Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Bomb Factory Blues / Spare Bedroom Tax (Tits)

'Spare Bedroom Tax (Tits)'


'Street Horse Pro'

Your Nice Life'

'Trapped in Here'

Legendary bum / why is the sun green? / war on bunions / why is the sea not green? / Puff Ball Island/ kids in ski masks / men with too many teeth /  ancient fudge / octopus breath / adult’s fingernails / sun-bleached children / child of the moon / Chicken Stu / the day your eyes grew large / honky tonk trunk (derby day came and went) / Sheilas in the slipstream/baby seal tears / moving in with Keith and Richards / Gene solo and the Octopus Kitten / shed of compromise / coco dungeon  / grinning like a vampire / discussing the futility of existence with a man wearing green slippers and a young girl with an arse for a face / Aries ping (Pingu) / Johnny Obsolescent / scene in the skip yard / the junk yard scene / walk like an octopus / if it’s broken, don’t fix it / scar issue 1 on e bay / Selfish carpet / crushed curtains / worthless bird / crushed beneath your curtains / shaking like a horse radish / patterns on the horse’s hoofs / sipping Jameson’s in a hotel broom cupboard / the George Cravendale Johnny Ramone reunion / octopus on wheels / Honey came home (without her shopping bags) / Rita and the Wolf Steward / bags of pilchards (the truth) / Chinese rib music / hot water and brown corduroy trousers / astronaut’s face / ten fallen weirdoes/knowledge of ‘the dogs’ / partaking in some person’s awful mess/ten years in an open necked shirt / boiled food and glasses of rusty water / hand-relief for Gibbon King / Jesus + Mary (Hyena in new shiny shoes) .. long forgotten cut-up technique (Labrador’s face) / witless in Norfolk /’the crab’  just a position/awful like crabs / wizard’s pictures / standing inside my daughter-in-law’s echo chamber / the Dutch echo chamber/ having high tea with a representative of the Queer Apple Cheek God / Pimlico put-down (where in the world is Pimlico?) / Arthurian legend eating boiled sweets with some Indian tourists / minister for abstract fun / inside the mind of a new-born sperm whale (what am i? why am I here?) / the Dalian Alien Child (of Wren) / standing inside my Egyptian daughter’s ‘hobby’ room / the killed teeth of murdered corpse / Simmering Jackson / contract with a devil / antique teeth / the new boy in hell /horse void / last boy to leave Hell, switch the lights off
                                                                    'This Day 1982'

'My Nice Acid Trip'

We admired the time traveller's pert tits /peat bog teeth / barren sounds / into the devil's vault- you have no idea about the gizzards we eat (goodbye spaceman)/modern spaceman / Myra Hindley's shiny new shoes (bone factory) /wooden space opera /Exuent Smallist Pepper Baby and Young Brave Able Marxist Brain Surgeon / AMB Flaming Lips sample lyric 'made love to a scarecrow jus' the other day' / catching 40 winks in the bomb factory / 41 winks /If only to go warm were gorgeous / gorgeous Chinese eyes / Chinese eyelids / Sinic putdown / pack Market blues / duller than an Indian firing range /Long lost finger / 1 more lost finger / tight fitting hair shirt / God was your sunshine.. Until someone mentioned the dog at the piano / Ayoade Spencer / Rich walrus (meat) / Jandek and the Flower Men /The Australians are made happy by being given yet another Sisyphean task / Edward the Cucumber / gentleman's brochure - whores.. Old and young, black and Spanish, tall and fat, wide and skinny/Death before beauty / the redundant Stone Age / kangaroo flower / Gallon Drunk German fanbase / Bic Slap W stroke Karen Hamburg.. A real artist/Stone Age Marxist / Marked-up whore house prices/
'Bomb Factory Blues'

'My First Trip'

'Amps of Peace'

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