Thursday, 15 May 2014

Dumfounded by Today / peanuts in gravy

'Minger's Dynasty'

'PM New Midlands Chelsea Before'

'I Love the Crowded Earth'

'French Picture 1 (or X)'

'Meaty Storm'

'I Love This Life'

'Perfect Cloud 3'

'Dumfounded by Today'

'Human Bean Bag (Piles of Hippos)'

'Nobody Actually Knows Anything'

'Sutton Bridge Golf Club Sutton Bridge Lincolnshire'

Dan Petrescu means well / Bong bong -Chinese gravy / curried bum/I'm your sister / Three year old man / Pakistani dust variation / Honey Monster was a German / Curdled dreams / he loved his God (Sun) until some fool made him  aware of the creepy dog wearing a waist coat, sitting at the piano fingering the keys whilst trying to decipher the sheet music (90s Roger Daltrey) CRACK HISS CRACK HORSE/- the passengers / i bet you wish your sister was a rocket baby? / USA sister in law / Dominant rotation / Christopher Triangle / the moon is slightly too big

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