Monday, 9 March 2015

Beyonce and Jean Claude Van Damme are Americans

Tom Mills hates computers/ Mormon Slade (white apples in black forests)/persuaded Bonnie Prince Billy to star in my new motion picture (titled ‘I Shot Myself Last Week’) / I cured the hang- over my loping off his head/had a nice lunch with the baby killer / dirty dirty slippers/we like to dance around the decaying graveyard (with ‘Unknown Motel Orchestra* in our head phones) *why wasn’t they called that? / unknown motel  - harmless girlfriend / I levitated for Christ (whilst wearing a tiny red felt hat..the type you might see on a chimpanzee) / I drew a rough sketch of what I wanted my new bird to look like / 2. The Oxford Lips / put your phone back in your pouch and prepare to be slaughtered/drain baby / the day the scarecrows started moving about / the beautiful jaw-line / he left his filthy carpet slippers on the back of my mother’s truck / mother trucker going back to Kansas/peeping inside a bachelor’s mind / my mother-in-law admired the white skin of Tad Lancaster / underwater poetry club . / new members of the Biblical Meat Sega Master System Appreciation Club / dumb-down Arabs/German men change their socks by moonlight /friendly eggs/ on your tits (on..)/the surprisingly quiescent slappers of New Town (man in chestnut-coloured wig) / I am the blue-eyed baby of fried chicken outlet / kids with gloves / too daft to be a hero / we kissed the monkey that gave Hitler AIDS (erm..) / powdered dog / I wish I were a baby – flying through the pink sky /the best of Heartbeat / the dead man don’t make good vegan food /  I asked you to bring me my stuffed owl but instead you brought me a box of used ‘Spartan Dreggs’ cassettes (oh wipe my billy goat chin) / sleeveless men stubbing out cigarettes on clouds (Christened Gilbert) / ..we smoke some good stuff as, nearby, Wolf Howard rattles away at his tin kit / human stew / dead horse shat on the moon/shower of secrets (broken thumb blues) / the moon is partly covered in whale vomit (I love Biblical Meat web site) /  Billy Childish is walking around Basingstoke village in a Marks and Spencer’s pullover / I took off my jumper and laid next to the dying android / prats on the top deck / king of the dirt birds/invisible moustache / treasured tits / sat on the banquet table enjoying the fish heads and sweet potatoes / Billy Childish in a Marks and Spencer’s, buying mini chicken Kiev’s /I painted her milk white thighs a curious shade of yellow / daydreaming in vulgar city alley/ I met an original cowboy back in 2011 / my first taste of garlic butter/Kiev mandate/fascist badger / did that woman really just call cancer a prat? / Chubby neck-tie / The Sir John Hawkins Memorial Car park / back-door penis (car park joy) / vulgar malaise in 20th cent. Greece/black tie check, vulgar sooty puppet check, camel eyelids negative. / ‘Accidental Suicide’ is an acceptable name for a death metal group/ ‘ Jazzy Cancer’ / human shoes/ snotty-nosed Africans/donkey on the carpet /Christian adventure /please take my boyfriend out of that ill-fitting body-bag / strawberry-haired corpses make me smile/ memories of Kiev /  I got really embarrassed when my head fell to the floor / it is fashionable to smack a teenager / I don’t understand why anyone would want to change their name to Rocky Johnny / I sniff the decaying corpse of Napoleon /  my sister had a fear of babies dressed up to look like humans / sugar-fillings/dregs of the future/ why didn’t I think of the name ‘Johnny Nothing’ ? / twisting my mouth into the contorted features of a bum / Roy Rocket and Trigger-Happy James Bull-Diamond / fear of men in ill-fitting suits / biscuits on your sister’s lap / taking photos of the Coma Kids / glued on eyebrows and hat/ Alfie Suicide and the Lemming Babies 

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