Saturday, 7 January 2012

Creamy Reunion

Kip Sweetwatwe Vibration Ceremony / a list of people that look like Salman Rushdie..

Telescopic memory (I can see you, even though you are wearing glasses). 
Too many telescopes. 
The sky lied to us when we were kiddies. 
This song deals with the revenge of the headless fox / my father can only be seen in antiquated picture books.
Creamy reunion
All  the bad cardigans on all the bad grandmas
Glam sandwich
Hello you sexy maggot
The hand-me-down legends of Bean Town
Force-feeding meat products to an ectomorphic teen
Giddy kids
Bacon sandwich for corpse
surplus owls on owl sanctuary waiting list
voodoo stew
married to the company (Gulf War Hand Jobs)
rifling through a civil servant’s record collection whilst simultaneously eating a peach yogurt
the man with the  woman who lived in the cabbage spectrum
King of the Billious Boys
Singing into a plastic microphone / kitty harvest
Merry Christmas, Victoria (Benign annexe)
The jolly scholar
cabaret bones
united by fear
dreaming of a selfless life / digital corpse
images of a milk man / Mexican breath
Madame Arthur and the Plastic Trolls / Plastic Droxy staring at alsations
Electric necklace / childish Beethoven
Here is another one, boys (this one has grown into its own feet)
Disturbed by the limber geriatrics
rock the panda!!
Navy kids living in their dreams
The grin that wouldn’t stop growing!
Hot octopuss
I’m here and I love it – chasing the soldiers thur the poppy fields
Disposed corpse (friendly pipes)
Cat smoke / the dust they lays on top of my stuffed owl
Scrpaing off the top layer of vegetarian skin
Tom Lace never did pull out a revolver in the child’s bedroom
Guilty of smiling in public (moronic harvest)
Jesus must have died for something
Beaver Mills means something to men called Derek
Mistaken for Coco Puss
Chucked out for wearing a purple bandana
Demon in the cupboard
Gypsy pack-up (onion sandwiches etc.)
Prince Rupert and the Happy Lads
Gay dynamite (French magazines) / Cuban whistle
One way of getting laid is to keep on trying / mouth famine
‘ladies and gentlemen’, they yell, ‘we are floating in space!’
I better do know how
Sophie’s remains (remains of Sophie’s World:- Chamber dog / Ethopian dog)
Bullet from a butterfly gun
Foot and mouth future / foot and mouth furniture
Eclipsed by Pakistan / joyous offal
Heckle schmuck
The boy with the fake mouth
Poetry trump / poetic trump
Pampered corpse / varnished corpse
Ethiopia valve / Billy Bunter’s book of lost children
Scared by albatross with human-like lips
Daily sister volume 01A:- heaven can’t wait
Scum rockets / victorious rib
We attended a concert by Shaman Andy after consuming five bottles of unregulated Indian cough medicine
Wrexham is in love with a boy I once knew
Guided by blindness
The king and queen of Brainsville
The weeping wheel / my dad taught the butterfly how to defend himself
Humanoid in the abbatoir / student blisters
Kids wandering around Denmark (pondering the history of student revolt)
Candy for the werewolf / grinning like a new born baby gorilla
Horrisonant sounds emanting from the king’s chamber
Spastic apocalypse
Underground pigeons
My soiled ballbag / fat poetry
Pink onions and underground Rambo Jazz
Rambo Jackson and the Falling Wimps
The fellows what live underground
Xmas knuckles (bloody and damp like freshly ran-over reindeer)
Damp maps in a monk’s attic
We found the priest’s narrow grin rather disconcerting
Slag concerto
Killed by the absolution racket
Hope yet for discarded finger – painting faces of movie celebrities onto shining helmets
They cut off his finger and replaced it with an adult-sized sausage
Linda McCartney hamburgers made me puke into a ladies handbag / purse full of memory beans
Don’t be scared of the angry spirit
Tribulations of Sunflash
Dirty pyjamas (covered in chicken spit)
Chicken spew Island
Three ducks in a row..looking rather sexy
Cheeky weasel (offal ain’t sexy no more)
1950s shaved baboon smoking an unfiltered cigarette (whilst masturbating into a Spanish guitar)
A dandruff-coated ostrich smoking a cigar which is very big (in proportion to the size of the ostriche’s head)
Sitting in a fish tank wondering why there are no other fishes in here
They cut open your balls to find they contained thousands of microscopic chimpanzees wearing blue dungarees
Chip shop chimp
Massaged primates feel good
I love Harry Hill..he looks like a doctor
Did u know..Jim Bowens used to be a swimming instructor?
