Friday, 10 February 2012

Danny Bing's crispy adventures / I sometimes wish chimps couldn't talk

                                                        Men who are called Bobby Richards

                                                                     Float Like Ape

                                                      Digital Fist:- Memorable Hebrew

10ft of Belial Beauty

                                                                Digital Fist 1 (French Junk)


Working  man's blister / Chewy on the inside
The curious corpse / Bagfull of curly bones (for the missus)
Bent pressure / the awfully itchy beards of Seth and Amos
My spunk, your gravy / Albatross sponge
sponging down an endomorphic American teenager at 3am on Xmas morning / funeral jazz
tiny monkeys falling from the sky like furry tear drops / i am Jack France and i want to be with you tonight
salty sex droplets are trickling onto my TV dinner / my mouth tasted much sweeter after a glass of Kia-Ora
the butcher wore a pig knuckle on a chain for 'good luck' / new favourite murderer
i messed my pants but still made it in time for burgers and chips / finish your supper, it's getting light out
Soiled dreams / grinning at the sun
famous Crankie / adult tackle
varnishing the corpse / watching the tarts from my bedroom window
the silver baby / we ain't got no salt for the roads cos the fat child poured the entire batch on his chips
VDU clinic / getting kinky in the charnel house
spunking in the muppet / Kermit wants some fresh cock


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