Thursday, 28 January 2016

devil's little finger

Premature baby / shackles of pre-youth / disturbed psychically / kangaroo in your  basement / cauliflower era / who licked your toenails? / i felt fuzzy in Morrocco / wishbone puff / angry young daemon / Holy Wednesday / important fart / Pisces astronaut / i got candy in my mouth / sucking on a gumball whilst taking a supermodel from behind / scottish rats / Jandek UK 2016 -filthy birth / filthy rebirth / caveman playground / bones of the kits / sugar makes you thin / windowless prison / met my baby behind the muscle shoals / a candy wagon for my lover / sexual blip / lesbian wishlist / musicians hiding behind a goat / fat but kinda skinny / love rust/ juicy human / trivial bliss / pumped like a gangster / jumped up and kissed the devil's little pert mouth / Bramley apple love for the juice / Altruistic Shirk / rejected dirt / kissing a boy on his salty lips whilst waiting for the 6.55 / Jandek kissed my sleeve / Hershey womaniser / petrol bum / network of vain stars / defunct jazz carousel / siamese walk / siamese wart / welcome to the baby's face /i met my baby during the inchoate stages of the jazz festival /Mozart and Nathaniel (Y) Buggy / smacked on the bottom like an impertinent sailor boy
'sensing my baby is too close'

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