematics teacher) / children of the jag / my mother’s new boyfriend is a porn enthusiast /dumb waiter and me (smells like 9am) /  passionate Jaguar (passionate Jagger) /I woke up to notice that my teeth had changed colour overnight / I placed my fingers on the parturient lady’s   belly and sighed like this.. 'ahhh’ /underground brain / on the first day of my new job I met the man they al called ‘Frozen Michaelis’ /  / /  / I like my pancakes how I like my women…soft on the inside but burnt on the outside (am I weird?) / torture chamber soundtrack /we lamented the  death of Bunny Baby on Saturday afternoon  / one more Harrison / Bethlehem beauties / O’Connor the monkey / day off from slavery spent chucking fish back into the ocean/cardboard fox / the man with a grin as big as a river/ Sting Bean Jean //  a leisurely walk through the graveyard / we piped classical music into the dungeon / Mick Jagger never learned to walk backwards properly / floating around the sky like a newborn astronaut (all confused and fully of wonder)/ dungeon pussy/watching nature documentaries on Russian TV station (with the sound turned off) / a man with a ginger moustache is pursuing my mother-in-law / among other things, I enjoy walking on hot coals, cleaning my teeth with steel wool and making sandwiches using human flesh as a filling / he wrote all of his childhood secrets on the back of a crisp packet / taking black and white photos of Mick Jagger’s saggy tits / I took off my baseball cap to reveal a head of ginger hair topped off by a small rodent egg / you know I’m not abusing felt tips so why ask me?  //My perception of heaven and the reality of it are two very different things/ remote salad leaves/sucking on the tits of a stranger  /blind Wednesday /the pabulum which we needed before heading off to the war / the war that ended with a waffle/ colourful secrets / from heaven we come armed to the back teeth/Rural pain / inside the mind of a Hell Cat / James the Owl Trilogy kept the orphans happy

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