Wednesday, 30 April 2014

-YM - Iggy Pop

'Meet me on Mars'

                                                       'Poster Children of the Dumb Century'

'Gods of the Underground'

'-YM -Iggy Pop'


'Bad Seed'

'Paris Norfolk (Feat. Cult Fucker 'Juggling Jim')'


'Tomato Ketchup (Thanks to the Nil Press)'

' It is often said that before you die your life passes before your eyes (I wonder, does this include all of the toilet breaks and waiting for pasta sauces to come to the boil?) / Nascent pastries / biblical detour / man is just God improvising / duty free eye
 yes sir, I am an experiment / you people think they are better than God/ the beauty of madness / thrilled by the ship wreck / yes sir, I experimented on your woman / the second coming of mankind was met with a mixture of glee and apathy
I feel sorry for the youth / don’t be so quick to  blame the youth of  today, father /  I feel sorry for people who look out of the window all day / filthy-minded orchestra  /  Weirdo Billy and the Sugar Babies / watered-down youth
 the day my son saw his first ship-wreck  /angelic putty / she shoved things into her nostrils all morning /gritty yet pretty 
all the pretty little girl-tramps / it’s just another one of God’s subterfuges / frantic lip job / all the foreign nostrils / hidden away like a shit bicycle that you don’t want your friends to see / I think if finally found my true love (in the bottom of the canal)  memory of second LP recording w (no Slash) Atonal Joe (slash) / my new moustache / bleeding Jesus
New yeti (dead bird of LA)  / clone geezer easy (every two minutes I combed my hair) / curled organs
 calmer than a flag on a calm day / Sunshine rainbow club (FKA the relentless darkness of the coffin) / Uncle Bungle /new antique jelly – mouse organ  / chav with a mouth organ (outside bus depot)  /memorable magnets / visions of dirt / break-time beauties +  the man who assumed he was beautiful  /rash on your organ  /clinical pig / obese and yet skinny
 after being superannuated, my grandpa decided to take up promiscuous sex as a way to fill his spare time / Roman ditty (aphids)   I feel sorry for people who don’t like jazz / alphabet teeth / was it you whom created this bizarre-looking creature?
 Long-forgotten loop (eating a breakfast in 1998) / the day they committed Jesus Christ to the lunatic asylum /android gang of  Chinese shampoo / the day they stopped crying into their milk / crying milk tears / day job foot solider  /five maps attached together helped us locate the slag / 1884  -we burned a slag and drank all the beer that was left behind by the warriors
 it left both groups of listeners scratching their Jocko Homo little monkey heads. / the lad with the silver button
new cobwebs (cowboys wrestling other cowboys) / gang of cowboys (pressing flowers) / (silver egg gravy close bracket
 music for babies / I can’t believe you even considered giving mouth-to-mouth to the fascists / pump detour for yanks
 Felicitous death (bong bong romantic gestures from the bottom of sea) / angelic ship wreck/ Arab tracked down Angelica Huston / soggy features of  Mache Man / Bobby Joseph’s perfumed finger / this is what links me to the railroad man /
Ghost town by the sea / sweet Niagara blues  /sweet Niagara loop music (or biscuit)
my pleasure delirium wrapped around me like an Englishman's cable-knit sweater / life of a panaphobe / chutney bladder
 backwards chanting let them know they were nearly home / ok..stone free to ride the kinky breeze / talking to white kids
the good exam results spoiled the bad weather / mixing dreams with fish / DJ Food Stain / arsing about in the space shuttle
 he perceived it as an infraction on his rights as a citizen of ‘Judge Land’ take that straw from your mouth, you’re my lover now
 I’m keeping my mouth shut for the benefit of the illustrious future of Devil Town / hey lord, it’s Frank from the Sausage Opera
according to my uncle, Jack Coltrane was the antecedent of ‘Jacob Kale’  / Jack Kale – the second year
 Barry is back on the moon / disturbed by girls who look exactly like their fathers / echo of a long-dead wolf
 Indian Winter Vol 2 – I remembered the words to ‘Jackie’s coat’ by writing them down on my brother’s moustache
creamed dream (I parked my car backwards) / I closed my mouth for a while / death reunion keep you head down low boy, until you get back home.. you gotta shave your monkey, and take out the women. /Christ is a keyboard / animal racket
 Believe in the pimp / freedom for all children over the age of 30 / mighty Christ  /drugs on the rug / a modern impression of Christ / stubborn side show / the day Bobby came home (to find a wolf in his bed) / I didn’t think you would lie to me (sweet bliss) / paste a boy to the antique cupboard / tempted children to come down from trees with the promise of a big bag of candy / creamy walnuts / come ‘ere lover and get a load o’ this fat tackle (that is how vulgar people speak, father) / touch me, I’m man /
I keep repeating, it takes a beating /
