Sunday, 20 April 2014

Forgotten Kiss O.F.

'Forgotten Kiss O.F.'


'2 Twins Wearing Night Vision Goggles'


'I Voyeur (Tears Before Lipgloss)'

New York and Gilbert City / I am the treasured son of NYC / from my mum's flat to NYC / gorgeous Steven in NYC

Found inspiration from a dog-eared spare parts catalogue / Sparkling Barton/ octopus glue/octopuss cement /triumphant cement / voodoo unit /  Face in the cupboard / hammer horror head / my teeth feel nice / gay sex makes me happy/don’t worship the parsnip/ Third finger war/ shopping channel jihad / Suzanne’s Armpits/ ‘Kiss the Wolf’ by Three-piece Sex Show/ Jo Jo Adams and her Dancing Children/  ‘oh no I do not live in a canal.. I live in a posh apartment which has fur curtains and modern appliances etc. (I told a lie)’ /black-listed cuddy / we wrote a list of all the post-punk singers who sang in an affected simpering voice (1. that bloke what sang ‘Gordon is a Moron’ and ended up playing keyboards on boats) / Now with him it all seems to be about knocking hats off policemen and stuff like that. Which is not a sensible thing to do./ my boyfriend’s lungs are hanging from my sister’s xmas tree/hung out to dry like a lung / Those pesky air goblins / the air in heaven is salty / your father looked very much like my boyfriend/we were not too surprised to find that the moon was populated with giant inter-bred babies /I arrived in LA and was confronted by a tall man carrying a big back of peacock carcasses / the Jewish man offered to buy me a nice slice of cake as a way of saying ‘thanks’/my boyfriend is basically  just a massive sheep with a hole in it / a liar’s teeth / the moon is pretty chubby /post-punk database / Mary Shitty inside a beautifully decorated bungalow / gorgeous ballbag / the man who couldn’t stand being alone with other people / you will probably get fat if you eat exclusively at motorway service stations / my mother’s eyebrows fell off and dropped  into her hot soup/standing in the rain with a half-devoured chicken carcass in my hands / I feel much better after having my toe nails removed /crippled moustache (we left the Vollard Suite with our bones and flesh intact) / the purple miracle (1995-98)/on reflection, it was a bad idea to take our picnic next to the stagnant river/ we ate our snacks by the decaying corpse of Byron Shelley / I smile at passing vampires- I live in the sea- I live in an old shoe box in my mother’s attic / I am the Deerhound Man and I am a well-behaved boy / your new man is festering (underneath an old mouldy blanket) / the abandoned theatre had been inhabited by a collection of Spanish dogs/ Effel’s tower (of old Chinese novels and back-issues of ‘National Geographic’) / the man from Leeds spent most of Sunday afternoon reading old ‘National Geographic’ magazines / Jamaican people on the moon /    I sit in a skiff on a really dirty river, dreaming of good times/ dreaming of the ultimate flood / grow bag baby / objectionable teeth / the teeth of my darling dead bride/ Inuit supping on 'the Purple Tin' in a  forgettable episode of Emmerdale /the abrupt sexshow/there aren’t enough hotels on the moon /bright new baby on the moon /mid-week orgy / the moon is wrapped in paper and is not made of cheese /  Chinese poofter / I shaved my chin and placed a Chinese library book on my prisoner’s stomach (see you in 100 years, John) / who is gonna operate the sex machine now that Mango Jones is dead? /pocket duck / rat canteen / Duffy the Rabbi / we followed Rat Boy as all good children should/Chinese library books + Chinese knee caps/my first opium dream / these days the back of my hand looks like a potato waffle / riddled with happiness / I got locked inside a Chinese library for seventeen days (during the Bung Flower Festival) / house music= house manure / my dad’s new boyfriend kindly helped me to  shovel manure into the retired Argentinian colonel’s back yard/

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