Tuesday, 16 December 2014

A: Blurry Photo of Will Self in Norwich UK

'The Depths of Happy (Tom Mills, King's Lynn WV Dead Bud/Burd (NFOM-Literally)'

'A: Blurry Photo of Will Self in Norwich UK'

'Pot Hole Calling the Kettle Black (Abysmal Birth)'

'My Tan Baby Don'(t) Wear Black Shooz'

'Soporific Weds'

'Start Again Start Again (Dish Water - NX..That Obscure Cowboy). H Nicholls D Bill 200 No Title Cambridge'

'Tiny Horror - The Mouth of the Filthiest Ocean We Ever Set Foot In'

'A Tree in Cambridge UK'

'Apollo 1'

'Daisy Hash'

'Bird Times Two (Tom Mills Kings Lynn Norfolk UK)'

'Re-Hashed Poetry Cat Klub (Cambridge UK)'

'I Used to Ride Horses - The Photo Album Transferred into the Future / Chinese WAG'

'Thunderblush (Metropolis Lounge Peterborough Cambs UK)'

'Cassandra's Walk / Booby Wank / Half Soxxer'

'Men Only (UK 9STicTick)'

'UMO - Unknown Mortal Orchestra'

'Fake Friend' 

'The Human or Monster League'

'Abandoned Office'

Glugging spunk straight from the phallus.. On St Swithen's Day/ ruined by love/ titwank 100/ the straw cowboy/ king kong connect/ the ghost ship worm pie/ fingered dolphin/ laughing at maps.. Helicopter shoes: / mulberry lunch bix triffid biscuit/ wank appeal/ mechanical hand job/ puddle of ghosts/ I am Gordon ramsey's Big girlfriend/ gorehunk village of the feeble White people/ catkin atlas/ everyone loves a good bumming from time to time/ catechism ledger.. I am a merciful god and I forgive u for gormandising the Last Supper.. Yer fat bastard/ dirty skeleton/ pissed Dracula!/ bleeped out teat but left in nipple/ pestiferous zombie ruined my girlfriend's pretentious dinner party/ the frog warned me off his girl but I do not pay any attention to the monitions of frogs so I chatted her up anyway.. But she told me she l

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