The splash that my balls made as they hit the water (diving board eroticism chapter 01)
Shadow boxing a duck on xmas eve
Making love to a swimming pool filter at 9.30am
Public shave
1.       jazz rats 2. love triangles 3. comb your hair before breakfast
modern shadows vol. 01 – the jazz that ate away at our rock-flesh
flesh-covered rocks looked like human balls
AIDS test after-party
Shave your legs, it’s time for the dancing club
Falling in love with the nurse at the AIDS test
Jazz club antelope
You can’t learn to dance with three broken legs
An egg cup filled with tiny bird spines (the egg had an all-seeing eye ominously painted on it)
May I advise you not to be seen naked in the janitor’s back bedroom
Get back on the horse, young soldier
Thug from Leicester with a filthy claw (eating a mackerel sandwich)
Girls painted pink and white for the Future Festival
We pickled Mick Jagger’s tonsils and we will pass them on to the kids when they are sixteen
Dubitation in the hang-man’s waiting room
young man’s crumbs
Cerebral Shadows make me forget to shave
Cure the laughter (tramp mag)
Ladies breakfast / championship gristle
The captain is my lover now.
Going to the Rolling Stones concert with m sister’s ex-father
Diseased before breakfast
lifeless Trophy
android with AIDS
flowers in the fridge (Gay man at the breakfast table)
gay men sitting around discussing vegetarianism
I enjoy smoking cigarettes and coming my hair in public
Ectomorphic angles / ectomorphic angels
Chicken wings and circus tricks
Chicken wearing nail varnish
The invisible mouth!
‘here, catch’ shouted his father
                                                                  i'm happy to be named jeffrey
Ectomorphic xmas
Falling in love with the terrorist sympathiser
Luxury monsoon
Blank face – dumb liberators
Making love to the silver-toothed android
Pulse of a dead man
Was it inappropriate to wear my gimp suit to the funeral? (well, it is very black)
‘go away’, called out the frightened kestrel trainer
Life of an ice cream man
kids fucking ruin Christmas
European boner
Animal magnets – Joan Crawford on acid
Hey people, we are USA
Asian knitting patterns
Three stone weaklings trying (in vain) to play their instruments
Thank you for the sweet love, Curly Sue
Sketching small drawings of deformed fruits on the back of a hairy pamphlet
A family of humanoids living in an abandoned elephant carcass
Randall Pofffo and the ancient poets of destruction and chaos
Puff in the igloo
Ashamed of my dead girlfriend
In the pub with the duffel coat-wearing murderers
Does this soup contain gelatine?
Boopuss vs Match of the Day presenter
Baggy clinic
Dancing in time to the music of the jealous monks
Mute primates w/ vocoder-aided vox
Champion’s mascot
Bread basket sex skeleton
Dexter Dalwood taught me how to look at the sky without blinking
White dormant mice (with sex bread)
Boss machine vs dead infants floating thru space
There is now an acceptable level of simpatico between King Kong and Godzilla
The Western Finger
I don’t give a damn what Beast Man thinks about it
Disturbed by rejected Beano character
Master of sex!
