Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Sutton Bridge News - Wesley Snipes visits soon-to-be-demolished Bridge Hotel

Wesley Snipes posing for a fan's photograph in Sutton Bridge, proudly clutching the courgette given to him by a local greengrocer (who was also the aforementioned fan)

Story by Malcolm Shift 05 August 2015

Hollywood megastar Wesley Snipes (Blade 2, Demolition Man etc) paid a visit to the soon-to-be-demolished Bridge Hotel in Sutton Bridge at the weekend.  Snipes was in Sutton Bridge to scout for locations for an upcoming action flick that he is to direct, write, produce and star in.  Snipes spotted the derelict hotel and went to 'sniff it out' (his words) as a potential filming location.  Whilst checking the hotel out Snipes was approached by a local greengrocer and action movie fan (who shall rename anonymous due to ongoing unrelated legal proceedings).  The greengrocer asked if he could take a snap of Snipes (who was one of the greengrocer's favourite action movies stars in the 1980s).  Before agreeing to the snap, Wesley asked if he could sample some produce from the greengrocer's van.  Wesley chose a courgette and a carrot.  He then proceeded to greedily guzzle down the carrot (he hadn't had any breakfast..just a couple of muesli bars and a packet of toffees).  Before he could tear into the courgette (which Snipes stated that he was saving 'till last as it was his favourite vegetable) the greengrocer asked if Snipes would be willing to pose with the courgette.  Snipes stated he would be delighted to and I think we can all agree that the resulting photograph was well worth the interjection.

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