it takes guts to wear those boots in the afternoon /
You call it a question, I call it a line of abstract poetry written in bed in the morning by a Hungarian witch doctor /
Tom is marginally more handsome than Hans Seeger / ready for Jumble Weed  /doctor’s box  / damaged octopus / obsessed with the small details (ready for the black list) / I am ready to be black-listed  / Springsteen’s racing car pun – smell the sweet and sour muddy turf / oblong death (beautiful cobweb) / the whole milieu of the Corduroy 4 betting slip blues
if you have repeated something for over 16 yrs, can you be classed as  a dilettante? / crumpled like a whore’s skirt
 Christmas with the paedophile / half an eye on Secret dryad / I wrote my name down on the back of the prince’s bald skin
 Mesmerised by the diamond-encrusted skull / death confirmation letter / moon crumpet / admiring a dog’s figure
 that was the moment he decided to reveal his Christmas face / every year he sheds another limb / stoppage time dogs
out on another man’s limb / the sinister homecoming / these ducks that float off / have you met ten stone baby?
 Cathedral or gun? / Hammond organ sandwich (ham and organ sandwich)  /church or gun?/it’s hard to perform a  puppet show when all your puppets are made from cold meat / eating salad on a Sunday morning /  sitting around waiting for the lesbian to commence with her poetry recital / I live underground with the feathered bitch / nocturnal Activities of the walking dead / pitch black  holes / eyebrow, meet eyebrow / never trust a man whose eyebrows meet / Greatest War death log – 44 dinner ladies were killed during this heinous war / bulbous head of frightened fairy / I like to comb my hair before bedtime, to make myself look handsome for my partner / fishing in the middle of a war zone / we hung our clothes out of the window to show that we were also humans / I tortured myself by resisting the urge to play with my new toys / telling the boy he has a square neck /
 this is the shittest puppet show I have ever seen / Barry Black 1 / death of a dinner lady / stop my girl from going off with the blind street fighter / stop..i’ve heard this one before
 one of my grandfather’s many curious idioms was ‘they just float away like cheap dreams’ / the monkeys were sitting nice and calmly whilst ragamuffins climbed all over them, smearing jam into their fur / Mouth would  get a nice set of coloured teeth
the man who lived in a serving hatch / Sex Pistol reunion beer breakfast / we discovered that nobody loves a talking baby
Ma Delgado always knew a good kid when she saw one / perfumed re-entry  / boohoo wars – broken mind
 a dropped lipstick case and a red and white neckerchief revealed that Clo Clo had been in the neighbourhood
someone tell the janitor that Michael Stipe has found the keys to the cemetery / men staring at other men’s wives
caligynephobic at the beauty queen show / voodoo armistice / throbbing neighbourhood / festinating sloth
preparing for the arrival of Satan / coloured animals / we present this druggy atonal music to you as you sit down and listen intently / 98 per cent of my pals live in Beirut / stupid organ chewing um romantic pressure
 Pandrogyny was a bad idea for the butch man and the waif / the man who refused to fry his own bacon
 the cigarette machine has run out of cigarettes, John  / the piano is made of plastic, Deirdre / Sex Pistols burning in Heaven
 Sir Jimmy Saville’s tracksuit collection was bequeathed to my Uncle Jackie / plastic cape wearing 30 year olds  / dead Sex Pistol  the rather freezing hands of Daddy Ice / a 30 year attachment to the Big Grinning Face / coloured bicycle / skinny Enid H/ you’re one weird worm (Heidi Kulim)/ married to Chesil / meet my tangerine-skinned enemy / what the hell am I doing alone on Mars? / if you need cash, go and sell your children’s knee caps / devil’s breakfast / Obama is my father the (sugar lulu – 1936-86) / I never expected the Ying yang Circle to literally bring home the bacon / vegetarian bleating / told me things that I never knew about St Margaret / Maverick Davros / suicide balloons (no, suicidal balloons) / elaborate backdraft / the sight of Jimmy wearing short trousers / daddy refrigerator
 I live alone with several hundred children / black James Bond / dinner with the homophobe / your boyfriend the homophobe
around half our visit to the retirement home was interrupted by the sight of several hundred babies attached to balloons, floating past the window of the main sitting room / junkie’s egg / nice view of heaven from up here / goat on a skate board (Skate Goat)
 Akkad Hakka swears he witnessed the priest riding in the back of the jazz cab/ the prisoners were tamed by Coltrane
 idiocy racket -  dead tapes (scorpion descending down the staircase) / John Forgotten Blues
 I explained to my daughter that there are absolutely no kittens on the moon (now she does not want to be an astronaut)
 kids with men’s faces / as I inserted my thumb and forefinger into the horse’s sweating nostrils / do horses have eyes?
