Friday, 9 August 2013

Hawkwind - Sleepless Mornings

'Spy Hole Memories'

'C.O. Forgotten Yrs'

'Skegness 1991'

'Hawkwind (Sleepless Mornings)'

'Fuzz Art'

'Hiss Art'

we couldn’t go for a burrito as we were ‘snowed in’ / the weird little lady didn’t mind sucking off the scum  / blind manta the buffet / sick of reason / listening to computer-generated classical music at 3.33pm / coughing in the afternoon / he sang something about looking for a boy in the trees / avoiding hellcat on the way home from the prison/ we discovered the spaceman weeping over a crumpled black and white photograph of his dead enemy / we sit in the vegetable garden and weep (whilst listening to somebody  nearby playing a  Hammond organ) / discussing test cricket with the reformed sped freak / AIDS test cricket / AIDS flower./ I photographed the teenagers (who were sitting around waiting for trains and bum-sucking used cigarettes) / who is the dream magnet?? / I tire of men named ‘Dave’ / Frank Zappa probably is not actually dead / black poster kids/ he licked his lips every time he contemplated Vietnam / sugar in your veins / angry young bearded men/skip to 4 – there are no Christians in China (there are no Christians in Japan) yeah yeah / hot flash / castles coated in scum/Spell in the navy (nortical wizard) / sweet bum flesh / revenge of modern man / children in the navy / bent by despair/ I put eggs in your sandals  / the international stink bomb / 1. concrete inspection / The solution is not as follows (now I am 30)  Kid Kennedy and honey exchange / zero honey (munch) / Kris Kringle gave me something that I shall never forget /I hope Babbo Natale brings me some really good wines this year / vulgar incision / stung by the jazz wasp /you can’t butter all of this bread in one afternoon, mother (While we do not wish in any way to detract from devotion to Our Lady, we would also wish to avoid anything which might lead to superstition) /  what is the point of speaking if you have nothing good to say? / what is the point of stealing from the buffet when you have your own party (with buffet) to go to in half an hour? / buffet food is healthy / what is a foot? / my step-father insists one eating his meals from paper plates / angry young buffalo chicken –cannot fly to NYC /  pimps of Nashville / I suppose it is much easier for Baby Jesus to fit down the chimney / awkward spaceman /Moroccan shadows / when will the dude come home and give us our sausages? / you got to sanguify the newborn infant / as I washed my eyelids I came to the realisation that my father had not shaved for over 3 moths / gorgeous Emu/turtles of India / Robrt DeNiro is walking around Sutton Bridge in a v-neck jumper/ Zorns Lemma (abandon your toothbrush and come with me – white flesh) / corpse walking backwards / we tied ribbons around her bones / shoe flesh /’s all about the backward glances at the back seat of the bus / Pynchon’s rules are continually disregarded / blackest of all webs / mysterious white boy in the city / red-faced old man in field / don’t comes Thomas Pynchon / casket case breath /  casket breath / coffin breath/dormant ghost / zoo breath / we caught the Indian kids dropping cubes of sugar into the corpse’s mouth / Giles and Kitty Wake stubbing out fags in a dead man’s eye / emerging victors from the slime pit /animal up at the top of the stairs / stiffy in the coma / coma bones/ comb your bones / feathered bones / tour bus bones / bleeding through the magazine /  take it and go, horse / I never did look you straight in the eye / concrete maps / I try to fish with my mind / I forgot to relate the story of doom to the six year old child / moot joint / I stood up and recognised the cognate species from afar/bulldozer wings / I seem to have transformed from black to white overnight (Chinese bells) / hopping around the charnel house  ..we were then told the story of ‘Bubble Baby’ for the 18th time this week / China man’s snout is whiskery and dun-coloured/ a list of my seventeen favourite new bands:- Mirrored Pussy, Egyptian Gloves, Smoking Hate Tee, Pissed Wolf, E Clipse Eye, Voodoo Wrangler, The Gloved Hands of Dr Death, Mumbling Emperor, Shifty Eyes of Dr Doom, Juju Hurt Museum / the colour of my fingers is not an indication to where I come from, despite what you say

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