Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Never Been to Japan (Miley Cyrus Candy Dream)

                                                                         You Pep!

'Never Been to Japan (Miley Cyrus Candy Dream)'

'Pink Dream'

Chemical Rash/ Bulgarian dandruff/ I made love to the dirty refuse collector, then gave him three quid to get a roll and a copy of Zoo magazine/ twitching
I don't see the use in shaving one's eyebrows/ bachelor's napsack / here is a list of the five most recent cassettes I have stolen from 'Mr Chad's Cassette Emporium' in the Arndale Centre.. 'pink gristle' by The Lonely Butcher; 'naked reentry' by The Poisoned Piss; 'golden mash' by Sweet Billy Lister and the Languid Cowboys; 'germany pimps' by Slave Baby Trio

i just spent seven minutes having a conversation with a girl i once bought heroin from in 1991 / pickled mixture / if i stand stock still for long enough someone might put a bauble on the end of my prick (who said it was OK to read the Bible backwards?..not me) / tense re-entry (i wish i wasn't Russian) / Vladimir Putin is probably not homosexual / endomorphic children in Texan back gardens / i forgot to wish for world peace.. i just asked for a big fuck-off telly instead / PP Jesus X Christ...YOU PEP!! /Japanese adult rat

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