 childhood is a new thing / Dalek lament / the orchestra was suspended from the ceiling / weight of a newborn baby
 actually, I am bored of looking at balloons / why do virgins always play their ‘Dead Ambulance Driver’ records when trying to attract a girl to their bed? / a morbid fear of twisted features / I can’t stomach The Cramps / I’m Allah’s boyfriend
 CD contained 5 mins of jazz and 45 mins of a recital of my sophomore poem (title:- how to live with a voodoo queen)
 getting to know slag / the day we forgot to wash the eggs / I can’t remember where we left the horses / prominent beast
 sons of Jazz Beast / I am son of the joke bitch / we placated the frightened children by dolling out popping candy and light ale
footage of spooked children / expiate for your bad deeds by helping old ladies over fences / perfumed teeth
we whipped the prisoner into a frenzy and then went off to buy some cockles / I am son of Langston
 nobody believes I’m a sailor  / nobody believes in Satan these days / everyone believes in Finger Jimmy today
 you shouldn’t have said that to the circus freak, dad / prisoner of luck / pip squeak on the moon /childhood bingo / John the Baptist on the moon /
 Russian transvestite (buying cigarettes from a non-existent corner shop) / tickled under the ball bag
 floating through space with the moon children / bagging-up gravy / cupid tsar system/dead ambulance club/ Bleeding Tom Mills (AKA The Laughing Gob) quit staying up all night playing video games and got a part-time job as a roadie for ‘Crispy Ambulance’ (chubby kittens) / fat animals is all I know / Jacamo snuff / Tim Meat’s sophomore LP is to be titled ‘Curried Jesus’..perhaps / mindless apprentice/covered in Russel Dust in strange USSR village / thousands of men wearing glasses are staring at my nephews/Jack Spasm and the kids from ’83 / big-eyed baby is king now/
 did you know?...when landing on the moon for the first time, Buzz Aldrin discovered several abandoned chess pieces and a partially-eaten club sandwich / chalkboard blues / mattresses on the moon
 the prisoner had left several clues to his whereabouts (these clues included several ‘Moby Grape’ cassettes and some partially-chewed chewing gum) / was it wrong to make the gorilla the love interest? / loose gravy / Rigsby was not a smooth man
 ok, you can have this bag of grass, but first you must tell me where Neville Heeley is /echo glue / As we take pleasure in his hospitality we are disturbed to notice, behind him, through the soiled window of a dark room, a child, whose expression is one of pain and sadness. / …when God was no good / purple fingers of BPD/flip-flops were an inappropriate choice of footwear for the funeral / snot-nosed school master/drinking pig soup on last shuttle home / drunk on cockatiel juices/1. Todd Rag slipped into his zoo shoes before the 3pm breakfast / ideal breed- blisters on my balls / Korean alphabet / loosen your madness/
 the janitor bequeathed his ‘The Prisoner’ DVDs to his favourite little orphan boy / pierced ears of the poker champion
Little Known Fact Number 01 – Buzz Aldrin left the following items on the moon..1. a chess board 2. a black and white photograph of Ringo Starr 3. a stuffed owl / boiler room sex show (internet solve your problem)
only  wankers want to live on Mars / painting crude pictures of submerged men / rubber hands trio  / gentlemen on the moon
 The Greasy Hand Trio / the blasé executioner
Position yourself so that you can see the melting wax dummies / spaceman on Earth (having a cigarette and a glass of whisky)
 after 36 minutes the farceur’s lampoonery began to grate / the Honey Monster was an ungrateful SOB (son of a bitch)
spiflicate the house of evil / sick of the champions / ‘the king of eye works for me’ / we left the farceur alone to rethink his ‘act’
 getting to know the rocket baby / we spent most of the weekend decorating the bombs / son, your brain is dirty
 a giraffe is too small / taking control of the finger buffet arrangements / purple-faced lunatic / fidgeting Brum
