Wednesday, 14 January 2015

One More Silver Lining

You entered carriage 17 with a plastic cup filled with cold tea.  The tea had been given to you buy a Pakistani man who was wearing a long red coat.  You sat in the seat by the window.  On the seat somebody had left a box of red crayons.  You opened the box and withdrew a crayon. You took a slip of paper from your jacket pocket and you drew a simple picture of the Pakistani man who had given you the tea.  Just as you were finishing your drawing, a small boy entered your carriage.  The boy was carrying a rag doll which was very dirty and dilapidated.  The small boy spoke in a language you did not understand.   The boy pointed aggressively at your plastic cup of cold tea.  You proffered the plastic cup of cold tea to the boy.  The boy looked at his rag doll, then looked out of the train window.  

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