Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Barcelona 50/

'Permanent World'

'YAB Culture'

'Joe's Flesh'

'Nobody Loves It'

'London April 2014 (+ -)'

'Pig Act'

'We Are Katie 8'

'Mimmy's Reunion Party'

'Parasite Blues (Blue)'

'Parasite Blues (R M 99)'

'Siamese Dream'

'Barcelona 50/'

'Bad Nest'

'Fain Alix'

'What is Happening?'

'Bagle or Bagel?'


'R (Your Hardest Friend)'

'My (Your?) Pet Rat'

Talulha Goethe..

I formed a rock group called 'Christian Dream'. We play mainly early 90s cheese jive and mid 60s Afro queer pop/ come near me and smell my fart(s)

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