 how does a Martian know how to make beef gravy? / Venusian seduced you / I acted in loco parentis for the baby humanoid
 post-modern astronaut / the day I killed Lupus Hive (Lea) / sex with people that could be animals / walking with androids
 fat canal / Chucky was an excellent choice of name for your third son / envious of the killer / man who lived for breakfast
 Mom Ran Barefoot Out Of House and Hasn't Been Seen Since1963 / chewed off at 6am  / the forgotten history of Muckheap Jah
 we neglected to notify the devil of our presence / smoking bubbles with our minds (apache kin) / DUR (stop) – Golden Boys  The London Boys are not coming back, Joseph / Sub Heading:- Factory Pigeons / building bridges to the moon
 my father-in-law had an obsession with long hair (specifically, long hair on men) / corpse with a  sphygmus
men and boys on the moon…together (forever?) / pernoctation jacket (thick) / men playing chess on the ocean bed
Re. Time Bomb Pie / – The Golden Boys. / my mind is stuck on pigflower / new band of the day no. 01:- ‘Cat Pulse Trio’
 standing in the shadow of the sweating cowboy / these guns were made for polishing / kiss the Bubble Ape (1986)
 I insisted on rubbing the fat boy’s stomach for luck / a day with the races / blind ape / ripe attack (cream nose)
Some people still maintain that  great porn began and end with Missy Holloway / flicking through my grandfather’s porn magazine collection at 3.32pm / circling the zombies / aquarium drunkard / I lost count of my nipples/ I have lost count of the amount of nipples I saw on the free love bus today / stood up stiffly, walked through a door that wasn’t previously there / is atheism still illegal? / premier hardcore position of the week / I coated myself in sugar and waited for the priest (alternative title:- I edulcorated myself and waited for the priest) / detachable penis / Kid Crayon and Gandhi invite you to stay forever
 We discovered the teenager poking at a severed hand with a long stick (surrounded by a policeman, a butcher and several hundred passing Japanese tourists) / film skull / standing in the shadow of a bubble / moony she fool / zombie toddlers
 I left my hat on the door so my girlfriend wouldn’t see it / working with the gagged otter (I’m not the sugar baby)
 I held a balloon in my hand to make myself more conspicuous / why didn’t you commit suicide on your birthday?
 despite being only 22, I knew it was a donkey and not a dog that lived in my father’s piano / groomed for Jandek concert
 I suppose ‘shuttle cock’ must be a term of endearment / endearing yourself to old ladies by singing Prodigy songs out loud
 my life impersonating G Murray Abraham / Alaskan finger nails (are black) /Ariel view of the graveyard
Wooden implants: we slash you decide / creamy cowboy / the killer dandy / death of field looping / suicidal moon
 he looked good in his corduroy bathing shorts / spastic simpatico / life of the Hanging Chad (senior nude) / nudist battery
Professor in my bunk bed / top-bunk lover / battery-powered lover / Jungle Book:- Everybody Dies / poisoned by a mermaid  chuckling at death! / my life with the sea witch / beautiful dune / I screamed at the baby / ice-cold in Monkey Cells
turns out I was right along; Disney is evil / bland faces of 1930s scholars / lunch with Ghandi / blind weary uncle
 I have my reservations about the verity of the so called ‘British Invasion’ / abducted by a really thick-skinned yeti
Number F:- Fried Franklin and the Dummy Goats / what are goats? / yes I fell in love with the wax tiger
an aerial view of the thumb-sucker’s boudoir / Christian haemorrhage /they were quite perturbed by the giggling witch/ / Tutti Frutti – that’s his name now/children of N’Zogbia / feeling threatened at about 3.46am on Christmas Day /
 I killed the demo dunces / drunken money / no, of course I did not have lunch with J-Rod / smacked out and blissful
hairy Becky (knitting patterns for dummy)  / my fingers are way too big for my hand / Gay Beckham / Gooey Neophyte