Disturbed horse
Muddled like a bag of candy
Chatting about vegetarian furniture with Elvis’s grandmother
Vegan ghost (whistling at cabbages in a forgotten village in Siberia)
Gulf War poetry club
I eat a sausage, my beak is full
Bryan Ferry fell on me like a giant foam wardbrobe (Vic Reeves is not gay)
Parsnips floating in a very shallow adult paddling pool
A pair of nice gonads being tickled by a half-dead OAP
The curious shining knob
Created by a spirit wolf / history of the Vulgar Boys
WWF Morgue
Dance of the naked gentlemen
Bag of chimps
Luxurious gentlemen talking about things that lesser being would not talk about
Fourteen peas on my dinner plate
Salvador Dali’s cabbage-fileld vehicle
Dali in furs (Brilliant Brilliant!!)
Tiny Chinese people talking about pseudo fingernails
Drama pipes
Skip daddy
Skip baby
Jazz mentality
Over-grown cowboys
Pakistani drummer
The jazz baby cannot grow a moustache yet
The sticky ego of Candy Man
Covenant of the zombie slayers
We had to glue the drum sticks onto the chicken drummer’s flailing wings
The soul of God is in my sitting lounge
Black wrist / the ego of Mungo
Living with a rent boy
Antique wank
Plagarised by a leper colonist
Exploring the anus of history
Anal combo / frightened of mirth
My evil hero
 Heroin rockets / dead frog on the sitting room couch
Malcolm’s lovers from A to Z
Half-eaten trousers
The lovers of Robert Mugabe (RIP)
Banned AIDS
AIDS Creations
Jug of ming
Created by death
Arm is stiff
A call to legs / sniffing pets in pet shops
Badder than black-period Elvis
Scum banquet
Bonked on the fake head / abandoned by Heidi
She liked to eat butter / you lived yer life like a pickle in the wind
Shandy makes me cry /  sexy incision
Sheffield boner / he used bogies as an adhesive for his pop posters
Falling in love with a caged owl
Beautiful finger
The day Werner Herzog got shot in the ass hole
Braver than dead folks
The self-righteous petting zoo owner
The battery-powered laughter of  Comedy Kid
Make a fist for Christmas
Heckler spray
Death at Christmas
The happy Xmas death squads
Suicide of the famous
Hanged dog expression
Original cyst
The cyst that held the secret to the origins of something
The boys spent half an hour giggling at the over-dressed corpses
Affluent tramp!
Thai Kipper
Thai food is disgusting, Harris
Killed by death
May I keep this child’s drawing of a priest eating tomatoes from a wooden bowl?
Chester’s telephone bone
Chubby toes
Harris Jackson’s shopping lists were mistaken for great poems
Jack Dog and the Peeled Eyes
Jack cleans his teeth with ice cream / Deformed teenager interviews the Brazilian Soccer Legend
I am Bird Man wearing my red suit / please take care of the manatees
The cat that thought it was a frog
Factory Rasta / Rasta in the kitchen
Rats in the New World
Pink eclipse
The Pinkish Gods
The talking vacuum
Biblical bungalow
Stewart Downing Mysteries
Moo 2000
The absolutely deformed rats
 vegetarian poetry
The men they shouldn’t need to hang!
Spicy lobotomy
Harvest of the dead men
Conversing with a nancy
Selfish apocalypse
Kiss the small world and make butterflies out of bread-rolls
Acid cherubs
With Mongoose child of plenty
Being chased down the street by a man wearing a gorilla costume
In love with energetic monkey
Pitwolf 2000-2008
Blind alley cat
Kids swapping eggs in Moroccon restaurant
How do you spell ‘Muff Teaser’?
Muffing out the mule
Mucus lob
Coasting to heaven
The little kid who thought he was a toaster
Buddhist monks with zero will power
Jazz doctor smoking a fag on the last bus ‘ome
The fake glory of Apesmith
Curious tits
Dirty birth
A collection of used corpses
Saxon attitudes / promising corpse
As the sunshine melts the butter..
Damaging rap
Sketching the Butter Girls
Bathing in bog water
Generic blister
Amstrad Burn / cancer spectrum + jug of goose oil
Obstinant ghosts.
