Monday, 16 September 2013

Channel X - Rave in my Basement

'Channel X (Rave in my Basement)'

'Who is Joe Proboscis?'


'Quirky Apocalpyse'

'Box of Magic and Shit'

Stuart  Calton from Permanent Marxist and THF Drenching is learning to speak Spanish. Stuart has no immediate plans to visit Spain. However, Stuart does have his roving eye on an Iberian bird who works in Stuart's local fish + chip emporium. Stuart feels that a basic grasp of Spanish would impress the young (19) SeƱorita./ fact of the day (Tuesday) ; Peter Gemine had his two front teeth removed at the age if seven. This was due to his wife's insistence that Peter resembled a small rabbit/ sugar piss/ THF Drenching cassettes are being played at my 14 year-old sister's wedding.. Why? I dint fuckjng know,mum/ Bleeding Tom Mills is far too clever to be working for the HMRC (heterosexual mothers reunion club)

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