 I usually fill myself up with pancake rolls before taking to the field for a ball game (game of balls) / flashy bastard on the moon  this ancient gorilla / kiss the spaceman / look at the tight-faced cats / tight-fisted astronaut / mordant handover / wedge of shit
 Telly Savalas definitely does not look like Jesus Christ/ the modern alphabet was missing a key letter  / your wall is on fire  /he is allowed to have bad breath on his birthday  / Christmas breasts/ I am me (a younger man sitting on an ugly sofa reading a racing paper. ) / oh stop, I will not allow myself to be bribed by your grandmother / Freud Eggs, Mick Kennedy, Mairead Mullins, Pete the Roz / Kennedy’s teeth/the media Christ / Christ in the background/ Why don't you buy a dog? You're a dog cook. / Shifty nostrils / baby in the sky / the voodoo engine/eugenic death cry / perfumed sailor / went to bed with the slightly over-weight bachelor / batch of elders / distinctive offal / went to bed with gonad breath /we lifted the blanket to uncover the bachelor with black ink all over his face / Siamese twitching (you? know?) /  Anthony is  happy to wallow in ordure /  linguistic ink /  skanky traffic inside capital / Sock puppet  underneath your face - me vs nothing  coconut android/  naked skank in cheap-looking town centre /   ornery fish  /scuttling away from hitman / killer’s bad breath / foreign people walking around with sheep attached to their arms (‘The Killer’s are my 891st favourite English group of the 20th cent.) / pony on the side of the road (coated in feathers) – rangy  hitman/  inside traffic puddle breath impressions of the traveller languid effort performing Eskimo throttled troll lapsing egg deformed emperor advised to dance reign of skank surrender your gums! Actions of the god you love / silent arrival / gobbling gook / sometimes I feel like my head might fall off any time soon / memories of North Korea/ cancerous tooth/ I wore a baseball cap made of ice (ice cap) / mu sugar-coated fist/I soon regretted insulting the Kim dynasty  /powdered muffins / chimp in the back bedroom / we grow moustaches in the morning/ I placed my hand on top of the Croesus head / I gave you a dubbed copy of ‘The Best of Uncle Tupelo’ and you returned the favour by agreeing to date my mom (mother to you, UK citizen) / Japanese Hancock / the same as you, but  with whiter teeth/hernia operation blues / I snaked my way down the dusty streets/took vacation in  Hermit Kingdom /memorable sock puppets of early 15th cent. / we landed on a planet where all the men looked like cats and all the women looked like Lionel Blair / Scouse old women whom look like Lionel Blair / ‘how is Ali G a real person? / do you think it would be ok for me to destroy your livelihood?/walrus from Stockport/ UFO piloted by a ghost /
got caught up in the Holy Ghost trance (with Biggy, Killer P and Doug Laker) / onion farming (all thru the night) / she smeared honey and molasses into her eyes to enable her to enjoy ‘the vision’ (death moth head) / queens artist toll/ghost on the mountain (AAK mountain top ghost) / why do wizards always stand on top of mountains?/hang on a second, I must have Stacey’s number round here somewhere.. no..i think I must have burned it / basic sexual positions/ scored with the jelly fish / naked girls in the winter/
 the Wu Tang bring the apple sauce, yap yap yap-I’m bad o’ course (I dunno what dis means) / Scratch Acid (not weather birth)
er..lemme get two chicken delights and a side order of chilli beans, wit’ extra chilli / the three wise men never actually met
Chapter ten:- The scientist’s life expectancy. / I have never met a milk worm / reformed chicken orchestra / corpse in the shade
 birds that look like clouds / chat with scratch / I have started resembling Jude Heywood / corpse on the forecourt
 coming in the morning (southern blisters) / four cats on the forecourt (making a lot of noise) / why is Scooby-Doo such a shit?