Drack model / drack models
Burnt-out by Priest
The burnt-out churches of mid-ninteenth century Europe made nice picture postcard material
Pee Wee Herman in the jungle, trying to resist the temptation to kill a monkey
I don’t like your apple
The day we realised that bath water don’t taste too fresh
Puff-eyed dogs of Puffland
One-on-one with the bender
Bent by abstract thoughts and desires
Voodoo glue
Filthy gums
Welcome back to Moonland
The bird was an owl / Flaming Lips tics
Blackboard trousers
We live with death
Bland funeral
Dress sexy at his funeral
Copies of Chicken Run 2 wrapped in condomns
Video escapade part one
My pal the flat mongoose
Mongoose in my bedsit
Timeless bandit
That die, that now live again.
Doping the horses on the Dude Ranch
Dude Ranch Orgy (AKA Cowboy Orgy)
Half man half baby
Hospital lips / lush magnet
Panto Bantam
Egyptian Friends
We will see you in the morning, Black Tom Thum
The day they forgot to shave off their moustaches
Robust Duck
People that enjoy using computers are usually very unintelligent
I am the Liquid Arab, drink me in ..drink me in.
Chicken Run Village Orchestra Junior Div.
Painful rasp
Let’s eat out at the factory canteen / crispy kangaroo
Lovely bones of  mid-nineties rock group / Voices on your head
Albert Ross and the Pakistani Meat Butchers
Retro stories from the future number one:- garlic beard
Sleeping with your eyes shut
Shakespeare in the Rum House (eating and drinking and trying to come up with a new character)
Steamed eyeballs go rather well with kidney butter
Drank some poison and then went to watch my daughter acting in the play ‘All the Weird Trolls’
Kinky astronaut
Holding hands with a horse
Debrah the horse
We used a map of Bosnia to wrap up the Skip Baby
Original babies flying over Jug Town
Welome back to 1983 or something
Fell in love with ancestor of Charles Atlas (without the aid of a time spout)
Dug out the ground like a corpse flower
I am Legendary Sinister Magoo
There goes Wonderful sister
The Gas Mask 3
The boy with the straw moustache
The clandestine potato
Effete body builders chatting about flowers and that
Natural Hansen (boy scout training school)
I ain’t never been in love (Russian Juliet)
Trafalgar Square Root
Embarrassed pastie
My God is not my best pal / handbag full of jam (jam handbag)
…and then we found a small sketch of a deformed walrus
Naked rockets
…they buried him with his signed VHS copy of ‘Boxing Helena’
Chubby digits of the martyred baby
Chubby remains
Wonderful lung
This graveyard is a bit boring, Gareth
Impartial death
Check out those gonads
Snacking on mackerel in an Egyptian primary school playground
Death of Lighthouse Family
The Lighthouse Family are probably all vegetarians
Black Fruit
Eparchial beauty
Muffled by gas mask
Ancient saliva
People that play computer games online are usually very boring people
Parsimonious vegetarian
Dangerous face / 1980 – Prams of Pakistan
Creole Cringe / morbid drugs
Return of the Glambusters
The cringing Creole / Creole Dreams
The saliva network
There won’t be any girls or cats in my world from here on in
A world full of love and death / ‘if you cry now, you can laugh later’ shrieked the grim apostle
Fist full of mackerel
Chubby horse + plastic kangaroo from Australian novelty gift shop
Calypso gift shop
We studied the left-over frogs and prodded them ‘till they burst like juicy green balloons
Kinky magoo
A crow wearing eye glasses always looks distinguished
Would work? No way, I am too busy composing my calypso tunes
Forgotten lobotomy
Put me down for three geese and half a piglet
The gravestone was covered in newspaper clippings of the obituary of Big Bird
Clockwork corpse
We borrowd her blood sports DVD collection to show to the uncles
Courageous Baptist
Are ghosts on loop?
Stick your thumbs in the cakes
Husband of the fainting android
Offensive antiphons always liven up proceedings
Telephone rash.
Fille de joie waving to passing dignitaries
Solitary daisy in the graveyard
Prostitutes that smell of cigarettes
The glamorous corpse
The last months of Johnny Suicide
Suicide flags
You’re right, I never should have worn that pessimistic waistcoat
The optimistic surrender
Cake and ale for the prostitute; bread and water for the king
Scottish riflemen trying to fing their lost kids amongst the thistles and empty cans of Special Brew
The caged fish of
Richard Street
Dunked in blood and spittle
Romanian crack
Shoving money into a hollowed-out corpse?
