Monday, 19 January 2015

Fig A - The Biblical Meat Blog (Ain't God a Smart One!)

'Fig A - The Biblical Meat Blog (Ain't God a Smart One!)'

'Mum E in the Fields'

'Curious in 1950s England'

'You Are Not Not You (Today)'

'The Public Are R'

Hello, my name isn't Jason.  Thank you for visiting my blog website.  On this website you will find examples of the contents of my files taken from my bedsit in the UK (UK).  I was inspired to create this website after a chance meeting with a foreign exchange student whose name I am unable to recollect.  Before meeting the student I was unaware of the 'internet'.  My day-to-day existence mainly involved me sitting alone in my bedsit making tiny sculptures from used candles.  I was hoping to sell some of my sculptures until my uncle Adrian told me that nobody would want to buy them because they are (and I quote) 'fucking hideous'.  

May I draw your no doubt waning attention to 'Fig A' above.  This fig collects together a number of pictures that you will find on my website.  As you can see, the pictures are presented in one easily digestible chunk, negating the need to twat about looking at the rest of my website (saving you time to clean your boots or start up a pamphlet campaign drawing attention to your favourite political cause).  Anyhow, enough of this tedious yap.  I'm off to drip paint onto some root veg.


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