 he sounds like a puppet when he makes love / my neighbouring horse / sometimes I wish I was still a horse / childish beard
I have BMO (Creole meat sandwich) / domino gland / Danish men have wide grins / I always suspected I was born backwards
I got a really bad headache the morning before I was supposed to wrestle (that is my excuse anyway) / scaled-down funeral
I fear you, but I like your hairstyle / wolf whistling at the glamorous coal miners / George is the new minder now
Pointy-headed kids have invaded my council flat (attempting to sell pin badges) / cats with faces / cucumber under nose (towel) / brutal future / Mr Towel / 
 she loves you, corpsey (Bugle Boy is king now, or so they say) / broken-down ski dog / does Bugle still love you?/ nose life women’s lip / we undermined the Beatles / backed-up baby gene (Eric) / shadow rag / blanked out baby / breakfast beard
 I stood waiting for the porn star and decided to shave my beard off next day / I made the drastic decision to grow a new beard
 I charged 10p to let you kiss my girlfriend / Bugle get’s doom perm (leather strip) / day out with The Doomed (little d)
 “Don't try it," he said. The mutant was reading my mind. / scaled-down funfair (for recession-era London) / autopsy blues
out to lunch with the pretty boy / mutant tea boy / Jackson’s new errors bombing(zero tolerance for silence) / my silent dream  the application of lipstick was merely a nervous response / death by hand clap / Christian tape deck (mode boohoo)
 I model myself on the ill-behaved devils / my new Juno / addicted to rain water / caned tempo (team skinny)
 away with the fairies (pink terminology) / attached to a pink kid’s imagination / the curious joy of leng tch'e
we left that last passage in for the benefit of eBay Nash / toddler on the moon / losers of Christmas City listening to Concrete tunes / Japanese patterns / modern halitosis / why was and or is Zappa obsessed with the idea of people living in a piano??
the Jade Fish new LP is not not titled ‘Empire of Cheddar’ / fashion + whisky for my dog / retarded visitor / women’s directions  the life I lived in turtle / motorised bollocks / freedom tastes like cigarettes/ cottage breath / nude reunion
 borne the banquet to Jesus / so now I am the father?
 I never did learn the Christian alphabet / perfumed drummer / my life in the sea of witches / aqua corpse
walking around the streets with borrowed eyebrows / visiting strangers in hospital with Toerag Johnson
 gift of a dead horse was inappropriate / stomping around the engine room with a flower between my teeth / cuffed in morning
 Owl can be such a nerd at times / deluge pimple / Jesus was drunk at 9am / walking with Bike Boy / last cat in town
no, it wasn’t the sunglasses that made James Dean look cool / my son has started to look like Billy the Bulldog
 watered-down piss / I feel like a pie (swoosh term 10 hit) / bulldog is the pimp / butcher shop browsing / city sire (sob smog)
 stick your neck out and feel the sweet, yet acidic, breeze / I am not sure she was really queen of dreams /ghosts in the 90s
 the demon applied his lipstick in a manner which suggested drunkenness / imbibe rotten milk product
I can give you no guarantee that I would be some kind of cultural upgrade for you / bearded trousers / quaint eggs
lesson learned from Devils / pumpkin carpet / leftover bean babies / attic full of smut / deep-fried slipper-wearing freak
 my girlfriend has gone out of print / Trevor has some lovely new corduroys / created baby / edacious baby / he feels kind of slippery even when he is dry / bachelor’s lament / I am very proud of my dried meats collection / a prick on the horizon
 peeking inside a doctor’s imagination / the vegan king / trolls of Jupiter / Juniper trolls / play some more dub, Charles
 he only tends to act like an animal in the morning / like 80s man, but is 20s girl / milky handshake / Queen Huck (Huck)
 noise animals make when you stick tiny blades into their flesh / put on my wool suit and go and watch the ice hockey game
‘the golden milkshake’ was a shit title for José Name’s new LP / the zoo contained only excaudate animals / here is cabbage face
sometimes I regret the fact that I never kissed you when I had a moustache / filthy yeti  (egg curse) / passionate Dracula
 ghost in the coffee shop / men can offer you more than I can / filthy ghost / only a German man can release you from this spell
 I am taller than my baby / you guys must pay 10p to kiss my leather pants / I often dream of snails / easy to hope in white city
why do some people believe that mountains can talk? / I  carry a bag of shrimps with me wherever I go / get chubby in the city
Shepherds Bush baby (shepherd hid the baby in a bush) / George Bush Senior and the Jewels of NYC / the return of caged fist