Take a Dogme pill
Surplus Indians
Blind man at the disco
Walking around New York in the nude
We love giving butter beans to infants / Pathetic candles
Box of abandoned gonads
Homosexual gravy
Chubby infants hanging from trees
Handing out chips to the famished boy scout
Buggered by Tom
Spoon-feeding a blind swimming instructor
Killed by death
Harry Enfield got into a fight with a member of the visiting Chinese choir  (who weighed only seven stone)
Moroccan diet
Rod Stewart was killed by a falling biscuit factory
Blind wank
History of Japanese nature documentaries
Warped corpse
We attached the cadaver to a skateboard and pushed it down the make-shift ramp
Thought patterns of the cerebrally maladjusted
The selfish harvest / 1993 cancer map
Eyebrows adjusted to enable you to convey the appropriate level of opprobrium
Little Williams and his Crisis Biscuit
Painful blisters of stadium rocker
Kids of ESPN
Goddess in the ambulance
Children smile when seeing a clown get beaten up
Emollient voice of son of Chris Rea
Chris Wrist action
Fall of the Sky Generation
Generation Snap /  perfumed biscuits from France
Killed by death (Lemmy is your uncle)
Plastic scab (where are my Gods?)
God is the adventure!
Homosexual jazz astronaut (from Chicago Village)
Amazed by a talking fish
Legends of Hindu Jazz
Making love to the Otter Father at Indonesian Jazz Festival (2001)
Elvis Forever (a list of people who have been made love to by Elvis S Presley)
Aaron Presley and the wave of excitement generated by the triumphant 1988 comeback single
Young men of Paris (coated in garish make-up)
A body builder wearing lipstick and eyeliner
Cauliflower muscles
Death of Jazz Frog / opera cockles
Spilling jam and onion gravy onto a terrorist’s passport
The chubby rain dancer
Biblical repetition
It’s raining man gravy
Plate of breasts
I see the worm but it don’t see you
Stuck inside a Trojan horse with Gary Busey and Trevor McDonald
Put your smoking jacket on, we’re going out tonite
Barking instead of tweeting (Jim’s rollicking good hangover)
The dirty cobwebs which help us sleep
Did anyone know?:- Michael Jackson was addicted to ten pin bowling
Steview Wonder is addicted to carpet bowls /  carpet bowels
The emancipated moustache
My father lives in Umbro Village
Malcolm is a good name for an android
All-new tales of the birth of TLC.
Ghetto breath (wild eyes of dead corpse)
ER Sluts
Munching on hospital fruit cake at 4.25am
Permission to kill Dead Man Joseph
Why do the gorgeous invariably die young?
Eaten out by an Indian Farm-hand
Girl in the sea / the slow gun
Grinning like a coke-fuelled daddy
Days made of gun powder and Road-Hogg Soup
Drinking gin on the way home from the Meat-Free Function
New York fists
Embarrassing bongo –New to Channel Five!
