Tuesday, 16 December 2014

You Would Like to Eat a Horse

'You Would Like to Eat a Horse'

'Future 300'

'PAT Victoria (Underground London Ghosts)'

'Lobotomised Poet'

'Greasy Victorian Underpass'

'Taking Pleasure in Defeat'

'Utilitarian Art Shows'

'Fucking for the sake of India'

'True Ghost Stories from and around the London Undgerground'

'Peel the Cunts Off!!'

'Hell What's Up?'

'Bad Shelf'

'Kong Homsic Homesick TV 4 on --'

'Paint the World'

'Forensically Yourz'

'Jeff Daniels Makes me Feel Homesick'

'Space Age Lunch'

'Four go to Moon'

'Prague Vision'

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