Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Saturday's Rot

'Saturday's Rot'
'The Griot Years'

'See Men / Women'

'Parasite Blues'

'Deviant 299 (70 +)'

'Black Cuckoo Dark'

'Spanish Supermarket Wed'

'Yaharhiri (Youth adult horses are real hiss inside romantic island)'

the Chumley Fever  / blind people wearing hats in their dreams / sleeping on the side of the road in 1981/graveyard onions/honky tonk boulevard /the day I shed my skin and went off to Marrakesh to hide in the caves/helicopter teeth /cordoned off dreams / on the fifth floor with Gary Busey and the dead body of Mary quaint/ one of the first things my bearded uncle did was to ‘ban the boobs’  /makeshift teeth (wooden pegs , mainly) / Sybil’s first shave/Johnny Fox-Boil /walking around Lemongrab with no shoes, pants or trousers on / broken witch broom / my mother joined the circus and I was left to raise Charlie and Bubo on my own  / the grinning killer inside my brain /  the fille de joie encouraged me to remove my glasses upon entering her ‘house’ / shaved face of  Boko Jackson (eldest Boko)/ Boku Returns (Egon is a good name for a fish) / ancient poko / oncologist dipped in tar / late-lamented occidental gay youngster// eating clam chowder on the back seat of a taxi, weeping tears of salt onto a cut-out photo of the Virgin Mary / I sat on back seat of bus reading aloud from a trashy cowboy novella / I scratched my tooth and thought about the Australian actor who doesn’t actually have a name / getting blessed by a fake holy man in 1960s SSR (I stood in the car park alone, clutching a plastic effigy of The Virgin Mary (ghost opera version) / small sweet potato reader  (no this is god) / I am the sweet virgin descending from the clouds with my feet made of sugar / /   / the boy was placated by a small glass of sugar water and some damaged maps / colourful king of  summer king in pink body stocking/  / talented moustaches / your new girl sure got a tidy smile / untidy mileage / dancing at the feet of the Mouse King //my grandpappy was famous for the much-quoted line ‘beautiful as the chance meeting on a dissecting table of a sewing machine and an umbrella’ / tidy eyes of newborn humanoid /funky tonk – NYC in the 50s / the shaved beard of Gina Radium./  I shaved off my beard, took down the Christmas decorations and smiled at a teething infant / feeding banana bread to partially decayed zombies / we sat on our hind legs dreaming of a world without rotten potatoes /  the golden age of the Sex Pistols / Pram imagination / soiled toes /oblong labia/ sensual England xxx / I opened my pants and a feather fell out / cough syrup and a generous helping of ecstasy (monster balls)/we coated the tree trunk in jam to make it more palatable for the elders (sugar roof) / Cambridge funk – jazz in the 00s / talentless skipper / 1. Bohemian in Sunday best 2. my tearful reunion with author of all those trashy cowboy novels  3. Auctorial deficit 4. the last Ha Ha 5. Shiva’s bent sister 6. the thoughts of Shiva and me  7. village teeth 8. I am the robot now / 11. chieftain’s surprise / I found the ‘test card doll’ hidden in my sister’s bedroom / women with sticks / fidgeting with the mermaid (fidgeting with Aerial)  /summer in Highbury with zero teeth / I treated my girlfriend’s kids to a go on the horse/ collaborating with French people in 1986 / we walked through the village proudly wearing our horse tooth necklaces / jazz clarinet player drowned in a bath of salty tears / I replaced my daughter’s puppy dog with a dead frog / Victor, or The Children Take Over  / underneath my cardigan is a tattoo of a man wrestling a bear and a small children’s pony  /a horse with no other name is still a horse (Maureen's daughter) /  Leopard Reeves and the gay sons of Jobriath / the secret reach around /there’s something not quite right about an ape riding a horse / Bingo teeth /  I swapped my Picasso for a bag of meat / one bag of meat (mixed) $5 / when I was young (and a member of the ‘Pan African Boy Orchestra’) /collapsed dogs / 3.15am ‘what do u see now?’ – ‘several young boys swinging from apple trees..the sun is beaming and the birds are a-chirping’ / the clarinet player was drowned out by the sound of old women asking for meat / I wrote the phrase ‘sisters are doing it for themselves’ on the back of all of the napkins / enjoy yourself in melted cement / bum-rock hair / wet-look hair and matching teeth / adult supervision not required in world of Pretty Girls / my mother ignored the Chinese takeover and switched on her favourite TV docu-drama / wet eyes of newborn /eating soft-boiled eggs whilst listening to hard bop on my brother’s headphones /they used my kid sister on the latest Madonna LP cover / I am jealous of your burnt feet (eating biscuits in the bath)   / / I am the junior apprentice of Joe Kobe /  / Kobe’s firs dream / sandwich face Joe (king of the invisible children) /cloaca coats the upper lip of Jungle Master / my grandfather was celebrated for finding his way out of a Korean jungle..alone(alone in the dungeon with my girlfriend on loop) / I sheltered underneath the humid upper lip of the jungle / peacock arrival heralded by a formation of  trad Jap (Japanese) dancers / the hectic egg/ freak teeth inside candy /how did Michael know of Johnny Ray and what colour his cardigans were? (the Nabob of Sob, the Prince of Wails) / the Prince of Wales is an insect / June yahoo shouldn’t all stories be ‘human interest stories’ / the human insects  /   / underneath  hut we hid (with Germans) / I woke up with a blind pig next to me. I quickly decided I should soon start to wear more green clothes / the Christmas boner / your lips taste like a cardboard egg / traditional wind / mugging yourself off in 1980s dentist waiting room / Wigan  Casino Horse ‘n’  Pig / otters of Wigan / skipping and dancing all the way to the technical college / my face is too gorgeous for the likes of you / feeling good in the dungeon / fun and games + rice cakes -  randy youth  / ‘Mum Ra, how does it feel to be immune from death?’ / Chortlon’s daily intake of sharp breath  /anxious biscuit / ‘my name is The Great Cobb and I live without the need of string or bone’ / I buried my hat (evidence) in the desert / Joe Alco – Christmas alco /  Richard was the king, I was the liar / sex hop 2000 / lost my new girlfriend down a sinkhole / sugar feets /  operational piss /  we boys hid under   under Nelly’s corpulent corpse /  /technically massive/listening to unsophisticated jungle on the 8th of April / shirehorse in wet socks / the beggar rather enjoyed his frugal repast of favala beans and chopped liver / the Lila under lock + key –under the grinning sun / La Meute (meat market blues) – hanging in the air with fish / fish stink 2000 (teenage freak-out)/she sat on a stool sipping nettle soup while her new boyfriend read aloud from ‘The Racing Post’ / my biggest mistake was to allow Mr Whippy to feed my children / watching films in the nude / Sunday in the buff (watching drum and bass videos and songs of praise)/watching ‘songs of praise’ with the sound turned down (and playing my latest drum ‘n’ bass cassettes) / visions of porno / strange Americans blowing bubbles with soap / powdered dream/who’s phone is that? (the Red raccoon’s) / polar bear is depressed (Bi Polar Bear) / sucking on an egg on Christmas day / Scottish people smiling at their feet /   /  /echo of river  yob /sermon of the  secret crack addicts / crack  racket for  egg tits (secret chutney)/ the perfect hand job / Korean wet dreams / cartoon belch / the man who thought he wasn’t a human / xmas day without my face mask  / a large collection of formerly extinct animals/truck drivers of the revolution / tummy dust/ relics of the apocalypse / cave of babies / Korean war child / bizarre harvest / can my cat really understand the Polish tongue? / I got cobbles on my fingers/don’t close the curtains on Sweet Baby Jesus/ discussing craftsmanship with RZA and Kenneth Tinian/note to Will Self – stop making fun of small Japanese dogs / in your weekly love column/Cyclops’s eyes / the dream of a big set of new teeth / we caught Jackson blowing bubbles in his makeshift dressing room 9actually a gymnasium changing room) / I shaved off my toe hairs and placed them in a small wooden box. I presented the wooden box to the suspected humanoid boy / Goon  Child climbing the roofs of the village bedsits /  mars is a shot hole /box of offal / sugar in my underwear/ poisoned in Dartmouth / kings +  tooth demons / the punk syndrome / stole several hundred ‘Staff Benda Bilili’ from English basement /  secret carpet (secretive carpet) / cardboard tooth/I always carry a small square of Kurt Cobain’s carpet in my jacket pocket / ruined tooth / farmyard teeth / champion of the back streets /waiting for a bus on Christmas Day (eating broken apples with a Dutch TV presenter) / he doesn’t have the energy required for gurning/beautiful blind black man in the bath tub / fun inside righteous empire / arsenic or xylophone? /  glued-in teeth / /energy makes you happy /  machine is the master /  manna from hell /  sleeping android still goes ‘beep’ / horse water / the sighing man / Elvis 2 (thanks, November child) / resigned eyes / stinking like a three year-old repast / stinking remains of last year’s supper /we spent Xmas day with fascists, sons of men called Nigel and daughters of scoundrels / freedom for Missy Elliot / Andy Carroll’s daughter / let me stare into the eyes of the cubist /   /   a long line of hungry drum students waiting for tacos and fried fish / cucumber is the enemy / God has a pussy / forgot to smile when being presented with ‘world’s Best Bachelor’ award /rubber tonsils should not prove a hindrance in your active life / I kidded myself that I was slightly more attractive than Elvis in his pomp /  wobbly tits on a baby seal  / look what we found underneath the carpet / day-old bread makes a handy snack for penguins/57 year-old underwear model’s first day on the moon / afraid to grin in communist China/my father was proud to be known as ‘King of the Bad Kids’ /I met my future boyfriend at the ‘Black Surrealism’s Kindred Daughter' exhibition in my former home town of Dutchgrove/ Olive Grove babies// Dutch glove// Dutch housing scheme blues / as it was Christmas day, we decided to let the gorilla come inside / trading secrets with a man who claims to be son of the devil / /caravan of trouble /forensically yours/ the unlucky spasm (packed lunch) /spent several minutes admiring ‘Woman with her throat cut’ at the Museum of Modern Art (New York City) / listening to Bridget Bardot LPs in Scott Walker’s rented flat /I modelled my look on that of the infamous slave from that poster on the wall / slave ship sex club /   / Bish Bosh with no lucky spasm (candy goblin) / Belinda Carlisle’s forgotten children / Children of my arch enemies / I wept for all the broken wooden kids/bipolar in Kippax / death to all people who can’t pronounce their ‘Xs’ properly /I quit drinking milk when they stated putting black and white photos of lost kids on the bottles (not the sort of morbid shit you want to see at breakfast time, is it) / a carpet is not a question…Adam / / filling myself up with sticky sweets and gum on Bluebottle Wednesday / ash from her fat cigar  drops on his best skirt / she resembled the famous MGM Lion / daughters at the gates of the home of Marvin from the cowboy village /surrealist’s eyebrow / the sugar that was besprinkled onto the corpse of Charlotte Church (the infamous Welsh fantasist)/’sir, I would like to ask for your permission for me to marry your daughter’ ‘have you ever thought of becoming a priest, son’  / under a hat, the son of God /  cardboard dreams/ the Dutch echo / The astronaut was naked from the waist down/U are deleted from my wank bank (Henry Bentley comes to see the new babies) / scorched earth daydreams /  / a crush on the teenaged Jesus Christ / I have to constantly remind myself that the USSR never really existed / octogenarian’s swamp song / hairy naval on a baby / 1. Butcher’s crutch 2. Teen Jesus / the teenaged Christ/perfumed heterosexual men on The Tube /lost kids on the bottle/harmless brain  /brain clouds / the blistered feet of our man Jesus Christ /  /powdered supper  for Christ / camel flag / sprinkle sugar on my sweaty vagina/little known facts number 1 :- In his original incarnation , the character ‘Alan Partridge’ was a clockwork monkey /nervous witch / what year did your nose grow so big? / Jack Duckworth left his glasses on the sideboard in a Dutch brothel / Jack Duckworth does not understand the value of poultry / black market bones / poultry ghosts/ Chinese autobiography/ Chinese lobotomy / / dogs that speak backwards(to their owners and other people too) 

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