Homosexual jazz
Under the reggae radar
Homophobic jazz
The dead face of Moses Jackson
We climbed to the top of the mountain and found a plastic  ostrich sitting on top of it
Garlic dreamers
The animal magnets
Falling in love with the droxy / reggae bubbles
Gin house frock
Dandy in the abbatoir
Falling in love with a German tramp
Tiddler’s armistice
He spent over twent mins making love to an extra from the original King Kong picture
Motion grope (cabbage head soup)
Bambou and Serge coming over for dinner and a game or two of chess
Me Bambou and I w/ Serge + family relic
Czarist Russian Jazz Orchestra / fine hair of the dandy
Treacle-coated cadavers
Cubist gap year
Getting beaten up by little kids
Modern vinegar
Grappling with the lusty Romanians
Baby Rollo and the Hot Fats
Poem called ‘Wrist Onion’
Cinema onions / fat antique
Shot through the love chamber
Tepid soup / digital donkey
Knobs over Broadway
High on dog tablets
Arthur C Clarke and the beautiful drag kings
King of Drag
Bully boy is king now (pack up your charcoal and your coloured felt tips)
Honour goes out the window at 3.43 am
He took off his swimming goggles and proceeded to compose a new theme tune on his small wooden keyboard
Makeshift teeth
Butter makes me smile
Swimming through glue and horse droppings
Ancient pervert
We replaced the scholar’s teeth with small micro-chips
I remember the days when you could smoke in churches
Derelict housing appreciation society
Horny sodomist
The devil knows you keep notes on him, Anthony
Bury the egg
Leftover troll
Filleting a troll in the middle of the derelict shopping arcade
Graveyard teddy
Teddy boys smoking roll-ups and pondering the possibility of a funicular escape
Morbid technicians (computers make you thick)
People that like computers are not intelligent
Penis remnants
Dimorphic Jesus
My satchel is full of skeleton bones and little effigies of George Formby
Burger, Pie, Sausage Roll (diet for pilgrim)
the internet is the enemy of personal freedom
fellatio dream sequence
Rimbauld Bingo
The hair that mysteriously grows out of the kitchen door
Pink nemesis
Obdurate friends of Cookie Greaves (coffee cup full of piss)
Gamma Raymond
The chunky turtle
Gambian Jack and the pink-knuckled ghost boxers
You ain’t too smart to eat at my table
Transient lepers
Ghost wearing a snorkel
My name is Mike Wallace, the cigarette is Parliament.
Nick and Harry eating vegetarian food
I am now going to stick this knife in your stomach..but I love you
Doors open to reveal a perpetual rain cloud raining on a group of young children
Seven hungry men named Keith / babies wrapped in foil
Television Savalas on the Radio
Nick Cave and the dead astronauts
boorish drill instructor playing a piano made from human bones
creeping through the sixties
I met my future boyfriend in the interval of a a movie that lasted just under three minutes
the day the minotaur replaced the harlequin
moon glue
chubby movies
elephant gland
death by poetry (the grand young lad)
automatic death
a short story written by a deceased Argonaut
scrubbed out by our new God
the Hands o’ He
This was England / gas the janitor
Coruscate my brainwaves
Dali in a car full of cauliflowers
Death by romance
Making love to a deformed frog
Why do French people sport whiskers?
if it’s me and your grandpa on bongo drums, it’s till ‘Halt Fascist!’
haute fascist
fat dialect / disturbed by necromancer
everything you say is drain water / deserted dreams
shoot the gormless drummer
the drummer was staring at the deformed infant whislt tapping his cymbals with a wooden fork / transit dogs picking out the sun
introducing the Energetic Whistlers
the Christian Astronauts
drawing literal interpretations of  wank poems on the back of the loo door / hand bands
we are the Skip Soul Group
Jesus is a soul man
The pilot is a skeleton
Force-feeding a homophobic dog handler
Colourful werewolf
The day remains soggy
Cloaked references to death of Egg Day
The death of ships
Sympathy for witch
Telephone conservation techniques
Hillbilly buffet
Nick Cave suntan techniques
Ancient moustache
Chubby remainers
Deaf apparition love for Lunatic
pies full of diseased meat!!
Screeching at the machines
Hospital caves
Baboon and Young
Brushing yer teeth with ice cream
Sunshine in the graveyard
What it means to me (to be Australian)
A list of words that sound like ‘teeth’
A list of meat products which my grandma will not eat
Lists what the Devil wrote
The lost ostrich
Drawing pictures of Gilbert and George on the back of Indian restaurant menu
The incoming email told us to stop staring at hairy poems written on the back of dogs
Kissin’ the rat
Baby in the Forbidden Zone / Area 51 Baby
Floppy nostrils / Putney Rambo (Rambo in Putney)
A charcoal drawing of Picasso eating lobster in a café in Lanzarote
young pretender to Liquid Father
Good morning Gaylord
They didn’t write enough happy songs (Bingo Farce)
If the world is so big why do I feel so small?
