Monday, 12 August 2013

Rum and Poop

'36 / Waltz and GU'

'Are You My Acid Trip?'

'Ha Ha Horra'

'Rum and Poop'

'Switch the TV OFF Mother'

'Cottaging..for want of a better word'

Christopher 'The Candy Thief' Gilbert's Big Time Diary 1963:- day 1..had sex with the jazz enthusiast. went out for a taco (with my big fat sister Frieda). had sex with the coconut salesman.  Day 2..drew a charcoal drawing of an otter being sliced open with a bowie knife. went out for a burrito with my pal Elvis Jones. made a ham and cheese quiche for the oprhan. Day 3.. covered my finger-nails in correction fluid and then shaved off my beard and slipped into the slumber party. / echo of a dying rat / pudding flood / did you really need to get all frisky on me, teacher?/my lover wants no action as i am currently suffering from jungle breath / how to survive in a drum and bass club / how to survive a rave when you have ran out of drugs / topped up my drug money by selling a little arse on the street (Monaco Mong) / come sit on my lap and allow me to regale you with stories of my life amongst the dustbins (her reply was 'no thank you grandpa, i am busy having sex with my new boyfriend'. i felt this was a perfectly acceptable reason for turning my generous offer down..after all; i would much rather be fucking than listening to an old man droning on about his previous life as a filthy mendicant with numerous STDs and what-not) / carefree baby corpse

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