Saturday, 21 September 2013

THF Drenching are NOT in your neighbourhood

                                                                     'THF Drenching'

'Adult Learning Boom (127'

the on-going musings of Ed Tonkyn:-
1. it's fresh out today. maybe i will wrap myself up in a lot of raiment.  Maybe i will wear that scarf that the fat lady bought me. on secod thoughts, i will not due that. the scarf is fucking vulgar..yes.  i will wear my Frank Zappa t-shirt; that's what i shall do. The t-shirt will not provide me with ample protection against the chill wind..but what do i care?  i am going to go out in my Frank Zappa t shirt and my sport shorts.  i am not going to wear shoes.  i am goign to paint my toe nails like Young Lindsey does.  he is such a lively fellow that Lindsey. i wonder where he gets those beads from? they look so modern. maybe i will ask him over lunch. no, i can't do that.. Lindsey has gone to America. i almost forgot.  He said he has gone to 'find himself'.  Maybe that is what i should do. yes, i will wear my Frank Zappa t shirt and go to America. i will not wear shoes. i will wear sandals, like Leonard Cohen did when he became a monk. i will shave my head into a tonsure and become a monk. i will throw away my Frank Zappa t shirt and i will don simple robes. How vulgar my Frank Zappa t shirt looks now.  All those garish colours and big nosed Americans. 

one day i will learn to be a man.

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