Celestial Bingo
We used lines from Nick Caves’ remake of The Crow to flesh out our thesis
Cats eating dogs etc.
Trying to fly:- the skeletal birds are pecking their way thru the curtain
Birds in your head
Going to Harold Shipman’s for Sunday lunch
Wet whistling
Celestial rape
The day my head didn’t fall off
Immaculate death
The victorious corpse
Corporeal spirits
Cardigan empire
Sometimes the ghost stops floating and walks on the floor
She spent most of the day winking at Dutch zoologists
Can you sell me some bones, please?
Pissed gypsy sitting on a metal hoss
Kangaroo burger ‘n’ carrot sticks
Sinner’s banquet
Second-hand sin
Tropical lobotomy
Thomas Franics and the shut-eyed sailors
Toilet-training a corpse
Train I ride with my vest on
Chubby copper eating a salad!
Do you want a secular breakfast?
Secular batter
Gay Pulp Friction
Damaged by the memories of Aunty Cecil
Posh furry face reading a rubbish poem to small disinterested kids
Kidney legions
Fresh monkey nuggets
We lost the war of the White Horses
Fell in love with a hippogram
Big bucket of children’s snack foods
Swollen poetry
Did the Godfather really wear that tiny moustache?
Ginger miracles
Banquet of fear
Rainbow death
Chubby-cheeked corpses
Gob full of chicken
Dirty poetry club
Elegant gristle
Porky janitor recording bird noises on his tape recorder
Tubular bell ends
Scissor kicking / pencil punching
The weasel under the cocktail cabinet
Life emerging in a bottomless swimming pool
‘this kangaroo is full of germs’
Dirty bones lying under an abandoned Ford Capri
Doctor’s boner
Telephone germ avoidance club
Smoking drugs in Chinese castles
Important corpse
Stiff wrist of chronic masturbator
Masturbated by a ghost
Friendly muscles
With a dad’s moustache
Impoted dog
My favourite landslide
Eating rifles / we sat for hours gluing photos of dead old ladies into our uncle’s scrapbook
Chopping up the dead bodies on the day before xmas eve
Pork bop
Civilization and Its Discontents
A detailed account of the 54 year old man who lived in a tree
Victorian Glands
Royal sludge
Sandwiched between fat actress and svelte butcher
The absurdist agenda
Canadian mash /  mouth cancer notes’s a story about children who are compelled to visit graveyards and leave candy at stranger’s gravestones’s what Chris Meat Tomato House-Mate said it is (and it never will be)
Cat in Ely, Cambridgeshire
My favourite dolly
Double boner (doubtful boner)
Chicken  boner
Two penny dump
The cable car was covered in vegetarian spit
Febrile vomit!
Dumping on the Christ effigy
Yes, I am a sybarite
Judo boner
Tea baggin’ all nite long
Jungle loaf
The big insect made love to us all
The gaunt villagers
People of village 2
Bitches disease
Disease o’ the week
Butter, milk and dead babies
Dead sun harvest
Coco Love Heat (Wrap your head in my flesh blanket)
Coco in a shell –Lovely Rats (cure you of your diseased freaking mind)
Poison chicken pen
Chin cancer
Ducks in the morning storm
I take your hand, you take my Scottish dictionary
Thomas Grills and the deformed veggies
Gorilla with short little teeth like a kid
The new plastic species
Why is Vincent such an appropriate name for a rat?
Colourful glands
What does a cockney pack-up contain?
Droxy in my life!
How are you ever going to find your head amongst all this rubble
The heart skipped thru the bloody fields
Warm museum / Lad Rat
Rat in a lada
Under a zebra umbrella
The fudge that we lsot in the church grounds
a)       transparent biscuit
the chubby side of the sun
Gilbert and George coke drinking
Gilbert was a lover of yours.
Check out your new headless haircut
Chimp with the face of a boy
Tarts in the Palace
I only drink from the furry mug (one Per Cent)
Milk man come home and give me my good good creamy beverage
I passed a hand-written note to Jesus and he promptly got down from the cross (I wonder what that hand-written note said?)