 my wife looks much better when I turn the lights out / carefree little dog walking around the  butcher shop / eyeballs of hope
the enemy is in the garden / thrift store homophobe / I turned up at the Royal Trux reunion gig with only two pairs of shoes on memories of Oswald  how to tame your bitch / I always loved your wife more than mine / we commandeered the android
 future of robots / disaster is fun / there are no dogs in the swimming pool / fooled by zombie farts / helicopter breath
 I needed to stop and taker a breath (and chuck some cartoons out of the bedroom window) / pink museum / river of crap
 society is fleshless, these days (summer) / men that speak in a susurrant voice install more fear in the kids / Charlie always faints on Monday / does the biscuit have a pulse?? / we sucked a nipple for breakfast / the blind James Bond / the girl with a face where her head should be / cats will be dogs and other bent tales  /training horses to trot backwards / teaching horses to talk backwards  I live for grease / I am greasy number 2backwards poetry club / -smiles at the school master midway through lesson / hot greasy baby about town / adventures of a toilet t***** / we really shouldn’t have been in such a hurry to unmask the devil / yes, George it is 1998 (here comes vinegar fingers) / smiles like a spastic / I regret selling ’20 jazz funk greats’ to my drug-addled flat mate  sick sugar / pangs of rebirth / I would like to apologise for my lack of fish bones / courageous still born / Big Daddy Still Born
 the ancient rituals of Del Shannon and Rodney / ..and here’s me performing felatio on a vegan dwarf / I didn’t want to ruin my diet at the drive-thru burger restaurant / covered in sugar at the sepulchral house / I got performed on by my dad’s flat mate
A little boy gives a weird speech about opening yourself up to the world at the end. / Scientist in the water
 trying to convince people that Elephant Man does not actually have an asymmetrical face  / gumbo for the janitor
Grandma man crying about mushrooms / his mom  is forcing you to eat boy’s food / ..and this is me kicking against the (deleted)
my best friend’s mum forced me to eat poisoned berries /  Emu Rampling / the man with the dog teeth is snarling and sweating  20-odd million horny old men simply adore ‘The Butthole Surfers’ / crimes of death / I dusted off my family and headed for the seaside / Abortions of Technician Locusts is a hilarious and fun album to be treasured by heroin addicts of all ages.
the sound of crunching bones always reminds me of my days in the slaughter house / duck stab + Buster and Glen / I’m probably not qualified to dissect your severed penis / the moon is a pretty cool place to get high / a systematic deconstruction of every value you once held dear (author:- Pee Wee Harrison)  /Pee Wee Harrison and the Nose Jobs (new LP:- ‘Give me some rubber’)
the child took off his mask so that the school master could enjoy his beaming smile  /why are all children blonde? / abortions smell nice / maybe I will be a black-hearted gypsy by next weekend (carnival craze) / edacious baby / the king of Ex-France
 dancing with Lord Jerold (defy the amicus) / tasteful nosejob / man with circular jaw / joy of clown fur / sexy villagers
 are clowns really  half the size of real men? / hot nostrils / my marooned baby / game old people thinking about the stars etc.
 why are gorillas always grumpy? / Trafalgar Square Cassette Club (the soloist wooed) / why don’t you quit dancing?
 Rasta in the butcher shop / we spent most of Thursday afternoon browsing around the butcher shops / twisted face of Jade Yates
 jotting down biblical quotes on the back of a take-out menu  / yes, I believe I might just have to kill you / shop floor dogs
 I have always preferred climbing up buildings to climbing down buildings / Dusty the Dog Goblin / gobblin’ supermodels
 I closed one eye and with the other eye I looked at the Queen / I’ve always had a penchant for Mexican werewolves
 the day I left my raspberry beret on the back seat of my girlfriend’s Vauxhall Nova / Slim Williams and the kinky void
we threw the corpse in the silo and continued with our day-to-day lives (which inc. making an egg pie for the orphans and a myriad of other charitable things) / yeah yeah (deleted battles -  I love sex)  / getting tired in the 50s of these rambling roads
 the Queen was clearly on dope when she delivered her inaugural speech  /lesbian foot soldier / absorbed into team slush eye timeless curse / he elucidated his opinions clearly on the bus home / I take my time when picking my next wife / classless sock   permitted to punch the surrealist in the depths of the ocean /  the piss piss leas /

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