Epicurist lost in the canteen
Milking my girlfriends
Invisible man wearing a nice silk cravat and a beautiful fedora
Bog people dinner-dance
People who like computers are generally not intelligent
Amassing a large collection of walnuts and other brown objects
Brown Music
Black choppers
Candy finger
The Butter Kings are taking over the dairy
Kids from Abbatoir
Famous last snack (peanut butter on a brown bap)
I detest love.
 Open my bible and find a black and white photo of Noddy Holder holding a plastic baby
The last words of Dutch Charles
I like to climb down chimneys
We covered the cadaver in flowers and half-eaten toffee apples
Anal flowers
Dancing with the Spaniards
I feel like getting Roasted, but not today / roasted by fear
Gut-wrenching breakfast
When we were the ‘Glory Glory Boyz’
Dancing with Giles
Chinese teen
Glorious hole
…when we were cowboys
Pulled together by death
Suicidal leviathan
What does it take to make you love you?
Kentucky Putty
Garry Glitter hit on me at the Bingo Hall
Gary’s Litter
Frying up the corpse on Xmas Day / gorilla nappy
Boxed hobo
The putrified lips of corpse
Mummified memories
Glorious stamina
Please refer to your standard-issue Jungle Booklet
Bible in fanning paper form
Chronicle of despair (Christine Moore)
Forgotten piss
Kip Stewart luxury eyeballs
Kiss my eye
Nasty maps
Stop-gap gorilla
Making love to Tom’s Cat
Feeling good about the fall of Roaming Ape
Permanent chimp
This tea tastes like the tea my captain used to give me when I was a little man
A concise history of shame
Skipping through the graveyard
Mambo boner / smelly memory
Greasy psalms
The corpse grease shall not be wasted
The xmas rancour
Filth batter
Greasy war
Bastard at xmas / permanent moustache
Naked except for a set of excellent moustaches
Disturbed by flesh-coloured anorak
‘is this fur fake?’, asked the enquiring child, ‘then I refuse to wear it’ he stroppily shouted
Juicy like flesh melons
…take a seat with the bored teens
Juggling meerkat skulls on a Tuesday night
Opera buffet
Tuesday night lip job / afraid of The Wire
Juicy gorilla
Stroke a nice horse
Carry bags full of old tubes of toothpaste (empty)
Empty-headed warmonger
Giraffe in the Bushes
Whispering gypsy
Packing fudge in NYC nightclub
Funk pastures
Black dandruff
Ghost Chapel drug holocaust
Norman of Funk / Funk Norman
Trading an albatross egg for a carry bag full of chicken bones
Eye on the gravy
The eyes that told many stories
Locked out of the zoo
Booking a date with dandruff dog
Second hand ring piece
Council dross
African castles
Bishop’s pipes
Win my dad’s moustache!
Welcome to the vibration ceremony
We like to talk backwards
Wolf boy – I send me your love
A pleasant day out at the African stately home
Comedians aren’t funny (Miss Mash)
Jackie Onassis and the defunct androids
Death of Egg Boy
Fake is the new real
Bit of stew for the new-born baby
There’s a ghost in the kitchenette
Dirty hands of the washed-up priest
love is a dish of eggs
Hip entitiy
List of short people who should be taller
Charmless corpse
Wating for Jesus
Concentrating camp
Waiting on Jesus
Waiting for your mouth to open on Xmas Morning
Heroin wand
The scary skeleton face that lives in yer dream
This is ‘English Living’
Battery in your head
Spastic colony
A life of living behind barbed wire
Life with Knuckle Face
Chucking fish fingers and  fish cakes at a washed-up merman
Gulf War memories
Chinese hand gestures
The immense satisafaction of getting laid on holiday
Camp for fatties
Rejected boner
Mystical boner
Pocket dumpling
Abandoned vegetables
Nose beans
The day we took a trip to the make-shift graveyard
Pickled whisper
Sad-eyed batchelor
Transport café orgy
Gorilla called Malcolm

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